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  1. ZixClon

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    The SC setting is perfect. If your lobby have clean driver without crash SC will never out. If you have a full destruction lobby SC will out many times. So depend how clean driver are.
  2. ZixClon

    F1 2019/2020 Suggestions

    @BarryBL A major issue with IA in multi player session (full quali Q1 Q2 Q3) when IA take control of you car, they crashing into each other. After that if you pass from Q2 to Q3 you cannont drive your car, because of IA crashing the car. Plus is it possible to add opther to eddit weather in league? My league use weather base on real life. All my mate know the weather to train.
  3. ZixClon

    F2 2018 / F2 2019

    Something is wrong with the F2 2019, the F2 2018 car is more powerfull than the F2 2019. In the boarding lap F2 2019 is 1 seconde slower than F2 2018 (Map France) Is it normal or its wrong? F2 2018 and F2 2019 have the same tyre compound both with 1.515sec différence perf. With the F2 2018 the feeling is good but with the F2 2019 its like i have hard tyre car feel heavy
  4. ZixClon

    F1 2019 Patch WishList

    Possibility to edit weather in league would make it usefull. Add it
  5. ZixClon

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    I tested the F2 something is missing to make it playable. -In practice no possibility to add fuel. You have only 5 laps of fuel in your car, you cannot add more fuel for laps. -in race we still dont have any possibility to manage our fuel during the race. I mean to change to economic/standard/rich . This need to be fixe. Since the game is out not update have done on it -Not possible to play F2 car in Leagues. I am a league owner and i would like to use it in a league season
  6. ZixClon

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    Patch 1.10 is there now looking for 1.11 😄
  7. ZixClon

    F2 feature race stragety

    About F2 car, in real does they managed the fuel mixture, rich/standard/poor? Because in the game is not possible to change the fuel mode. Aswell in practice its not possible to add fuel for some lap, same for quali
  8. Still not possible to edit weather in league. In leagues admin have to much restricred right. Its impossible to kick some or change option without voting. We need more flexibility in the calendar for programmed race. F2 fuel cannot be changed.
  9. ZixClon

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    Me to i have the same
  10. This existed in F1 2018 and unfortunately it still occurs in F1 2019. In my league we did a Full Qualifying Session (Q1,Q2 and Q3). The problems arises when the player has passed the finish line once the qualifying time is up and the AI takes over control of the car. With simulation damage the AI no longer drives carefully and has the tendency to crash with other AI. The car loses a wheel or has terminal damage and the player can no longer participate in the next session. For example, if the AI crashes with another car at the end of Q1 and the car has terminal damage, then the player can no longer participate in the next Q2 session. In addition, these crashes (between AI) sometimes end up in the player receiving a grid penalty even though the player is in spectator mode. In idea in which this problem could be resolved is by making the AI go in ‘non-contact’ or in ‘ghost mode’ so that they cannot hit each other. Thanks to take a look
  11. Yes and still not possible to set the weather we want. for exemple, you can have rain but you are still in dry tyre its the only thing they should add. The other weather its ok. Put the smooth rain with dry tyre