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  1. WRC2 Pro?                                               
    The FIA is splitting WRC2 into 2 categories.
    Pro will be only for manufacturer backed cars with professional drivers just like the normal WRC class.
    The regular WRC2 will be just for privateers.
    By doing this the FIA hopes to attract more privateer cars who they think that couldn't be bothered because of the factory entered cars.

  2. I don't know if this is already a thing in DiRT, correct me if I'm wrong, but a small detail that would be nice: larger brake rotors when on tarmac. I believe, currently, the rotors are always the same size.
    Also a small detail, I already asked Paul about that when the first Dirt Rally was released but for some reasons I forgot, it wasn't possible. But I'd still love to see a little light inside the car on the codriver side for reading his pacenotes during night or evening stages.
    Small detail but still it would be really nice for realism though.

  3. intresting, in Live stream, They said we will have one or two Colin cars, i was wondering wich one? 
    Now that we have Cossack Escort, i think most likley we get Subaru 555 (confimed SUBARU 1995) and Ford Sierra rs (or they caunt it as Jimmys car?) in that situation it will be Ford Focus 2001?
    I hope they keep the Focus 2001 then rather than the Sierra, means more chances for extra early WRC cars.

  4. All 3 title contenders have had their struggles this season. Yes even Ogier made quite a lot of stupid mistakes in his new role of being the hunter.
    Neuville has simply matured a bit more compared to previous years, trying to manage his lead more than just going flat out to stay ahead.
    And to be honest I think he's done a good job managing his lead for such a long time compared to last year.
    Also he's the only one of the 3 who finished and scored points on every rally so far, with only 3 times outside the top 5.
    Last year he won rally Australia from starting 2nd on the road so this will indeed be a very interesting end of the season.

  5. https://rallysportmag.com/another-famous-manufacturer-looks-set-for-wrc-return/

    So according to this article Latvala will stay at Toyota for a 3 car lineup with Tanäk & Meeke. Lappi moves to Citroën and will be confirmed on october 18th.
    But also that we might see Mitsubishi again in WRC in a few years.

  6. I don't mind fantasy cars as long as they adhere to the homologation rules of the class and seem realistic. I sort of want an Ibiza R5 after driving the RX version in DiRT 4

    I'm with you on that - always thought the Renault Clio would make a perfect R5 base. Project CARS 2 has some excellent fake TCR cars done this way.
    Talking about R5 cars, I'm still hoping that Opel will give a green light for that Corsa R5 that was showcased last year, that was an absolute stunner.
    Don't know anymore at which WRC event it was, Portugal maybe?

  7. Still some questions over road deformation.

    So positions 1-5 have to sweep the road

    Positions 5-10 get the sweet spot

    And then positions 10-100 get Rutted stage. Is that the same level of wear for position 10 as position 100 or will it get progressively worse?
    I hope that's not fixed and that surface type & weather is also a factor like in real life rallying.
    For dry gravel then indeed u want to be down in the starting order so the loose gravel is swept away, but for wet gravel it's best to be first so the gravel sticks together more and u have better grip.
    For tarmac it's also best to be first to avoid dirt & rocks getting thrown onto the road.

  8. tbtstt said:
    Oooh, when you guys hear some of the other cars in the GT class, ooooh, yeah  B)
    The first car that pops into my head when I think about GT cars and rallying is the Prodrive Aston Martin from a few years ago (think it was a Vantage but not 100% certain) 
    Lotus Exige R-GT (2012 Ypres Rally)

    Fiat Abarth 124 R-GT (2018 Barum Rally)

  9. I do hope that the extra tracks from season DLC will include more tarmac locations, that's my only dissappointment so far, again only 1 tarmac location (assuming Spain will be like D4 and not the gravel part of the rally).
    I just don't understand why tarmac is always so left out in rally games, and don't tell me tarmac is always the same, there are different forms of tarmac as well just like gravel. Smooth and wide circuit like tarmac from Spain or narrow, snowy tarmac from Monte or narrow, bumpy tarmac (vineyards) and rough, broken concrete from Panzerplatte in Germany.
    Surely I can't be the only one who enjoys a good tarmac rally just as much like a gravel or snow rally?

  10. Dytut said:
    Yeah was great to see more of an endurance event again :-) 
    I thought it was going to be a fight between Ogier and Neuville on saturday, but it just goes to show that you have to drive with your brain on these events. Granted, Ogiers off was a massive mistake on his part, but for the rest it really was a case of go faster than Ott and your car breaks.
    I disagree, Neuville made no mistakes whatsoever from his side, he was just very unlucky his suspension broke for no reason at all, otherwise he would have been the one on the top step.
    Tanak himself admitted as well that he was lacking the pace to keep up, he's just lucky his car didn't break and Ogier made mistakes

  11. Dytut said:
    sqdstr said:
    Ogier has been given a fine of 10.000€ and if something like this happens again, he loses his 22 points and Ford's 18 points.

    But it's a suspended sentence. Only applies if they manage to forget another timecard. At least that's how I understood it.
    removal of points is suspended yes, that 10.000€ fine is final.