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  1. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    I did but life got the better of me. Managing the entire thing solo was a big undertaking, and I never was able to get scripts setup on the backend to pull all the data I needed from CM in an automated flow - that really hurt while trying to manage 200+ drivers across 30 some teams. Sadly that has been put on hold for now. I've thought about spinning something back up with it, without the teams and power stages, but I've just been busy lately. Luckily this club I joined (the one the logo is for) is doing something similar to what I wanted and they are managing all of the numbers instead - so I can make time to at least race the events. Shameless plug - http://bluelineleague.com/ cuz the team running this club deserve it
  2. It's a video game mate, take a deep breath. You aren't the only person who will have dozens and dozens of WR's "lost". If you're good though and didn't get it through dumb luck as a one-off, you'll be able to get top 10 again after 1 or 2 passes. Taking the WR again shouldn't take that long, they rarely do once you've cleared top 10 assuming top 3 aren't miles ahead of the rest. And FWIW, as someone with dozens of those WRs, I'll happily have every single one of mine reset if it means cuts have been removed from stages. I'd argue most, if not all, of my WRs were achieved without cuts but I'd still be ok with losing my times if the entire stage was fixed. I'll get my old times back regardless. Better to have the best content possible, then to have your name on top of a leaderboard that people know is flawed. But let's get to the core of the issue - you think you're wasting time on this video game. How about playing it to enjoy the challenge and game? You haven't lost anything if they delete the servers and remove the leaderboards. You still have the stages, you still have your skills that you've earned by fighting for WRs, you still have the satisfaction of knowing you had them. Nothing was lost, and the fact that you think you deserve any kind of remuneration for playing a video game says a lot.
  3. Mike Dee

    dirt rally 3.0 ps5/xbox series x?

    Thing is that DR2.0 was CM's first real attempt at more of a "service" style product than a standalone game - it's the first time they planned on continued content support, so I don't think we can use the old games' timelines too much. We definitely could use an engine overhaul to finally start getting some epic length stages, but what I'd really keep my eye on is that SMS purchase. CM just brought in some BIG names with that purchase, the perfect kind of talent to set on an overhaul project for the engine. Those are not quick projects, but they are vital to enhancing the long term vision. A service model with continued support for 2.0 that helps stretch the life of the game another year or so could give the overhaul team the breathing room they need to get the engine up to spec for DR3. My personal guess would be expect something more around late 2021, and probably more like 2022 but with HUGE gains in tarmac performance and stage lengths.
  4. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    Not really gossip, but I felt the need to share this with you all here since I figured it'd get a few laughs. The amazing new logo I made for our team in a DR2 Club - Team 'Bin It or Win It'!
  5. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    That is a very curiously placed comma PJ... EVERYONE TO GOOGLE AND SEE WHAT ELSE CM HAS BOOKED FOR 2020!!
  6. Mike Dee

    Something is coming...

    @PJTierney why do you do this to me?
  7. Mike Dee

    judging ability

    Oh I think we all fully get where you are coming from, I have the same hesitation every single race right now when i finish 10th or better - I told my self from the start I'd add 3-5% difficulty to the next weekend when it happened. I'm already failing to get purple on half of my practice programs now at 93% 😭 But dammit if I don't want even fiercer competition every race. I'm already sweating bullets but I love every second of it. To me finding the next, bigger hurdle to clear is half the fun but then again I also play Xcom on Ironman Legendary with the Long War mods so some might say I'm a masochist
  8. Mike Dee

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    As someone who just bought this game about a month ago, I cannot stop playing and thinking about this game. I love these 100% duration races, I love the tight battles of Career mode with the AI, how great it feels to just finish 9th and get Alfa Romeo some points - it's never felt so satisfying to lose before. Worth every penny I've paid without a doubt, and I see this title following right behind Dirt Rally 2.0 for me and clearing 500 hours in no time at all.
  9. Anyone have any ideas to try? I've reinstalled everything I can think of except the OS (again). I know it is tied to Cortana/Windows speech recognition and I've tried to enable everything I can in the system settings to give access. I don't ever see F1 or any codemaster process on those system setting pages though so I can't be 100% sure F1 actually gets access. I've tried multiple language packs even (I'm US based, bought a bulk OEM W10 Pro key so not 100% sure if I have a US region key [if those even exist?]) because I read a few posts about if the language settings didn't match it would auto disable. I'm stumped and I really hate not being able to talk to Jeff. I feel like I'm missing out on a good chunk of the game because I can't navigate the MFD more than just flipping through each page. I'll try any at this point and if you need any logs or data, tell me how to generate it and you'll have it ASAP. My only lead is it has something to do with W10 Pro - I had this working before my OS install when I was on W10 Student Edition. Maybe I'm missing a normal install file Home edition has, or maybe I need to manually give that file/dll/exe/whatever the added permissions? Maybe it's a regedit? I feel like it's something very basic like that, a system setting that isn't enabled or configured right and I just can't find it Thanks for anything you all can suggest
  10. Mike Dee

    judging ability

    This is why I'm so excited to place my Heusinkveld Sprint order. Using these old G27 pedals that have done me well for years has been ok, but in the last month or so (literally a few days after buying F1) the pedals started getting "noise" in them. I've had to add a deadzone to the first 10% of brake & throttle and remove the final 10% on throttle because it wouldn't always stay at 100% even when floored. Racing with 80-90% of pedal travel and not even being able to use the min/max at either end for mental reference has taken a lot to get used to =/
  11. Mike Dee

    judging ability

    I can't agree more with removing the racing line. I used to use it way back in the day, but somewhere around Forza 1/2 I made the switch and dropped it. I was terrible for the first weekend, but after that I got so much better so much faster it was incredible. You realize that while you aren't relying on the line, you focus on it too much. It narrows your vision of what is "viable" in every corner - if you aren't following it or close to it you feel like you're taking the corner wrong. Without it on though, I started analyzing my attacks, watching the car in front of me and finding their line. Then I'd find the line that undercuts them perfectly setting up the next corner. My entire line would be so far from the suggested racing line, old me would never have attempted it, but it seemed obvious once I didn't have some robotic suggestion on the screen. You'll be slower initially, but holy hell does it make you a better driver by miles. IMO nothing else is a bigger crutch or screams "arcade/gamer" more than a racing line. I get irrationally upset when I scroll through youtube looking for an F1 video at night and all I see are "sim racers" or "pros" who use T-cam and the racing line... You may be fast but I have more respect for the driver running no line, 3rd person cam, and all assists than I do for someone racing cockpit without assists but still has the racing line on.
  12. Mike Dee

    To assist or not to assist?

    Yes, thank you. The whole reason I recently have gotten into circuit racing is because of this. I'm a huge rally nut, and one thing I love about our clubs/leagues is we do punishingly long gaps between service stops - you really have to think about taking care of your car. Which is what I love about F1 - these are 90 minute battles where maintaining your pace while managing your wear/use is just as important as passing the driver in front of you. Do you know how amazing it felt finishing 8th after fighting with Kimi, Norris, Danny Ric, and Stroll for the previous 30 laps? The stress of sitting on Mediums with 10 laps on them already while they pulled out of the pits with a 2-stop Softs is indescribable. Trying to expand the lead I just stole by planning the 1-stop from the start, jumping from 12th to 6th during the pit, but **** Leclerc and Perez are just leaving the pits now. Testing how far I can push it without wasting the tires put me at a new level of concentration I rarely achieve. Realizing I messed up and stressed the tires too much, too early, with 14 laps to go - Leclerc already blew by me and Perez is pushing me and causing mistakes. ****, do I just let him through?!?! Ok whatever, I've still got 8th at least!!! Do I try to ride the limit or ease up 0.5s a lap hoping it helps my average time for those 14 laps?!? There is only a 5 second gap to Kimi in 9th and Danny is right on his ass... OH GOD WHAT DO I DO!?!??! Every little decision I made counted. And it felt absolutely amazing crossing that finish line. 0.1 left on the fuel gauge, 0% in the ERS system, and 60% wear on those tires. I barely even scored points for Alfa Romeo. But I can count on a single hand how many times I have ever felt that satisfied after not winning something.
  13. Mike Dee

    To assist or not to assist?

    It has really upset me as someone new to F1. I go to watch a clip at night on youtube or twitch and all I see everywhere is T-cam and corner racing lines 🙁 Like I get it, if you want to be the "best" most people need all of those turned on, but where is the fun? Where is the satisfaction? I can't even find the full satisfaction in racing with less than 100% duration, I couldn't even dream of using t-cam (on my gt1 evo rig) and a racing line or assists... It'd be like saying you bowled a 250 with bumpers...
  14. Mike Dee

    Does Body Damage Matter

    Worst thing I can think of (aside from cracked windshields) is if the body damage might cause some of the panels to drag on the ground. That itself I don't think will hurt you too much, but it will definitely make it easier for those panels to "catch" those hard-as-cement white/orange pylons in Australia which can cause a world of hurt. Overall though it shouldn't do much to actually slow you down by itself. If you can manage a clean run with the damage I doubt you'd see more than a few seconds slower if that on a stage.
  15. Mike Dee

    How do I get faster?

    There should be an option for 'linearity' which is exactly that - it changes the sensitivity of the throttle and can shift it to the end so you have more "play" room in the beginning.