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  1. Mike Dee

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Much easier to allow for all of these camera tweaks when you lock the game to 30fps on consoles, and your PC version struggles to handle any performance above 60fps without constant stutters. Take your pick, more tweaks and ****** fidelity, or less tweaks but much higher fidelity overall
  2. Mike Dee

    Community Rally School

    Softs every single time. Only exception is Wet surface in Spain or Germany - there you want to take Wet tyres unless you have a single Wet/Sprint and at least one Dry/Long between you and the next service stop. Oh and Monte Carlo I prefer winter tyres cuz I'm bad, but I know the fastest drivers use Softs there and spend time learning how to handle on the snow with them. Even there I would be tempted to take Wet just because I (personally) suck with soft in the rain, but the time you make up for it on the dry stage is worth it once you figure out how to handle rain. If it's 2x dry, 1x wet between service I will almost always take Softs. For everything else just pick Softs. Soft tyres are >= Mediums until around stage 5/6, and really don't lose any noticeable advantage until around stage 8. So until you are in a custom championship/club where you are going for 6+ stages without a service stop, just take Softs.
  3. Mike Dee

    CRs system. How does it work ?

    Nope, that sounds like a porsche. The second the tail steps out you're going to go in circles Honestly though I find most of the older cars to be way more fun to drop in and drive around. They all have so much more character than anything modern and all have to be driven in their own unique ways to go fast.
  4. Mike Dee

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    So everyone across the world has the same exact 15/30 minute time window to do their race? That sounds like you're going to have 80% of potential drivers not even race then This would only hurt the 99% and not even bother the top 1% of drivers. The top 1% literally do not care conditions/degradation/etc - they are still faster than us with any stage settings than we can be, so making everyone go in "blind" isn't actually fair. The only people who are "blind" then are the drivers who can't drive hours every day. The ones who can will be unaffected and actually probably gain an advantage over the other drivers. The top drivers already know basically every stage without the practice, so not allowing them to practice has a much smaller impact than not allowing the "normal" drivers to practice will.
  5. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    well if you have VLC installed already, you can use that to just stitch clips together and output a single file. Here is a quick article that touches on it, but the process is super quick & easy - but it is also extremely basic https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-use-vlc-to-combine-two-clips Not the best solution by any means, but this is probably the "lightest" solution since a lot of people have VLC already so you wont even need to install anything.
  6. Mike Dee

    Game of the Year edition on Oculus Home

    No, let's get this right. The users who did this, did so because they were too impatient to wait for anything but VR 1.0. Anyone who has any bit of common sense knew that initial launches for any game always has issues that get patched out after release. We all knew this before VR launched. We all said this before VR launched. We said this while people were complaining about the poor Steam performance. The writing was everywhere, not just on the walls. If you want something day 1, you accept that it comes normally with performance impacts and bugs. The fixes and enhancements will get rolled out over the upcoming months. That is why so many people will wait a month or two after initial game launches - they want all of the performance fixes to get released. If you didn't think the Oculus SDK was coming to Steam... well that is 100% on you and your ignorance. Literally anyone who did some objective research or knows how games release/dev knew it was coming. Just like the DLC. Anyone with some common sense knows it is coming to the Oculus store. The reason you all have it preloaded is so that when entitlements go live and unlock for those who buy it (or those who have already bought it) you can join their lobbies and use their content. That is why preloads happen, it's so you can use it too when you are online with other people.
  7. Mike Dee

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    This always bothers me. Bonnet cam is no more or less arcadey than cockpit. It 100% depends on where you monitor is located compared to your seat position. If your monitor is in a position that bonnet cam makes logical sense for it to be used, I would argue it's more arcadey to force a cockpit cam instead since the references would all be off. Also for the record, i don't believe drivers will be allowed to make any hardware adjustments in the finals. Everyone will be running the same FFB/DoR/game settings on the same hardware, which we can assume will be 540°
  8. Mike Dee

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    People also want to act like 360° is so much less than 540° - it's literally a quarter of a turn difference in either direction. That's it. It's the difference of full lock right stopping at 6 or stopping at 9 on a clock face. Is it different? Yes. Is it dramatically different? Almost negligible for the actual turning input, the entire reason to run it low is to make paddle shifting easier. If you had a static paddle that was attached to the base instead of the wheel (very rare in sim wheel setups) it would literally make zero difference then and be 100% user preference.
  9. Mike Dee

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    It's almost like someone called this exact scenario for the finals and why they've been saying the semi's will be the best battles...
  10. Mike Dee

    Shifting gears without released the throttle

    You also have to remember that a lot of race cars also don't need the clutch to shift like road cars do. Many will use dogbox transmissions which you drive very differently. Basically you drive them by slamming through gears as fast and crudely as possible - this isn't about clean shifts, this is about quick shifts. Forget the clutch, just lift your foot for a split second, slam into the next gear, and bury your foot again https://jalopnik.com/heres-how-dog-box-and-sequential-transmissions-work-1828194393
  11. Mike Dee

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    I mean, most modern cars use 540° which is only 1/4th of a turn more so not really that weird/wrong. The other argument to this would be should we not allow anyone but wheel users to enter? Because a gamepad isn't "real" just like 360° isn't "real". As for the rest, i think most people will agree with you. It's hard to combat though, how would you possibly deal with track memorization? Some people have 500+ hours in DR2 already and literally know every stage already - isn't it at least more fair to let everyone have a chance to learn the stages? Otherwise you are just sending 99% of drivers in "blind" while the top 1% of drivers are completely unaffected by it because they already know it all. As for the shifting, blame it on the crappy damage models. I'm sorry CM but this is one part of your game I will always harass you about - the damage models are far from hardcore, hell even DR1 had more damage. Until that is fixed, you can't blame people for skipping gears and letting the engine redline. And on the assists... who cares? I get the WRC Pros don't use them, but it isn't like those assists make you faster in this game. I'm pretty sure most of the fast drivers will all agree that they actually slow you down if they are left on. Overall though 100% agree I'd like to see a bigger model behind it all though. Give us a long 12 Event Championship, make everyone fight to stay near the top every week in the Event and see who can be fast and endure the entire championship. Would be a lot more fun.
  12. Mike Dee

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Like this week's current cuts. I haven't played much at all in the past week, but I hopped on last night for a quick pass at the current WC and... well you can jump through a lot of the bushes in the hairpin/1's sections of the NZ stage. Sorry I haven't been able to get screens up for this past week, I'll try to get on it for this upcoming one. 7:30ish is doable with a really balls-out run; the 7:15's we see in TT I think have to use some very bad cuts through the switchbacks (you can ignore hairpins in certain spots and I'm sure there are more)
  13. Mike Dee

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    I'd argue it is only important for the final top 0.01% of drivers. For the rest of us "normies", taking the cut or not won't change the fact we are outside of the top 10. We could take every cut but it won't magically make us anywhere close to Micky, Joona, or Jarrod's time. So because of that, just race the best you can and try to see how far you can climb. If you can make top 100, I'd say that's a pretty solid pace you can put up.
  14. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    Honestly I prefer this style system for clubs and stuff. Tighter points keep the battles closer and you don't have one person running away with the championship by the end of the 3rd event.
  15. Mike Dee

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    We all agree with you there, which is why we made that other thread before the first event. CodeMasters came back and said So while driving right next to the reset zone isn't something we like, it is allowed. This is not going to change until the finals when everything is streamed live.