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  1. Mike Dee

    Elite difficulty is brutal

    Think we found your problem. Elite and Masters are hard, no sugar coating that, but they are beatable. But if you are trying to learn a new class, that has a new drivetrain, and has zero engine upgrades you're going to struggle unless you are the next Loeb or McRae. RWD takes finesse to drive fast, and that takes time to build up. The fact you are getting some finishes above last means you're doing pretty well for not being comfortable in these cars. This one is just going to take you some time to adjust and your best bet is to just go hit time trials for a few days and get really comfortable in the Stratos. Also keep in mind, that without engine upgrades this is not going to be easy even if you are really good with RWD. I did H3 for my Elite championship and I would like to consider myself kind of an E30 specialist - I'd guess 200-250 hours in that car alone between DR1 and DR2. For the first 2 events I ran it on a T1 engine tune and was happy to steal -3 to -5 seconds from the AI any given stage. For the 3rd event though I bought the T3 engine upgrade; after that I was upset if I wasn't getting at the least -5 seconds per sprint, and -10 seconds per long. Engine upgrades matter - a lot.
  2. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    Preliminary results posted for teams! Still need to validate a few drivers, but this is a pretty accurate standings list for teams. Privateers and individual driver points coming later tonight/tomorrow.
  3. Mike Dee

    Add ons

    Drive it like you own it, not like you stole it. Using the Lancia in H1 is free to fix so you can always earn money. If you want to race the other cars, either drive safe enough you don't break them or be ready to pay 1,000-5,000 CR every service stop to fix the damage.
  4. Only time assists can really "help" is for keyboard & gamepad users, since most will use ABS which helps because they don't have the finer controls of wheel+pedals. Other than that though, it is 100% personal preference. Find someone who can post a WR with assists and 3rd person camera, and I'll find you an alien who can do it without assists in cockpit; and another with only ABS on bonnet cam. Assists + camera aren't going to make you better or give you a win just because the other driver didn't use them - they can only help you feel more comfortable for the race.
  5. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    Well since this first event is over, and I don't think you/your team scored any points in privateer/team I'll keep it open for you to do either. Next event kicks off Friday and will run for another 2 weeks @Boblol163com added
  6. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    @Lynx2000 @LemonthRose @gk9147 Added to the list, and welcome to the first season! Make sure you join the club linked in the first post, and feel free to drop by the Discord to hang out and get hyped up for the events. I try to keep this thread as updated as possible, but for the latest and greatest info it will always be pinned in the Discord first 😉
  7. Mike Dee

    Planning stage order

    This is what we have been doing for our club events, figuring out the "linking" orders and making drivers race down and back in a smart way. Makes for a much more entertaining event when you can feel yourself progressing up/down the mountain and you can see the ruts forming with each pass.
  8. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    @carlettodj + @Markoholt added 👍
  9. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    The great @urgaffel strikes again! Seriously getting so hyped to go home and play this tho after work 😁
  10. Was talking to someone who was doing testing with the R2's right after the latest patch. According to them, the new Master's R2 times are much better, with a test result showing the new AI is about 30 seconds slower (in the wet) than the WR in the dry. So the times appear to be actually acting correctly, no more wet AI times matching dry WR times... Don't expect this to make it easier at the top end, these AI are still brutally fast, but you won't need to be maintaining a WR pace the entire time now.
  11. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Can we get that Latvia grass enhancement in Poland now? 😏
  12. Mike Dee

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Clubs

    well damn... I had my hands full managing the Discord Rally and Reddit challenge events already, but I guess I have to hop into the official club now too. Is it at least not H1's this time lol?
  13. Mike Dee

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Clubs

    The fix for this (and any event you setup that returns a 404) is to create the same championship with only 1 stage and 1 event and set for at least 30 minutes in the future. After you submit the 1x1 (the website seems to struggle with large championship adds) it should take it quickly. Then you just click "edit championship" and can add the rest of the stages you want to the event. Really annoying but a consistent work around for now 👍
  14. Mike Dee

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

    The only thing I really want is analogue handbrake support back ; _ ; if I can get that, and keyboard icon support even when a wheel is plugged in 👌
  15. Took me 3 Longs in Germany before the softs were shot and not gripping anymore. Outside of clubs there really isn't any reason to run mediums or hards. If you want to test it, do a custom event with 12 Longs in Germany (yes you will hate your life after this). 1 service stop at stage 7, I would highly recommend doing the first half with mediums then try the 2nd half with softs.