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  1. That tunnel section at the end would be WILD to drive in a future game. Those spectators are absolutely insane too.
  2. Need: Better multiplayer viewing experience; spectate mode expanded. Solution: Increase total users allowed to join a multiplayer lobby; preferably 20+ total and ideally 100+ (or host's limitations). Continue to limit total drivers allowed to participate. Spectators should have a "camera" option that shows a top-down map with live driver markers moving along the map; this has live split timers on the side. Treat this like a race director screen. Allow spectators to select specific track cameras even if cars are not at that point of the stage/circuit. This is ESSENTIA
  3. Well they shouldn't be running them on the ground like that in the first place imo. Run along the ceiling and drop down to the center like you would for a VR experience. Doesn't completely fix the cable issue but drastically reduces it. But seriously, Logitech or someone needs to get into the wireless data transmission game so we can run a single power cable to our rig, but not deal with 10 extra cables running to the PC. Some people want flying cars in the future. I just want to get rid of my rat nest of cables 😭
  4. I went into this thinking "ok what cheap kickstarter motion setup is someone trying to sell now..." but they even have a video of them doing DR2 Rally. The real question is the longevity of those motors. And I doubt it could support a Simucube Looks interesting though, and really makes me excited that "affordable" motion could be possible in the future.
  5. When you hit that inside line just right 👌
  6. Can confirm this, but don't have the quote ready. I remember specifically asking a dev about this after launch and being told how you drive definitely impacts the wear.
  7. Oh absolutely, my Softs were completely gone by the end of the event too. But, to me at least, I highly doubt the Mediums would have felt any less "dead" by that same point - we still had to run 5x Long and any tire choice would feel slick. I was still scared to turn in sharp on super fast & narrow 5s or 6s. Mediums might have helped give you a bit more comfort and breathing room while pushing the full width of the road, but I still feel like I'd be tip-toeing around and being hesitant in spots. I hope some people can prove me wrong in the clubs though, I would really love to see more
  8. And I love that you did this. But sadly I don't think even with your masochistic levels of championships that we have found a use for Hards yet - or even anything but Softs outside of extreme cases. JRC Endurance I think people run Mediums on, but that is also 12x Long in a row without service stops. Without 12x Longs, I think Soft tires are still always better than Mediums or Hards. You just lose too much time early by going with M/H types to justify their gains later in the rally. The harder compounds are still going to feel slippery too later on, just a bit less slippery at the same di
  9. Thought I recognized a familiar name when I was looking at the Official Club Standings 😏 @UnderclassGDfan
  10. Damn I don't even like new Reddit but I might revert just to make the post... @SRD_SimVansevenant that livery is absolutely GORGEOUS, amazing job. I'll make sure you're cool with it, but is it ok if I post it on the subreddit with all the links (and acknowledgements) back here to your initial post? Don't want to steal your karma if you already planned on doing it lol. Or throw me any social media links you'd want me to include. --- https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/n9wkhb/have_you_ever_wondered_what_the_codemasters_dirt/ It is done, and looking over those pi
  11. Did you happen to leave the club and rejoin it? If you leave it will reset all of your points, but your placement might still be retained. I looked you up on the clubs site because I was curious on this, and you definitely finished #250 and then #170 something (or around there). But you show 0 points even on the clubs site for the first event.
  12. Since we are on a Multiplayer fix right now: Better waiting screens when joining a Lobby that is already in progress. Man this has to be one of my biggest gripes of the current MP experience. You join a lobby already running a race, you don't mind waiting, but we have zero indication of how the current race is going. Best solution is to let us join the event and spectate the current race Good solution is to give us a circuit/stage map with active markers on it showing progress, positions, and timings Acceptable solution is a simple timing board with splits and cur
  13. Are you hot-lapping times to test or are you doing actual races? While you are correct that the Megane is fastest, that can be decently nerfed if the driver is stuck fighting in traffic all race. So if you're only going off hot-lap times I would be cautious that they aren't fully indicative of what a race weekend would look like. Same way that the 240z or Manta 400 might be considered "super slow" in their classes, but you find one or two in the top 10 or 20 every time there is an H3/Group B RWD daily. RX can be even more dynamic in this since you have 5 drivers all vying for position every co
  14. I know it's still early but I'm pretty proud of my current results, fought hard for P2 💪 I'm sure the aliens will come and correct this in the coming weeks lol 👽🛸
  15. I was talking about this last night on stream while we were trying to get into multiplayer lobbies... We need a "quickplay" matchmaking system that generates a 1 event, 1 stage rally/rallycross lobby with roughly equal participants. The biggest issue with the current MP in DR2 is how absolutely boring it is to wait to get into matches. If you show up 5 seconds late you are left staring at a lobby screen with almost ZERO indication of what is happening in race. We don't even see split timers or anything. So lets skip that and make sure everyone ends up in the lobby at the same ti
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