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  1. No need but thankyou, Sarcasm wasnt aimed at by the way, absolutly everyone should be able to play as the wish, but sadly on this forum certain types get abuse, only Codemasters have the answers, and they not passing them on, Cant say am a fan of the MP car, havent drove it hardly at al dont like the sound.
  2. @martbloke For those who want realistic ? Whats realistic about how 90% of people that play F1 2019 ? Realistic / Realism, its not sweetie shop, you cant pick & choose what suits.
  3. @Faya Could you add a option to turn of tyre wear, for those who dont understand tyre management please. Thankyou
  4. See the top box is green that means you own them, the one under isnt ? that means thier unlocked or locked, you need to do 3 challenges to unlock them, before you can use them. Doesnt make sence to me either, but it is what it is.
  5. AScott

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    Sounds like some of the Self Pro Claimed "Pro's" have had a wake up call, YOUR NOT ALL THAT & A BAG OF POTATOE CHIPS, Your BS tunes have be NERFED 🤣 Codemasters Kudos! Am a simulation driver with no assits, PLEASE 🤣
  6. My apologises, but virtual mirror doesnt mean to that to me, perhaps virtual side mirrors might be better for a thread title, well atleast for me to understand anyway 😎 Although I may come across as a douce, and slow sometimes, I got zero issues admitting I was wrong cause I misunderstood.
  7. Please dont make sensible suggestions to, the Self Pro Claimed "Pro's" , thier very sensitive.
  8. They work in Project Cars, cause SMS added support, so it isn't a Logitech issue.
  9. AScott

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    @Worntoathread Yea I seen that stream, and it wasnt the first thing he done, first thing he done was to change the view to cockpit, someone asked him to turn if off and he said no its realistic, he turned it of some time later, for reason which you've said, but who's arguing ? some like it me, some dont, OP said any cockpit user its a big problem, am a cockpit user and disagree, while racing I hardly notice it, and removing it, just looks absoluty disgusting imo, plus you still have the radio ariel's in place blocking so, its kinda pointless imo, which am entitled to do cause its false, should of put some or them, labelling us all same is wrong.
  10. AScott

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    I got as far as, the Halo is a big problem for any cockpit user, and lost interest as its false, and ive got zero interest in reading anymore, it has to be said, please edit user for you or some, I have zero, ZERO problems with the Halo, it has to be said, and it was the main reason I bought F1 2019, personally think the biggest problem is, is theirs a option to remove the centre column, this is just another assit, Codemasters this ant Forza it has to be said. Any assisted players disagree, please leave a thumbs down. 👎
  11. 100% it should be a option, should of been a option years ago, many games got the option, inc Dirt 2 leagues, which is why I thought 2019 finally we was gonna get the option even only if custom lobbys, but also these assits, Track map, Proximity arrows, Start Lights, positional info, they all help make it easyier to a certain extent.
  12. @Faya Why havent Senna and Prost got the correct suits on in game, I understand licensing etc, well not really, but just a plan red suit would of been nice.
  13. Scrap ranked, add super licence to leagues & custom lobbys, LET THE PLAYERS DECIDE, Add virtual mirror, spotter, what ever other assits are avaible, to help new players into the game, cause after all that is what assits where designed for, not to be used by people who have been playing for X amount of years, it has to be said, Make all assits inc visual assits which are assits ( TV Pod, Proximinty Arrows ) YouTubers edits with titles "No Assits" REALLY ? 😄 , avaible to be forced off by host, every host can choose excalty how they want the event to run, more lobbys, more choice, more racing, more people, Make the list of assits avaible via the lobby ( which currently I think is only event , damage, performance, ghosting etc ) for which are on or off like it is in project cars 2, players can see excalty what restrictions are before they join, Which currently you cant see, people join, spin off at turn one cause they didn't realise some assit was off, quite the lobby not only waisting thier time, but also the hosts time, Mission Win Now, Everybody's Happy, and no one can say thier being forced to race how they dont want to, @Faya Cockpit racers numbers are slowly growing, please help and let us have some to race with like minded players, currently online in a public lobby is not a option,