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  1. Mike Dee

    Possibility of Purchasable Skins?

    Being completely honest, for certain liveries I would be willing to pay well in excess of the car's DLC cost for specific iconic liveries. I can't speak for everyone on this, I'm sure some people would struggle to justify $0.99 for a livery and that is just fine if they don't desire it. But some of us do, and we are willing to throw $5-$10 at a single epic paint job for a car we are about to drive 100+ hours in.
  2. Mike Dee

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    Oh yeah, anything can happen for sure - that is exactly why in my clubs I make everyone drive 5+ stages between service stops! Much much harder and more room for people to mess up. I don't mind ranks either, but I can't see them being used for more than just an icon/indicator of skill. I don't see how ranks could be used in game to make better competition. I could definitely see it for Clubs or Championships made by users outside of the game, that is actually something we tried to make happen for our club. We wanted an "amateur" and "pro" tier where you couldn't be in the pro club unless you finished top 20 in amateur, and the slowest pro drivers were relegated at the end of the season. Something like this would be PERFECT for ranks, so we could make user-championships based on rank!
  3. I can give super anecdotal evidence that in the clubs I manage (one which has 200+ drivers) it definitely works as a FIXED level of wear from everything we have seen and tested. Plenty of our drivers are AM/Semi-Pro and record their runs or stream it for people to watch and you will see the exact same surfaces on the stage Friday when it first opens as you will see the following Sunday when it closes (our club runs 10 day events). I'll let PJ hop in here and confirm it 100%, but I am very confident in saying they are FIXED levels of deg. This is what also tells me that it would be very possible to get fixed levels of deg in customs too instead of just rough degrees of deg.
  4. Mike Dee


    Confirmed he is cheating and has been reported numerous times now to Codemasters. Waiting for them to ban his key. Refer to this thread -
  5. Mike Dee

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    So you are thinking of a system that shows something like @diogotilim has 3500MMR [1st place in Tier 1] @UnderclassGDfan has 3000MMR [1st place in Tier 2] @Mike Dee has 2500MMR [1st place in Tier 3] I guess I get that, but I don't see how that adds much value. Like sure, it could be nice looking at the daily and seeing "ok I got 12th but the people I lost to are 1000MMR better than me so I did really well" - but that is the only thing I can see for ranks. Your 2nd possibility sounds like too much clutter and a way to make people mad they can't enter 4 out of the 5 dailies because their rank is too low/high. It has custom championship. That is very different than matchmaking. Matchmaking is like CSGO ranked or anything like that - people queue up and wait for Codemasters to create a championship we have no control over with people we can't pick. As of now you can only see who is hosting a lobby. That is very different. And multiplayer is already empty enough that filtering based on rank would make it even harder to find a match. I join anything I can find at this point, does not stop me if the host can beat 100% AI or if the host loses to 50% AI. Like I said earlier, I think ranks could be useful but Dirt Rally does not have anything to use them with. They would need to completely redo the entire multiplayer system to make ranks useful.
  6. Mike Dee

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    Did we get confirmation on this? I thought it was just setup bug + spare tires promised for 1.8 with a chance of the damage by hooligans between stages being fixed as well.
  7. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I want to say D2/D3 had it as well - you would see some standing in the middle of the road and sprinting back to jump the guardrail as you went screaming passed them. I also think CM said they aren't doing that anymore as it gave the higher ups a lot of stress trying to make sure it'd be impossible to have players go "GTA" on the crowds
  8. Mike Dee

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    What facts though? Other games use rank? Good, they have a system to do something with the rank. We don't have any system to use ranks in Dirt Rally. What would rank do in Dirt? Would it change what the "top tier" is for your daily event? Would it change the "bottom tier" too? This is what you haven't explained yet. Tell me how ranks would be used. You say it will "balance" but how. Explain it, how would your ranks change what happens when I sign in to My Team? What level though? Dirt Rally does not have matchmaking. So what are you balancing? I don't see how the ranks could be used to split drivers. They would need to add an entirely new community event structure to use ranks. EVERYTHING we currently have in multiplayer would need to be thrown away.
  9. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    @urgaffel already gets stressed enough when people try to run down his animals in the road, I can only imagine what would happen if we started adding bodies to the mix
  10. Mike Dee

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    What does this rank do though? What people are you being matched with? There is no match making or anything, there aren't different categories or tiers of racers. You don't sign up for weekend races with limited # of drivers. Ranks work for iR and games like that because there is a reason to have a rank. They host events, they host lobbies, there is a reason to have similarly skilled people in the same race. We don't have any of that in DR2. If there was tiers or something where you needed to be at least a "3500MMR driver to enter" or something I would understand. But what do the players gain from just making tiers in the dailies or weeklies? What happens when you "win" in Tier 4 for a daily? Do you move up to Tier 3? Why? What did that do to make the game any more fun or competitive for you? The problem is that moving up in rank does nothing for the player. There is nothing to gain. There is no reason to move up unless you want more competition which would be achieved without ranks entirely. I also don't want to sound like I am against the idea of ranks - I just see ZERO value for using ranks in the current DR2 system. It isn't designed to use the ranks for anything useful. We would need a lot more on top of the game modes and community events for there to be a reason to have ranks.
  11. Mike Dee

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    You keep asking for a ranking system, but what would that even give us? What does it add? You don't race anyone directly, you race their times. What do we gain by splitting times up into a bunch of sub groups? "Oh yay you are the fastest of the slowest 40%!!" - I'd rather just see where my time lands compared to all times both faster and slower than me. Show me what grouping I land in (like they do with the splits for community events) but I care more about how far from the real top/bottom I am than how far I am from being top 55%...
  12. Mike Dee

    Total cost of Dirt Rally 2.0

    Fair enough, but I think we can all agree CM and @PJTierney have done a great job fixing this exact issue. CM is constantly pumping out more content for us, even if we all can't agree on the price they are still pushing out content - they didn't just drop it. And PJ has been all over the place trying to keep every sub-community up to date with info and fixes. They are doing the exact opposite as with D4 and that (imo at least) is going to go a long way for pushing that value proposition way back up. Sure, some people may look at the upfront cost and go "that is way too much", but others will look at it and see years worth of racing content being published for them to enjoy and wonder why it is only $100
  13. Mike Dee

    crazy fast event times

    I don't know if AI times are actually working like that, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are at least somewhat influenced by the fastest community times. Now I would also hope there were some safeguards in place to not allow the AI to be skewed by a single driver...
  14. Mike Dee

    crazy fast event times

    My guess is that they are abusing the negative time glitch. I don't know how they trigger it, but for a while after launch we had a few users posting negative times. Well what if you did that, but instead of sprinting to the end and posting -03:43.249 on a stage, you just sat there. Just sat right at the end near the finish and let it count back up to a positive time that no one could catch? It is either that, or they are going through and learning the reset zones for each stage before doing it in the community event. Basically the old Monte glitches from DR1 where you could get the car to reset 1000m ahead of where you left the stage. I can't see time penalties for the driver, but if you saw a few +4 or whatever the reset penalty is, that would be a quick indicator for that.
  15. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Don't you dare bash on my fiestas!! The MK7 has probably the best liveries in RX!