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  1. They work in Project Cars, cause SMS added support, so it isn't a Logitech issue.
  2. AScott

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    @Worntoathread Yea I seen that stream, and it wasnt the first thing he done, first thing he done was to change the view to cockpit, someone asked him to turn if off and he said no its realistic, he turned it of some time later, for reason which you've said, but who's arguing ? some like it me, some dont, OP said any cockpit user its a big problem, am a cockpit user and disagree, while racing I hardly notice it, and removing it, just looks absoluty disgusting imo, plus you still have the radio ariel's in place blocking so, its kinda pointless imo, which am entitled to do cause its false, should of put some or them, labelling us all same is wrong.
  3. AScott

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    I got as far as, the Halo is a big problem for any cockpit user, and lost interest as its false, and ive got zero interest in reading anymore, it has to be said, please edit user for you or some, I have zero, ZERO problems with the Halo, it has to be said, and it was the main reason I bought F1 2019, personally think the biggest problem is, is theirs a option to remove the centre column, this is just another assit, Codemasters this ant Forza it has to be said. Any assisted players disagree, please leave a thumbs down. 👎
  4. Logitech Driving Force Shifter is not in the right hand list. 4th down.
  5. 😞 well that sucks, @Faya Could you add much needed support for the buttons please, I need all the buttons I can get.
  6. Great contribution to the thread.
  7. Its a opinion not instructions actshirley Yes its my opinion, well spotted 😉 Again am not talking for many players But clearly you are talking for many player Again talking about many players "Commuinty problem" 🤣 You all try to push ?, well the reply was just to me, yet you talk about nonsense comments Solution is as its allways been, but clearly you all are to highly educated to see it 🤣 Translation your reply is just a pointless post booster.
  8. Your Welcome, anything else I can help you with, feel free to not ask
  9. Right hand list, 4th down
  10. I understand what your saying but the poll says yes / no / whatever, my vote is no and my post gives my reason, My personal choice is blank screen opacity on minuim, if I cant get info I need from the engineer or steering wheel, than Its info I dont need.
  11. Most definitely NOT! Players should be concentrating on racing, not info that that distracts them, console racing online is already bad enough.
  12. @Faya Xbox One Logitech G920 LSB and RSB buttons supported ?.
  13. AScott


    Go buy your own F1 car/team and race that, problem solved. This is a game. Get over it! 👊
  14. AScott

    The sound of F1 cars in F1 2019 is wrong

    So your saying a computer game for $60 is nothing like real life Mybe instead of making ASSumptions about what you think others have not done, then bragging you have ( this isnt the school yard kid, who's cares Mr ive driven a F1 car ) dont tell me it was Lewis Hamilton's, I hope you give him your expert opinion on a set up 😂 @Codemasters Could we have a forum for cockpit drivers only, and one for the TV Poop Ricers who are the only ones on the forum with REAL LIFE EXPERINCE OF F1 CARS 😂 Thankyou
  15. AScott

    The sound of F1 cars in F1 2019 is wrong

    Are Codemasters able to put mic's on top of the side airbox ? to get the realistic sound from TV BROADCAST CAMERA for TV Poop ricers, personally I think TV Poop ricers want realistic, the aerodynamics needs to be adjusted aswell, sat on the side of the airbox wilst hotlapping thats a whooooooooooole lot of drag.