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  1. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    Exclusivity to be a sellout will always have me skip your game. If it was Epic who created the game and wanted to release it on their storefront, I'd be annoyed but fine with it because it's their ecosystem. WRC sold out for a cash payment to be Epic exclusive, Epic did so to harm competition and limit choice, and they did so after listing it on Steam originally. And it wasn't a 30 day early access or anything - they locked the game to Epic for over an entire year. Everything about that is a hard pass from me on the game. It is so anti-consumer I want nothing to do with it, even if it releases on Steam later. This isn't about being on Steam, idgaf about that. This is about exclusivity for cash BS. The best solution is the game released across all storefronts. The acceptable solution is a game released on your own first-party storefront if you have one (Origins, Battlepass, Steam, Epic). The way you get me to ignore your game entirely is release exclusive on the third-party storefront (sellout to Epic).
  2. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    So long as they don't do any more store exclusive BS I'll probably consider getting it myself. But if they do what they did with the last title, I will happily continue to keep zero of my payment information on that Epic store and just not play any games on there.
  3. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    I think the most we have seen confirmed is that the Dirt Rally 2 team moved onto another project during the DLC release - what that project is has not been clarified. We know CM can't release a WRC game until 2023, and I highly doubt the DR2 core dev team would have been moved over to WRC entirely almost 4 years before they even have the license. Logically expecting some game between DR2 and WRC-CM Edition seems reasonable. What will that game be? That is the million dollar question.
  4. A hot-seat mode has been heavily requested since DR2 launched, so I am really hoping they include it with any future rally titles. Just like you describe, I used to have 5 or 6 friends over for a weekend game day and part of it was doing some rally inbetween boardgames. Would be so much nicer to have a hotseat instead of writing everyone's times down on a whiteboard.
  5. Mike Dee

    Wheels Vs Controllers

    This is only true if you can't shift fast enough. Not saying being able to heel-toe at rally speeds is easy, but I do know that some of the absolute fastest drivers in this game will use an h-box because they can shift faster than the manual sequential will let them. Sequential adds a minor delay when you shift, and that delay varies between classes, but an hbox doesn't have any delay - it is limited by how fast you can slam it into the next gear.
  6. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    I was literally just talking to some friends about trying to go down and get a cabin this summer just to go hiking and climbing down in Hocking - I completely forgot SOFR is down there too! Yeah, this cabin trip definitely needs to happen now haha. Would love to meet up with some more rally fanatics so if I do make it down that way expect some messages from me.
  7. @PJTierney hmmm I think I might have seen that warehouse somewhere before 🤔 It's fun watching these videos though and knowing exactly where on the DF location they are doing these practice maneuvers. If only we had the same barrels and objects to drift around in the open parking lots too *insert-Timmy's-dad-trophy-meme-here* (no I will not stop pestering you for more stuff I can gymkhana around in future free roams) And his quote at around 1:35 needs to be enshrined in rally law - "this used for when we have to rotate the car in a short period of time, not necessarily every corner. And if we have to use this, it's mainly as a bandaide for a situation that didn't go exactly as we planned"
  8. Mike Dee

    Best steering wheel for PS4?

    @Exasperated is right to a point - there is definitely a minimum you need to invest to get a fun and worthwhile experience. Lately that has been about $150 in the USA with pandemic prices to get a wheel most here will agree is worthwhile. The key is to make sure whatever you get has FFB motors, as that is the best part of buying a wheel. And I think many will agree that the T150 and G29/27/25 are the minimum entry point. Look at them like Tier 1 engine upgrades 😅 Good enough to race, but it only gets better from there. @Exasperated is absolutely correct that the after you experience the T300, it is obvious how much better it is than the T150 - but we're talking about the difference between good and great. You also won't really understand what you're missing out on with the much nicer wheels until you've spent a few hundred hours driving on a cheaper wheel. Yes, the more expensive wheels give stronger and smoother FFB; that means nothing without being able to understand how that changes your driving. TL;DR - try to buy a used T150 or G29/G27 for the best price you can. If you can find a used (or new) T300 for ~$100 more than the T150/G29 you should really consider finding another $100 to buy the better wheel.
  9. Mike Dee

    Best steering wheel for PS4?

    If this is for Dirt Rally 2.0 and of the modern Logitech wheels should work just fine. I'm on a G27, but I know people on G29s (ps4 version) and G920s (xbox version) and they all work just fine. Thrustmaster makes some good wheels too so whichever you can find a better deal on is what I'd suggest. The T300 is recommended over the T150 if you can afford to spend more initially, but both are strong wheel bases to start with.
  10. This got brought up in a discord server but it is an absolutely essential feature going forward with community events... The ability to duplicate/export/copy a club event and load it into another club or custom championship. This is a huge help when being the admin of a club where you may want to run duplicate events for different "sub" clubs; specific example: JRC1/JRC2/JRC3 all use the same events but drive different classes, so duplicating stages exactly is tedious currently. Being able to just load up the Clubs website and click something like "copy event" and either have it save to some clipboard I can reuse, generate a JSON object for it that I can use to import on my clubs' webpage, etc. Adding the ability to also bring them to custom championships to either practice on or even run smaller "live" events in online lobbies would be icing on the cake.
  11. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    Back when I tuned setups in DR1 this was always my go-to for Finland to help "eat" the impact of those big jumps. Basically let the suspension compress and stay compressed after landing so you don't bounce up like a pogo stick.
  12. The audio work done for the cars in these classes alone is reason enough to drive them 🎶🎵 The M1 😍
  13. I've been trying to come up with some more ways to interact with my viewers on stream, and one thing I would LOVE to do but is extremely tedious to pull of is quickly getting time trial data for a stage and keeping it available off the in-game leaderboard page. This got me thinking about what is really needed just in general, to help support the insanely dedicated (and slightly obsessive) rally community who loves stats and building their own experiences around the core gameplay. GIVE US ACCESS TO A PUBLIC API THAT WE CAN QUERRY FOR TIME TRIAL LEADERBOARD DATA, CLUB DATA, COMMUNITY EVENT DATA, ETC. Time Trial queries: top 100 times for a stage/class; user time & position +/- 50 positions around the user; user & friends times & positions Club: current event & details; individual stage details and times; championship details, future/past events, total points, etc Community Events: current events & details; past event results for specific users; user & friend results for comparisons How cool would it be if some community players threw together a time trial challenge website for their club or discord server? It pulls the current stage that everyone is racing on, and could highlight club members on the overall board. Or maybe as a streamer I could pick a stage to time trial with my viewers, query it really quick, and take the JSON output to quickly populate the #1 driver & time, and my current time & postion in UI elements on screen instead of having to manually record them and update the changes. Setting up a script to refresh it after a finish and you could see it actually climb positions and showcase the drivers within +/- 2 of my position. Now forget just my little no-name stream, you could combine this with your broadcasting for official events to do incredible things. The production value of being able to query a live datastream and use that to enhance a viewing experience would be incredible. I'm sure you already use some internal services to perform some of this, but expand it and push it into some public capacity. Silo off trade secret stuff, as much as I want the full telemetry data of a player's stage time I could understand not feeding it through a public API, but the more you can provide us with the more incredible things we can do. This community is frothing at the mouth for a chance to recreate some of their most nostalgic and iconic rally memories. They want ways to host massive 24 Event Championships, with drivers forming teams and doing 'manufacturer' cups with custom point allocations outside of clubs, building websites to manage all of the data. HELP US MAKE THESE THINGS EVEN BETTER WITH MORE REAL INTEGRATION. Give us the tools to do these things easier and you will see a game that lives on for decades with a die hard playerbase.
  14. Mike Dee

    Dirt Club Issue

    This. You need to make sure you hit "CONTINUE" all the way through the leaderboards for it to actually complete the stage. Until you submit the times by hitting "CONTINUE" you still haven't actually "finished" the stage and are still in the final service area.
  15. Mike Dee

    A.I impossible times.

    I actually find it easier with the older & slower cars. It is easier to push them to the limit and keep them there for longer than it is to in the more modern cars. RWD cars are very driver dependent and how comfortable you are in them. I found them easy but then again I love RWD and learned how to play Dirt Rally originally in the E30... The real key to all the cars though is that the older they are, the more momentum focused you have to be. Modern cars can make up for sloppy cornering by being able to speed right back up to 5th gear while older cars will have to work to get back up to speed. When you lose the momentum and speed it can be more pronounced in the older stuff. What is unrealistic? Were they just too fast? Were they pulling away in the slow sections?