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  1. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I may take a stab with the 240z today, the cars are fun but normally not nearly competitive within the class. Maybe Poland is different?
  2. Mike Dee


    DiRT Player just means it was someone form a different platform than you. The different platforms don't allow an easy use of the names outside of their system. So if you're on PC, all Xbox and PS4 players would appear as "DiRT Player" for you; if you were on PS4 all PC and Xbox players would be "DiRT Player"
  3. Mike Dee

    How do I shave those last seconds?

    I will give you that at the absolute limits, against the top 0.01% of drivers, that tuning can finally be the deciding factor. But absolutely everything before that moment can be simply overcome with changing the driving technique to be faster and cleaner. I hold a few WRs myself in everything from H2s to Group Bs (both 4WD & RWD), 2000cc to R5. I refuse to change from stock setup with soft tires. I used to tune the hell out of cars back in DR1 and eventually I took a break from the game for a bit. Came back months later and couldn't deal with my old setups anymore, they were just too specifically tuned for the "old" me. I then went back to stock and started messing around; by the end of the week I was crushing my old PB's which were already top #100's. Fully stock. I realized that while I was able to tune the car to fit my style, by doing so I was actually tuning to compensate for my flaws and not adjusting to fix them for the car. That is why I say tuning doesn't matter. It makes you more consistent with your style when setup properly, no arguing that, but the car itself isn't any faster - consistency is what brought your times down. I personally feel that tuning is used too much as a crutch, and while that is good people can lean it, a lot of the time it hurts them in the long run. You get to reinforce "bad" habits for longer because your times are getting faster so you don't stop to look for other areas of improvement, you end up focusing 100% on the car. It blinds people from changing their driving style to be more consistent itself which is where the real time comes from. Tuning might be able to shave you 4 or 5 seconds, but overcoming your own bad habits and getting more mechanically consistent yourself can net you 8 or 9 seconds before even getting greasy /steps-down-off-soap-box =P
  4. Mike Dee

    How do I shave those last seconds?

    While I think this can help a tremendous amount in making your car more consistent, I (personally) don't believe it makes you any faster outside of Poland where you have no choice but to extend the final gear if you want a chance. Now the cut-resets are a killer and so are some sections where you can literally drive 50ft off the stage without any penalty as you ignore 3 corners. But with those, nothing you can really do unfortunately =/ Doesn't really sound like that is OP's problem though since they are consistently losing a small amount of time each split which sounds like someone just running flatout or making smart cuts. @Grimstreaker999's best bet is probably just doing some time trial runs on any stage so that they can begin to learn how to really attack. Until you know a section decently well, you can't push the car to its limits and until you can push a car to the edge of those limits you can't actually figure out what it is capable of. A large chunk of the time OP might be losing could just be as simple as braking too early/too weak, not throwing the weight around enough, or just small little things someone who "lives" in that specific car knows and abuses every run. Kind of like me in the E30, I can mindlessly post top #10 times in that car, but I also have over 300 hours in it just between DR1 and 2.0 so I tend to do things most people wouldn't attempt in it... Same can be said for any other car.
  5. Mike Dee

    How do I shave those last seconds?

    Same kind of people who just have an unnatural obsession with being more efficient and enjoy chasing a perfection they can never reach. I get how it can make a stage boring or old for people, but for me that really never happens. I can sit on a stage for 2 hours one night, and do it all again the next night having just as much fun. But I've been this way since I was 12 on a Gamecube playing 1080 Avalanche or GT back on my PS1, or even doing Sonic speed runs against my brother back on the Sega. I may attack the same corner 100 times, but I never will attack that corner and the previous/next one the exact same way that 100 times - every run is different from the last and squeezing out 100ths of a second gives a sweet satisfaction.
  6. Mike Dee

    How do I shave those last seconds?

    Honestly I hate to admit it, but I think this is really helping the top times. When I do my unfamiliar Longs that don't have a Sprint where I've been chasing WR recently, my times take a noticeable hit because I'm not being as flatout ballsy as I can be. But when the next daily is on a Long where I've been chasing a GprB RWD Sprint WR the night before, I find I can match/beat the pace time pretty easily. Seat time just really seems to add up =/ I think the other big thing to keep in mind, is that as time goes on people are maxing out the upgrades on their cars. A T5 engine tune can go a long way to making a car faster than a T2 tune.
  7. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I saw that post too, and I think it's a fair guess. But I don't know if I'd call it our first DLC2 hint, we did have that tweet about the Nissan & kit cars a while back. Hasn't been confirmed yet, but would line up nicely for the first car pack release of DLC2... edit: found the old pic
  8. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Are we all still talking about the 2 locked cars for this week? Is it not already known they are both 2000cc cars? Confirmed for reasons...
  9. Does anyone have a link to the official rules in regards to cutting? I know some of the older stuff wouldn't be allowed today, but I'm curious where the line is now.
  10. Oh I've been pretty vocal myself in the discord, on here, and in messages about it. Then again I don't think everyone is chasing WRs, so we may be a much smaller group that directly deal with these cuts. That said you're absolutely correct in that we shouldn't reset until the cuts are fully addressed - which they haven't been this patch =/ Poland still has some terrible cuts that can be abused and from what I've been told the NE ones are still there too. As for getting them in a bug thread? You'd literally have to drive the entire stage trying to cut and be submitting time stamped videos because of how many there are on some stages. You also have to account for legitimate cuts though too, because cutting itself is a part of rally. Learning to gamble skipping a 6 Left 6 Right and instead make it a straight line deep cut is a cornerstone of rally - just look at McRae But you can't just let those kind of cuts happen everywhere. It's why would also make pruning the boards by hand really hard; who gets to judge what is ok and what is too deep?
  11. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Hmmm then how many other drivers had completed the daily so far? Maybe there was only a dozen and you ended up in the bottom third of the 12 people who drove it already? Barring that I have nothing for you =/ Sounds like a bug to me
  12. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I'd have to assume they have 3 base times set for each tier to help group the earliest drivers for all the events? Where do you normally finish for the NR4 dailies? Are you a usual 3rd tier driver?
  13. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Wasn't there a 9gb patch? I would assume it was preload models and locations for when they are released.
  14. I know everyone here is happy you can no longer cut 50ft off the track on stages, but removing these cuts without resetting the leaderboards presents a new problem. If the cuts can not be used anymore, some stages have times that physically cannot be matched anymore. The only practical solution is to reset the time trial leader boards, and it would be much better to do this ASAP than to wait and let more times build up that will have to be reset.
  15. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    So.... who is hyped for the new M1 engine sound???