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  1. 20 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

    With the end of season one just a week away I wonder how soon we can expect to see what is on the cards for season two? 

    (I hope the Group B rallycross cars are going to come early in the second season!)

    There's still Rally Germany to come at the end of may, so still about 4 weeks or so to go for season 1

  2. 2 hours ago, KingOfCoins said:

    Well because they don’t really have a «wet» surface like the other locations

    Ok but I didn't really mean dry or wet surface, but I would like to drive them at dusk, sunset or night as well like any other location, I can't pick any of those.

    My mistake, maybe I should have been more clear and said time of day instead of weather

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  3. I'm in the middle of giving Monte Carlo a go, just had a run on the Sprint en montée but are those new winter tyres that come with the rally really working? I mean there's absolutely no grip at all anymore when u hit a snowpatch, the car just slides immediatedly and spears off to one of the sides.

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  4. Just now, ShodanCat said:

    Watching the WRC 8 livestream right now, and they announced they'll have a bunch of historic cars in addition to all the current WRC stuff (Lancia Fulvia, Delta Integrale were some of the ones they mentioned.) Looks like some proper competition to DR2 is coming later this year.

    I'm watching as well, what I really liked so far was the dynamic weather on the Argentina stage, it went from cloudy & overcast to rain and then to rain & fog that got gradually thicker

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  5. 4 hours ago, Hadiii said:

    I have the Deluxe edition and my Game isnt updating in steam, anyone else have the same issue?

    Yes, deluxe version here on steam.

    On game startup I got the notice that season 1 dlc is out but my new cars aren't there, how can I forcd steam to add my new content?

  6. So I started to play the Rally career mode with an Adam R2 but those AI times are a bit weird? I'm not that good of a driver with my controller but I'm not so bad either that I crash all the time or go painfully slow. But I just played a stage in Poland and I went from 6sec behind the class leader to 20sec behind in just 1 split, and no I didn't spin or crash or made any kind of mistakes

  7. 18 hours ago, michellem said:

    Using the right stick on a pad you can spin the camera 360 degrees. You can't move it up and down or zoom in and out but it is still useful.

    Just tried that and the camera just doesn't move in chase cam. What did I do wrong? I'm using Xbox360 controller on pc.