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  1. For me the biggest issue of career mode. A fix would be huge.
  2. @Faya Any update on the Career mode quali bug? (was already in the 2018 game) If the player does not make Q3, then the game will simulate Q3 based on the performance of season 1 race 1.
  3. For me the most important bug in career mode. I personally cant enjoy doing Q1,Q2,Q3. An update would be nice.
  4. Everyone has this problem as far i have seen To clearify the first post the qualifiying result in career mode in q3 are based on race 1 season 1 performance, when te player is eliminated in q1 or q2. If Williams would be the best car in season 5 on the grid and Williams makes it to Q3 and the player makes it not they will start 9th and 10th. It would be very Nice if this would be fixed, this prevents me of using Q1,Q2and Q3 and instead do short qualifiying. *Platform: PS4 *Game mode: Career Mode * Bug was also in 2018 game