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  1. AScott

    Multiplayer Host Options

    @Code? Thankyou for listening to the majority (cry babys), & ignoring the minority (Racers) again this year, see you in 2020 when ill shall waist my time again by requesting features I cant speak off, F1 2019 Legends Edtion CANCELLED Good Day.
  2. @Faya Thankyou for your response.
  3. You want to give me and many other players instructions? It's YOUR opinion that YOU want this Forza poop on wilst racing and YOU do not want to have any realism stuff. I'm fine with it, but please stop to talk for many players, they want the official broadcast style or customisation! It's NOT A ISSUE, please stop with nonsense comments.
  4. AScott

    Dividing assists from No assists

    Well I assumed he knew what he was talking about, clearly he doesnt, I dont use any assits, nor have I ever tested to see which is faster, so I dont know.
  5. Great contribution to the thread.
  6. Its a opinion not instructions actshirley Yes its my opinion, well spotted 😉 Again am not talking for many players But clearly you are talking for many player Again talking about many players "Commuinty problem" 🤣 You all try to push ?, well the reply was just to me, yet you talk about nonsense comments Solution is as its allways been, but clearly you all are to highly educated to see it 🤣 Translation your reply is just a pointless post booster.
  7. AScott

    Dividing assists from No assists

    So happy you're here to tell players the obvious. What would they do without your expertise?
  8. Your Welcome, anything else I can help you with, feel free to not ask
  9. AScott


    Wilst setting a event for a club you can choose to force cockpit, in multiplayer theirs no option to force cockpit ?, Codemasters can you add this option please,
  10. AScott

    Dividing assists from No assists

    Salute Add view for good measure aswell, Time Trials would be worth participating in.
  11. I understand what your saying but the poll says yes / no / whatever, my vote is no and my post gives my reason, My personal choice is blank screen opacity on minuim, if I cant get info I need from the engineer or steering wheel, than Its info I dont need.
  12. Most definitely NOT! Players should be concentrating on racing, not info that that distracts them, console racing online is already bad enough.
  13. AScott


    My club is all setup also appears on Xbox, I can setup a event on Monaro, but I cant set one up for Monaco, Is this due to being a DLC or a issue ?, I have the deluxe version
  14. AScott

    Different Engineer for every team

    Currently no voice commands on Xbox, unless you have a Kinect which Microsoft have discounted.