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  1. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Yeah it isn't really new, but I don't see that as a bad thing. Yes other games have tried it and weren't able to fully deliver on it, but we have seen CM deliver on that kind of Dirt game before - D2 and D3 were fantastic in that regard (imo). So if D5 can capture the core game energy of D2 and D3, bring in some beautiful 2020 eye candy, and let their team just go BIG and a bit over the top with some flare to it all, I'm all in. I love Dirt Rally 2.0 and the intensity/excitement of it all, but I also have been wanting something I can throw on later in the evening just to kick back more casually while doing epic things with my buddies over. This game is definitely not going to be for everyone, and if you're looking for the next DR3 you're better of just booting up 2.0 and sharpening your skills there. But for those who are looking form something reminiscent of those late Friday nights with all of your friends in a voice chat racing around getting into wild shenanigans, I think this is going to deliver exactly what we are looking for.
  2. Mike Dee

    Top 5 favourite cars to drive

    BMW E30 Opel Kadett 2001 Ford Focus - those chirps with every shift 😍 BMW M1 - best engine sound in game Ford Mustang - delivering freedom to those TT leaderboards in the S2+ livery is extremely satisfying
  3. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    All I can say is I'm hyped for this. I understand lots of people want more gameplay videos and focus on the content, but D5 is trying to give you an experience. And the idea of the big bios behind the characters, the podcast interviews throughout the career, the energy all of the VAs are injecting into the game, and the sense that you're a newbie breaking into this big and awesome scene is what is really going to help sell that experience. We'll get plenty of gameplay clips closer to launch, and sure I want to see how good the wheel support is, but these videos are getting me more hyped and excited. It's bringing back that energy I used to get back in high school when a new game was getting ready to launch and you want to just explore all of that new content. This might finally be the game that can fill the D3 void I was left with. Rally has been a blast, but something about those older titles just helped create this sense of awesomeness you were a part of. All I can pray for is a killer MP portion that fully embraces freeroaming with friends in awesome compounds, cool as hell custom races with full lobbies, and fun party modes to mess around with other drivers until the wee hours of the morning.
  4. Mike Dee

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    And this is where I'm telling you, you are flat out wrong. I can show you indisputable evidence. There is almost a full 20 second difference between DRY and WET pace. And we see another 20 second gap between Day/Dry and Night/Dry pacing (ignoring the usual 1 "fast" driver every group has). So the AI is affected by the environment and time of of day. I can't find anything else where you talk about "flaws you have mentioned before". The only thing you talk about is the AI being too fast, and it not being affected by weather or time of day. Give me something tangible that you don't like about the AI and we can actually discuss it. For now the only thing you've complained about has been proven to not work the way you describe. Here is a 50% AI pace at Chandler's Creek Reverse, Australia (DAY / DRY) - 7:33.009 Here is a 50% AI pace at Chandler's Creek Reverse, Australia (DAY / SHOWERS) - 7:52.218 Here is a 50% AI pace at Chandler's Creek Reverse, Australia (NIGHT / DRY) - 7:52.800 (IGNORING P1 7:34.767) The other thing is you are saying the AI is insanely hard/unbeatable. The reality is that I've watch a lot of players go from not being able to beat Open/Clubman to winning Pro in only a few months. The AI is not that unreasonable until you hit Elite+ but it definitely will be fast. You have enough hours and KM's in this game that I think the issue is either in how you are approaching the game or your input settings - something is wrong/misconfigured that is causing you more problems than the rest of the playerbase.
  5. Mike Dee

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    That is pretty much what Elite and Master are - Master is literally based off of in-house times from Jon and the fastest drivers at CM. Sure there could be more difficulties, and in custom there are (Open in My Team uses "Easy" AI I believe which is around 50%), but for My Team 5 tiers already feels like enough to me. Adding more just for the sake of even easier initial difficulties feels... tedious? Maybe if they had a placement rally or something to help get you into the right tier from the start more than 5 would be ok. But I wouldn't personally want any more in the current format. As for the lower levels being too hard, I guess I have no choice but to really defer to your judgement because I thought they weren't that bad. They are minutes behind the "fast pace" on any stage, hell I'm pretty sure we even tested if you could beat 70% AI in R5s without ever leaving 4th gear and it was doable. So I don't really feel like saying they are way too hard. literally from your post on the previous page where you say AI is not for the fast drivers You don't need to be a top player (read: esport try-hard/pro/whatever you want to call it) to beat Master. Master is still pretty significantly behind the WR's. So for everyone who is fast, but not esport fast, having very challenging AI is awesome. I understand now that you are only talking about the lower difficulties, but up until this point all you have said was "the AI is terrible" which most will understand as all of the AI.
  6. Mike Dee

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    You say it's like someone driving NFS but you don't say why it appears that way to you. Is it the lines they take? Is it the extreme precision and car control? You need to elaborate on what seems so unrealistic. At least provide a link. For example here is a video from our very own Community Manager PJ doing a run in the 2000cc at Scotland posting a top 250 time. Is his run unrealistic or unauthentic to you? That run would definitely be able to beat Clubman, Pro, and Elite - probably even getting him top 5 in a Masters Championship if not winning it. Sure he is using a smaller wheel rotation due to his F1 rim, but for the S4 it isn't going to magically make you jump from Clubman pace to Master pace by switching from 540° to 360° Where do you get the idea I am not thankful to them? All I am saying is that your idea that the fastest drivers should just compete online or in esports is marginalizing that playerbase as well. Some of the fastest drivers in Dirt really don't enjoy competing online or in clubs anymore. They want to kick back and just race a custom championship like everyone else, recreating cool scenarios and historic moments. That is why there is such a big range in the AI, and that the hardest difficulties should be designed to keep even the fastest drivers on their toes. No one wants Clubman or Pro to be impossible for 90% of drivers to beat, but a lot of us don't want to see Elite and Master watered down just so more players can beat them.
  7. Mike Dee

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    Honestly, and I'm not trying to sound like a **** here, it seems like you've wasted tens of thousands of km's by driving without a purpose or clear goal. With that much distance behind the wheel and that much seat time, you should be able to beat Clubman pretty comfortably. It sounds like you've just been driving, not actively driving. What I mean by that is you are not analyzing what you did wrong or where you can be faster. You aren't trying to do anything to increase your skill ceiling, you're just driving hoping something just changes within you and you're faster. Have you ever stopped to watch a twitch/youtube run of a stage you really like and see how someone faster than you would drive it? Have you ever sat down in time trials and actively tried to get much faster on a specific stage? Somewhere you can practice driving very aggressively and test out new techniques? No not DirtFish, that location only helps precision but not stage speed. You also seem to want to exclude people from using a part of the game. CPUs and AI aren't meant for the fastest drivers? Since when? When has "legendary" or "insane" difficulty ever been in any game and not been designed for the top players? Sure, 100% AI shouldn't be balanced against the eSport drivers (and it isn't; the AI times are not even close and much slower) but it also shouldn't be so easy that everyone can stroll through the final difficulty. That was one of the biggest complaints in DR1 - the AI was pathetically slow at Masters. They fixed that for DR2.0
  8. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    The facecam makes that entire video @PJTierney
  9. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Turbo can't lag if you never lift your right foot up 😏 Seriously though, the Quattro needs to be driven like nothing else in the game. I have to jam the brakes so hard it feels like I'm doing stoppies with the car just to get the back end around.
  10. Have we already listed "Better player stats" on this wishlist? What do I mean by this? The odometers in Time Trial cars should work. Some people spend literally days in there over the life of the game chasing down different WR's, let me see how many miles I've ended up putting on the different Time Trial cars. Keep it completely separated from My Team, that's fine, but why don't we have more stats about what we do in Time Trials Give us just STATS about each game mode. How many miles/hours driven in My Team. How many in Time Trial? How many in online MP lobbies? How many in Colin's Challenges? That's literally 1 stat that I'd want to see in at least 5 different filtered styles; My Team, TT, Customs, Colin's, and Total. Expand on that; which car is used the most per location; per mode; classes, etc. These are all the cool little details car enthusiasts can eat up and love to do it. This is what let's people "bond" with the cars. You feel connections to them. You have all of this online stuff, WHY AREN'T ANY OF THE STATS FROM IT AVAILABLE. Why can't I see how many total Daily events I have entered? Where is the stat showing my % of top tier placements compared to entries. Stage records should be easily available to see; we should be able to compare across cars/classes, against our own times in other classes/cars and compared to friends or the online community as a whole. If I pull up Sweet Lamb, Wales in a records/leaderboard style menu I want to see my fastest PB, and then be able to see my PB for every class below it too - let me then select the class and select a specific car to see that PB. We do cool things, let us obsess and go OCD over stats.
  11. Mike Dee

    DR2 questions

    I had 15 minutes before a meeting so I hopped on that stage, so we have 30 entries so far. Sub 4:00 is very doable with a clean run, I'd suspect a 3:45 with the faster cars wouldn't be too hard either. @navernoe 1. GTR has some tunes a lot of people like. They are not necessary to be fast or win though. Find what fits you well, find what lets you not fight the car, and you'll be fast. I race 100% stock tunes. It forces me to change my driving style on a per car basis, sometimes dramatically, but I find it more fun that way - because I'm having fun I race more and typically am faster because of it. Enjoy the drive and you'll be fast. 2. No visualizations I can give you, but what helps some people is to think of it this way. Your job as a racer is to find the absolute shortest route between the start and end. This means taking an apex line that shortens a corner by 10ft, cutting over a curb during a super fast chicane of 6's to remove 30ft and maintain 10mph higher exit speed. Things like this are where the real time is at. Late braking helps, good throttle control can quicken your pace out of corners. But you want some real hard numbers? 100m @ 50mph takes 4.47387 s 100m @ 60mph takes 3.72823 s Leaving a corner 10mph faster and maintaining that gap through a 100m straight can take over half a second off of your times. Literally almost nothing else matters but conserving momentum. That is 99% of setting the stupid fast times. You also will need to start thinking like a circuit racer. Which corners are the ones you should focus on entry speed because they lead into consecutive tight cuts where you'll be in a low gear regardless? Which ones are worth sacrificing some entry speed to make sure without a doubt you hit your apex flawlessly and can be on throttle immediately for the 200m straight after it? This is where the time is 3. Pace notes are weird and personal. A 4 Left in Argentina is a very different approach than a 4 Left in Finland even if you're using the same car. The real information is what is before/after any given call. "3L Opens 4 200(m)" you should be basically trying to take at the fastest "4" you can imagine because it an accelerating exit corner - it is literally designed to help you haul ass out of. But a "6R into 4L tightens" you need to be extra cautious on that approach because you'll already be unstable from slowing heavily out of the 6 and still need to keep it tidy for the tightens. Don't think about individual corners, think about the line into and out of it. The # you hear called after a corner severity, like the "200(m)" I used above [read: 200] it just is the distance after the last call before you act on the next call. So in that case it is a 200m straight after the exit of the 4. 4. Any car is viable enough against majority of challenges you'll face. You can take what many consider "bottom tier" cars in any class and finish top 10 on the dailies with them. Skyrex was already linked, but go find what you find fun to drive. It's more satisfying to win with something you enjoy, especially if it is in a car most doubted. 5. Engineer help you fix things faster, sooner, and for cheaper. More advanced is always better. If you have credits to waste BUY THEM ALL 6. You can set WRs without "memorizing" the stages. I'd say most of the stages in game I know about 50% of any given part of the actual road pretty well. I know most of the "gotchya" corners on any stage, but a lot of my races I'm also going "oh yeah, this stage has those corners" or "ah damn I forgot about this terrible section was right here" for lots of it. This isn't to say you can get all WR's this way, because once the challengers come out the time starts to absolutely plummet. When the "Time Trial Gangs" show up from any of the Discords, you will see absolutely asinine things happen. 12 DS21's coming out of no where to steal the top of a leaderboard from the mini/fulvia and do it by like 20 seconds. Mustangs showing up in Finland/Wet to absolutely stomp Porsches and BMW M2's by 15 seconds on a Sprint. People chasing down sub-5:00 on a Long stage in Sweden in Group B... 👽👽👽
  12. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Pretty much exactly what you just said. Use the forums to catch up on "bigger" more concise news and updates, while you use Discord to see what the community is actively thinking at that moment. It's a great place for quick one off topics and ideas that survive for 10-15 minute bursts. It's tons of info all over the place at once, but if you're familiar with how the old IRC chats worked back in the day it is essentially the same thing with more meme media integration 😅
  13. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    @macebig are we really counting a 10% discount on preorders for the 'Amplified Edition' a "sale"?
  14. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Oh boy, dedicated hype and gossip thread!
  15. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I needed to share my amazing new team name and logo for a club with you all. Pretty proud of this masterpiece 😁 Team EuroYeet