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  1. 31 minutes ago, SkyRex said:

    If it really comes sometime into this game (n not just to the next DiRT title in 2 years or so), then I'd ask for someone more knowledgable to enlighten me:
    According to that site, the transmission is either H- or Paddle-Shift. Which years/models did what? I've seen it's an H-Shifter in the video. But I also am looking forward to driving it sequential as it would counteract the Evo VI nicely. But if that is unrealistic, I'd stick to H, as I like to drive as a real car was also driven in the day.
    So, did the S3-S5 Impreza have some H and some paddle versions and if so, which ones?

    I found this about paddle shift:

    "The WRC99, introduced at the first round of the championship, featured an electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated semi-automatic transmission with a drive-by-wire throttle, allowing the cars to be shifted with steering wheel mounted paddles, similar to F1 cars.[108] This allowed the driver to shift gears faster, and reduced the chance of dog gear wear. Due to technical difficulties, the team struggled until the season's 7th round in Argentina.[48] However, the car helped prove much of the technology seen on later cars. Subaru was the first rally team to implement this technology, which has been used on all WRC cars until it was forbidden by the 2011 championship rules."


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  2. 24 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

    #gossip http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/08/the-dirt-roadbook-august-30-2019/


    What, I can't wait for the suprises

    Gerelateerde afbeelding

    It is interesting that the URL is not correct

    We still not on that many pages. We are now on page 1459 🕵️‍♂️

    What I find interesting is why "that" isn't written in bold like the other words. I remember a long time ago Paul and some other forum members sometimes talked about "that" car, did it ever make it into Dirt Rally? Can't remember anymore.

  3. @MattyH1812 Mobil1 Rally Championship 2000 had this multiclass system and it was really great.

    I remember picking the 106 Maxi from the A5 class and obviously u weren't going to beat the faster A7 kitcars for the overall victory but beating some of them and getting top 3-5 overall with class win was just fantastic.

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  4. 3 hours ago, ianism said:

    ya but the physics 😞

    WRC7 was not bad at all, a lot of people here will agree.

    Yes it 's not on the same level as Dirt Rally but it's enjoyable and definately not bad at all.

    So I really hope that WRC8 will build on that and improve it even more.

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  5. 21 minutes ago, RodgerDavies said:

    I'm getting hyped up before Ypres Rally this coming weekend (I set off tomorrow) by watching this...

    ... and I can't help feel that a Porsche 911 RS SC and Lancia 037 would be superb add-ons...


    Hey, a man can dream.

    That Ferrari 308 GTB and R5 Maxi Turbo 2 would be great to have as well 😛

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  6. 38 minutes ago, juu1ius said:

    Tbh there is quite clear line - on stage tempering, like the one they were planning, can cause accidents, it can go as far as some one ramming other car out or pulling deliberately putting rocks on the stage. I've heard stories where spectators have tried to help their favorite or local drivers by messing with competition (lowering flags or trowing rocks at cars) - I hope these are just some stories and not true, but you get the point. While off stage tactics the driver knows exactly what is going on and can cope with that or expect it and maybe even work against it like it has happen before. I agree it's stupid both ways, but it's hard to close all the loop holes. Also, Ogier has been part of the team tactics on both sides - helping Loeb and other helping him for long time, so I don't believe he was ****** at Hyundai. 

    Sordo said he's lying about that, that none of what Ogier says is true

  7. Ogier is and has always been a big whiner about everything, Just because he's been world champion now 6 times he thinks he can just do whatever he wants and he can't take it when others then do the same to him. His last 2 titles were only won because Ford did nothing but tactical games to give him as many advantages as possible.

  8. So apparently the legendary Renault Alpine will make its return into the world of rallying at the end of this year, prices and specs to be announced around september and the first cars by the end of the year.


    World Champion in 1973, Alpine wrote some of the finest pages in its history in rally and the least that can be said is that its return to the special stages has been highly anticipated by many competitors and observers!
    Signatech has been entrusted with the design, development and marketing of a rally version of the Alpine A110 from an overall framework defined by Alpine aimed at preserving the strengths and spirit of the production car. As for the GT4 and Cup, Philippe Sinault's structure will work in close collaboration with the Alpine teams.
    Based on the A110 Cup, this two-wheel drive version will produce nearly 300 horsepower. It is intended primarily for asphalt rallies and drivers looking for a fast, fun and easy to drive product. Its homologation and which category it will compete in is currently under discussion with the FFSA and the FIA. The technical specifications and price will be announced in September.

    Available in the second half of 2019, the first examples of the Alpine A110 "Rally" will be delivered in two stages by the end of the year, first in France, then in Europe."


    Source: https://www.equipegordini.eu/2019/05/alpine-accelerates-racing-programme-returns-rallying.html



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  9. 2 minutes ago, SimVansevenant said:

    It's on the list but requests by teams or drivers are priority. There is one more request on my list. Once that one is finished and no new requests come in, I'll start on Bedoret's car. 😉

    Which one are u working on now? Any sneak peaks? I'm interested since I'm also from Belgium 😉