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  1. Whe had the possibility to edit our camera in spectator in multiplayer, now they remoove this option, why? it was really usefull to use to adjust camera, when you streaming in ligue. So now we are not able to do it. only if you drive a car you can edit your camera. Re-add this option please codemaster in spectator mode.
  2. Full damage: Drs failure/ more easy to broke your wing. Simulation: Drs failure/ wing verry easy to broke/ you can have puncture if you ride over debrit/ if you touch the wall you can have puncture. This is the différence beetwen simulation and full dammage. You dont have engine failure or mecanical failure in this game
  3. Yes, i bought the game yesterday without any patch. So i tried the game waiting for patch upgrade complet and its happening. Ill try later if its still happening with game update and ill make a report.
  4. SC rules are terrible, if you are in 2nd position you can overtake the 1st and the SC and get only 5sec penalty for illégal overtake. After that you are free to give 1 lap to all car on track before SC restart.
  5. Tyre over heating was already an issue from F1 2018, F1 2019 was the same, any setup you make its over heating. And its still happen in 2020. This making the tyre strategy unbalanced on long race distance. Code master need to take a look to how balance tyre life / over heating on some track. Some tyre are useless to use because of short life and low performance given cause of over heating If you start on the soft tyre on hunagry you are comited to a 2 stop strategy. And people starting P11 with medium will overtake you easy in pit stop strategy
  6. Its a littel more realistic, they add gearbox issue 😄 😄
  7. How to registrer to the beta im a PS4 user
  8. I search many sound onboard on some F1, i was chocked when i ear the sound of Ferrari engine on this video. Staff sound member is not wrong at all, its maybe us who get it wront. It seem it depending where you record the sound of the engine. You dont have the same engine sound if you are in front or behind. Raikkonen onboard 2019 Its like a plane engine when take off, if you are in front of the engine like in this video The sound can be really différent if you are behind. Its the same 777'300ER
  9. Codemaster make their life difficult some time: Sound onboard Ferrari 2020 Sound onboard F1 2018 codemaster: What do you think? Whos is closer?
  10. For the Mercedes sound, F1 2018 Mercedes was good; just need to add the high pitched sound of the exhaust. The sound will be perfect. To give you an idea of what the community need, take a look in asseto corsa F1 2019 sound. The sound of the engine is conform to real life This is an example: Mercedes RedBull:
  11. Yes and still not possible to set the weather we want. for exemple, you can have rain but you are still in dry tyre its the only thing they should add. The other weather its ok. Put the smooth rain with dry tyre
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