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  1. Mike Dee

    Windscreen cracking too easily

    Yeah I had been seeing this issue myself, but seems to have gotten better with the 1.13 patch for me at least. I always run stock setups too so nothing I can point to myself for, and I was seeing my windshield crack within the first 5-10 seconds of a stage in 2000cc and R5 cars. Completely random too, driving dead center of the road but always had some kind of bump/dip. No real fix I can suggest, just wanted to say you aren't alone =/
  2. Mike Dee

    Tips for driving 4WD cars quicker

    I'm pretty bad with tuning, so I'll wait for others to comment and hopefully help you here with tuning, but I can say you don't need to tune that car to get it going fast on stages. If at all possible I'd suggest doing what @Ialyrn said and try to get us a bit of gameplay from either cockpit cam or chase cam (don't use trackside or heli). We can pick out specific things you might be unaware you're doing mid-race way faster with a video than without it.
  3. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    damn @JorritVD that was a hell of a race. Didn't expect to see such a shootout on those final few corners
  4. Mike Dee

    Tips for driving 4WD cars quicker

    @WestHam66 the best way to deal with pretty much all understeering cars is to left foot brake heavily through corners. If you don't know what trail braking is, go read up a bit on it. This image is a good example at a glance though: LFB through the corners while still maintaining some throttle pressure can do wonders for getting that turn in you need
  5. Mike Dee

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    I'm surprised they are still running it if they are. I get these events are not as densely packed as things like F1 but when even the billion dollar events are getting postponed due to C19 you take note. If they are actually keeping it going, It's honestly disgusting. But you don't make it high up in the business world without disregarding all of your morals or being a sociopath
  6. Mike Dee

    How to play DR2.0 career with no bonuses?

    That has nothing to do with deluxe. That has everything to do with the fact CM wanted to make sure that everyone always at least has one car they can race to earn money in again no matter how bad they mess up their My Team career. If you owned base game, deluxe, super deluxe, or GOTY edition you would have a free to repair Lancia regardless. You act like this game progression is detrimental to your experience. You could literally just ignore it all and your problem would be solved. Refuse to spend any of the 2.5mil or whatever you had, or use any of the cars you were given for free until you reach Masters. If you do that, you'll have earned 10x what you started with and the 2.5mil will be meaningless. It won't have impacted you at all. Just don't use the unearned content and it is literally like it never happened. Sure, you don't like the extra free unlocks. Some people do. Some people literally couldn't care and will continue to play the game regardless. Just play the damn game, sell the freebies if you don't want them, and it literally makes no difference on your daily playtimes.
  7. Mike Dee

    Official DiRT Clubs - Vote on 2020 Season

    I want even more than that though. Let me setup a club with 70 people and set the classes to 2000cc R5 and R2 all in the same event. A lot of the bigger clubs I'm a part of have to run 2-3 clubs every single weekend to accommodate the multiple "tier" structure they use to mimic WRC, WRC2, and WRC3. Not to mention it is just damn fun to make some really interesting challenges. Mix & match cars from different classes to see how they line up. We used to have the ability to select any set of cars we wanted in DR1 leagues, even limit to a single car without tuning. Give us back these options CM and we can make our own fun!
  8. Mike Dee

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    I can say it's looking like I'm about to be working from home indefinitely over here in the US while they try to get this all under control. Now I might be regretting that I have added my co-workers & senior employees as friends on Steam though... kind of hard to explain why I was 5 minutes late to a meeting when 2 of them could see I was in Wales with the 2000cc when it started
  9. Mike Dee

    Official DiRT Clubs - Vote on 2020 Season

    Because it takes me at least 20 minutes to get my eyes "adjusted" to how bumpy it gets every time I boot up one of those stages. If I'm driving it multiple times in a week for some reason like a club, I normally don't have much adjusting to do after day 1, but if I ever step away from Argentina for a while there is always a warming up process when I come back. I love how tight and technical it is though, I just wish it didn't feel like my eyes were having a seizure the entire drive.
  10. Mike Dee

    DiRTy Gossip

    Stock tunes for life ✊
  11. Mike Dee

    Official DiRT Clubs - Vote on 2020 Season

    If only we could do mixed class clubs 😭 imagine watching NR4's posting times alongside the Group A's, with some R2s trying to sneak in as well.
  12. And CodeMasters has done literally none of what you say here. What are you even complaining about? DR1 and D4 servers are still up and working. What is your point? You have zero valid criticisms so far, you're just making a strawman argument about something that hasn't happened, then complain and act like it proves your point. Also, learn to use punctuation. Your entire second paragraph is one incoherent, rambling, run-on sentence.
  13. You'll still have the massive downloads... one of the best parts to the MP implementation in DR2.0 is that as long as the party host owns the content everyone in the lobby can use it. Which means everyone has all of the content on their machines...
  14. No, I'm not sure at all and I'm guessing based off of the recent CodeMasters landscape changes. They just acquired a new studio that brought on new resources and tons of new knowledge. We've known since DR1 that the current engine has been a giant thorn in their side and is one of the limiting factors for stage lengths. The next game will have at the least an overhauled EGO engine. Maybe not a full rewrite, but a heavily modified and updated one. They have SMS now and the the super fine details that came with the studio for tire models and circuit knowledge.
  15. I mean, what "support" do you expect for DR1 at this point or even D4? You won't be getting updates to those games, the final chapter closed on them a long time ago and the resources will be focused on future content or supporting the current title. If you wait years before buying the game, don't be surprised when you show up that it has little to no ongoing support. DR2 is sunsetting "major" support to the title barring any serious issues that get introduced with the McRae Flatout pack in a few weeks. They've supported it with tons of DLC and patches; we are coming up on the 14th patch since launch - that seems like support to me. But what more do you expect from here? We received double the original stage count. DR2 was designed to work on the old, dying consoles of last generation. Those consoles already held back the engine. Why keep supporting them heavily when CM could put resources into the new engines they are building for the next-gen consoles. And you act like the CM turned off the servers for DR1 and D4. They didn't Dailies and MP events can still be done on them. If you expect them to go clean up leaderboards that are 7 years old though... you're never going to see that. It's a waste of time and resources.