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  1. And again obviously, but it appears I wasnt the only.
  2. Its allways hilarious reading the "Pro's" opinions, shame they dont see a issue wilst using the biggest assist in the game, Pod Cam.
  3. I understand this is a game, and it needs to cater for the mass market, however as the game is at the moment rules - damage are turned off it seems, Testing, ausages kerbs aren't smashing up my front wing, why has no one complaint before, it has to be said No pentalys, unless a AI drives into you and then you get a 5 place grid pentaly, Little to no tyre wear, well I lie I done 11laps on a tyre with a life span of 22laps, life span left I hear you say, so 22-11=17 Once in the race, Whoa just Whoa, I can only assume those AI are designed off the Self Pro Claimed "Pro's" and F1 Pod Cam NoobTubers, thats the first, last, and only time AI will be in my lobby, it has to be said, absoluty disgusting, yet offline thier fine, difference is night and day,
  4. AScott

    Where is day 1 patch? It's now day 3..

    I guess I was wrong, Lee was wrong, and the game Dev was right, cause now its Sunday.
  5. AScott

    ERS Deployment

    With such a commuinty as is on here, sometimes I wonder why F1 series games are in such a state, it has to be said, 👍💙 Your Welcome
  6. No need but thankyou, Sarcasm wasnt aimed at by the way, absolutly everyone should be able to play as the wish, but sadly on this forum certain types get abuse, only Codemasters have the answers, and they not passing them on, Cant say am a fan of the MP car, havent drove it hardly at al dont like the sound.
  7. AScott

    Where is day 1 patch? It's now day 3..

    Game was realised on the 25th, not the 28th, even though it was early access, it was still realised to the general public which had a update on day one, Dont know what the update was though.
  8. @martbloke For those who want realistic ? Whats realistic about how 90% of people that play F1 2019 ? Realistic / Realism, its not sweetie shop, you cant pick & choose what suits.
  9. AScott

    F1 tack downforce levels?

    As above, This isnt excalty what you ment I guess, no idea what thier like as I dont use them, might help you, might not. https://www.f1carsetup.com/
  10. @Faya Could you add a option to turn of tyre wear, for those who dont understand tyre management please. Thankyou
  11. See the top box is green that means you own them, the one under isnt ? that means thier unlocked or locked, you need to do 3 challenges to unlock them, before you can use them. Doesnt make sence to me either, but it is what it is.
  12. I tried out TV Pod to see why its so popular, wilst racing it gives you ZERO emotion or feeling of any realism, when I finshed the race I was left with no feeling any type of accomplishment, but each to thier own, However the grip and acceleration compared to cockpit its like night and night, like thier is a built in traction control or something, Please codemasters either change it just like you have with other assists, cause thats excalty what it is, is a assist and a HUGES one at that, or let the host restrict thier lobbys.
  13. AScott


    Its the same for F1 2019, except F2 where atm you cant.
  14. AScott

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    Sounds like some of the Self Pro Claimed "Pro's" have had a wake up call, YOUR NOT ALL THAT & A BAG OF POTATOE CHIPS, Your BS tunes have be NERFED 🤣 Codemasters Kudos! Am a simulation driver with no assits, PLEASE 🤣