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  1. forzan96

    Copymasters F1 2018 Copy

    @1512marcel Probably because it isnt scenarios that really happened in real life and there are not enough challenges in the dlc
  2. forzan96

    Blinking rate of the Red Backlight, F1 20XX

    the ers lights on the ai cars are broken. Do they have unlimited ers or something? Sometimes im on a straight where the ai in front of me has its back lights blinking meaning it should be harvesting since it is dry weather but somehow even with overtake and DRS they pull away from me in a straight. I tried with maximum top speed setup so i know it is not because of my setup.
  3. forzan96

    Copymasters F1 2018 Copy

    I completely agree, what is most important is that they spent 2 years and apparently didn't do anything since pretty much all the problems from 2018 are still here but f1 2019 doesn't have a safety car so they cut down on features
  4. no but i at least expect the to make adjustments when the teams bring massive upgrades like spain, spa and more. The cars are still australia spec in this game Plus that excuse wont work after abu dhabi because then the season is over so they can easily change the cars then, Because then the performance and cars wont change again so if they dont fix it they will have to come up with a new dumb excuse to why they are lazy. But the safety car they have no excuse for. @1512marcel
  5. forzan96

    Is the game gonna get fixed finally?

    And they dont give to ***** about the game being accurate to real life, i really do not understand how it can be so hard to update the car performance on every team and also update the cars appearance and livery updates. They need to make the cars faster and make the cars look like they do in real life not Australia spec. The helmets are way to boring aswell. Also why do they never update the bloody tracks. They have been the same since 2016 or 2017. Sorry if my english is bad.