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  1. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    I think I got us a lead! Look at the teaser image. See all those dots? Bet they can be arbitrarily connected to fit whatever conspiracy we can cook up... like constellations of the upcoming cars, or maybe each one is a corner in some of the upcoming stages. Get to work you thirsty gossipers!
  2. Mike Dee

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Do any games code the transmission in stupidly meticulous detail? Talking about the clutch delay and Forza's solution, it got me thinking about hard-shifting a gearbox IRL and if anyone has replicated it (and the mechanics behind it happening) in a game yet? Is there any game that requires you to use a clutch to shift gears, grinding/refusing to change if you don't or if you don't rev-match? I'm a huge fan of the idea that hitting the extra button in Forza requires extra work and is therefore rewarded, has me wondering how far it could be taken...
  3. Mike Dee

    Why can I save only 8 settings?

    Still needs more tho - and that's coming from the "weird" driver who refuses to tune cars and only runs stock setups. Gravel alone would need more than 8 setups. Finland Dry/Wet, Greece Dry/Wet, Wales Dry/Wet, and New England Dry/Wet could burn those 8 slots because all of those are very different setups for people. And there are still even more locations you could need setups for, before factoring in "test" or "work-in-progress" setups. If you already have 7 setups you like, you're forced to save the last slot for your "test bench" or you're forced to screenshot/write things down on paper. The setup save data should be tiny, absolutely unnoticeable on your system, so give us unlimited slots. There is no reason to limit them, and if you must limit them then at least use something no sane person will hit like 99 setups per car.
  4. Mike Dee

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Pretty sure hbox + clutch is faster for everything until Group A because DR introduces a fake clutch delay when you use manual sequential in an older car. I'm pretty sure the delay is removed for 2000cc and newer cars though so paddles will be faster there because it's just less time to change gears - mechanically there is less movement which will always be faster.
  5. Mike Dee

    Something is coming...

    As someone who just got F1 2019 while it was on sale, I think enhancing the entire team aspect could add a lot to the career. Make actual manufacturer teams/privateer teams; give me a reason to care about how my fellow E30 driver or insert-sponsor-name-here driver finished because we are on the same team. Give us a bit of the drama around rally weekends, have the rivalries flair up and give us some of those cinematic between teams/drivers. Sure it's a bit cheesy, but it adds flavor that could be fun. Add a layer of "team focus/research" through the season too and it could get really interesting. Maybe expand on the current idea of tiered engines, where you could have your team focus more on car durability at the cost of speed but it'll pay off for certain locations that tend to be longer than 2 stages per stop. Idk just throwing stuff around, but would definitely love to see more depth to the My Team aspect, and mostly in the why should I care part of it. Right now it kind of feels like you're racing in isolation.
  6. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    Hmmm I wonder if @PJTierney hid any clues in the meta data or source code for us to find 🤔
  7. Mike Dee

    Something is coming...

    Oh I get the feeling we're getting more than just a new car or two. My big question really comes down to how recently did they commit to a Season 5/6? I'm curious to see if we will see a Season 5 of just cars + liveries because they were quicker to get through QA/legal, but a Season 6 of locations because they take longer? Or was there enough dev time to sneak in maybe 1 location + cars for Season 5 and do the same with Season 6? CM knows how bad we all want new Rally locations, and I think if they'd do more content they would get us a new location as well. Now what location could it be....
  8. Mike Dee

    Something is coming...

    because @tbtstt has an ear specially trained for the 22b. If this man is saying it's season 555 I feel confident hopping in his bandwagon
  9. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    ^ what is this @PJTierney? do we finally have a way to avoid the 30 seconds of waiting between each stage?? This would be HUGE in MP lobbies. We already have enough down time between races that people can quit, check if other lobbies are up that are better, and join back before the next stage even begins to load.
  10. Mike Dee

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    No that fully makes sense; you are getting more details out of the game because of it so you can make more informed decisions - that typically also means better decisions. If someone is able to get the same amount of info out of the game with a Logitech DFGT, they won't see much improvement by getting a T300 or an Accuforce DD wheel.
  11. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    Next up: Max McRae, Collin's 15 year old nephew. Holy hell that kid is living the dream. Rallying at 15 years old in that car?!? That is like the ultimate daydream for 15 year old me back in the day.
  12. Mike Dee

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Keep in mind both @EHY and @koog2003 that this is about 25 seconds off of the Monte WR pace and about 20 seconds off of the Australia WR pace; about 20 seconds and 15 seconds off of top 20 times respectively. Not saying it completely negates the point, but unless you are within at the very least 10 seconds of the WR pace I don't think we can draw any conclusive results from this. There is clearly just too much driver error in those times to determine if stability control alone made you faster. It clearly helped make the driver more consistent, but it is still miles behind the fastest pace capable. This isn't a jab at you or anything, but with such a big gap until the WR there is so much time left on the stage you could find. It'd be difficult to eliminate all the variables with ~20 seconds on the table that could be picked up "for free" regardless of stability control; just getting a slightly cleaner exit line in the right corners could easily gain you a few seconds. IMO we are going to need to be comparing close to top 10 WR times of drivers to actually decide if Stability control makes you quicker. We basically need to drive the same exact line each time to test Stability alone - the only way I can think of that is getting top 20 WR times at the very least. Those times have found every "free" second on the stage, they aren't making sloppy entries/exits or making basically any sizable mistakes. At that point I think the drivers' lines would be consistent enough to look into stability control gains/losses
  13. Mike Dee

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    Awww man I showed up too late to this thread. Everyone is being civil now!! But yes, assists (like tuning) can help make a driver more consistent, but by itself is not making the driver "faster" - consistency leads to faster times, not the assists/tune themselves. So if you can be just as consistent without them, you're just as fast, and if you can be more consistent without them, you'll be faster. @Maxiemwagenaar external cams do not count as assists; it's nice because it gives you two ways to control clubs without completely forcing people out of their normal driving setup. Like the original "Expert Club" before dashcam 2.0 was released...
  14. Works for me. And just one more nail in the coffin for the false idea that PC is "inherently faster" 👍 Basically if you want to get a 2:07 or lower there is only one thing you have to do - git gud
  15. I'm totally down for an endurance livery, I love these kind of challenges with exclusives tied to results. The real problem with that though is wayyy less than 10% of players would get that livery. I would say even 1% achieving a full endurance calendar would be way above my expectations. While a lot of fast drivers have no problem hopping on occasionally to get into the top 10% on any given event, very few people are willing to put in the 432 minutes (7.2 hours) worth of racing time to even finish all 144 stages. And that # is completely low balling it since I just assumed 3 minutes per stage x 144 stages. In reality it's more like 9+ hours of driving. Even broken up over an entire month most people couldn't achieve it. That would require you to complete 3 events per weekend, or 36 races in 48 hours. That is a lot of time for most people.