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  1. MicMiller


    Impudence by codemasters to fool people from year to year. I'm a silent reader since 2017 ... I can not believe it .... NO MONEY for this company
  2. MicMiller

    How to downgrade to 1.03 patch / version

    https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2019-extreme-realistic-damage.27382/ this for more safety car.
  3. MicMiller

    How to downgrade to 1.03 patch / version

    try this here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/611h5e/guide_how_to_download_older_versions_of_a_game_on/ https://steamdb.info/search/?a=app&q=f1+2019 with me it was good for F1 2018 downgrade to patch 1.15.
  4. You must have the EGO ERP Archiver 1) Using EEA, open the tyrecompounds.erp found in Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2019\asset_groups\f1_2019_vehicle_package\tyrecompounds 2) Export the file as an XML using the XML files menu option 3) Open the XML file with notepad (or notepad++, whatever you like) 4) Find the section where it says <wear>, look for the area marked as <WearRate value=""/> 5) In the quotation marks ("") there will be a number. Change it as you see fit (decreasing the number means less wear, for example changing 0.072 to 0.036 cuts the wear rate in half) 6) Find all of the wearrates, there is quite a few in the file, and change the ones you want to change. 7) Save the file then import it using EEA into tyrecompounds.erp then save that file as well. That's it. EGO ErpArchiver : https://ryder25.itch.io/ego-erp-archiver
  5. @faya...how is it with the customer care of you? no statements from them, are they tired? why are you here as adminisrator? many people have questions, they have NO comment. to almost no topic.
  6. @AlexTT ...Everything you say is correct ... I support you. I do not buy the game this year. I silently read this page and read how many errors there are again ... NO .... NO MONEY for CODEMASTERS. sorry for my bad english ... write about google translator.
  7. MicMiller

    Safety car is still a mess

    I agree, F1 2016 is and was the best game. I'm playing this game right now, because the F1 2017 and F1 2018 are totally bad. at f1 2016 I do not have to annoy me. sorry for my bad enlish..googletranslater.
  8. yes it is switched on .. it comes little, only VSC or (rarely) SC ... but always ONLY at the start of a race (if I make an accident) ... then in the race nothing more. I have to drive through all the car wrecks. ( Patch 1.16 )
  9. it is not bad, it will NOT come out. there are many crashes ... NOTHING HAPPENS .... Jeff: "all right, green flag." ... or "all right, it goes on." .... on the minimap I see everything is ... .THAT WILL NOT DO !!! I have bought a game, I want to play it in a few years ... but it should be in correct !!!
  10. CODEMASTERS !!! For F1 2018, please fix the SAFETY CAR !!! I am NOT buying a game for 10 months that NEVER works properly. I do not want to buy the new F1 2019, I want to play F1 2018 ... until 2030. I'm 60 years old and do not have much money. ALSO ... fix it !!! (PC version, Karierre, 25%, 50% and 100%)
  11. MicMiller

    safety car

    How is the safety car in this season?
  12. MicMiller

    zu f1 2018 safety car

    @G3tright1337 Thank you, thank you, thank you ... I love you. I'm tested hour after hour .... NOW everything is OK again. I recommend this site ONLY. I'm 60 years old and play this series from F1 2010, I just want to be happy and YOU did it to me.
  13. MicMiller

    zu f1 2018 safety car

    to F1 2018 ... where can I download the files from patch 1.15 separately? patch 1.16 is the safety car never out, with patch 1.15 everything was ok.
  14. MicMiller

    Safety Car

    Hallo Codemasters. Will the safety car be used correctly in the new game F1 2019?
  15. MicMiller

    patch 1.16 no safety car

    since patch 1.16 pc career (25%, 50% or 100%) NO safety car. Patch 1.15 was all right, PLEASE fix that ... immediately.