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  1. 15 hours ago, Salvador17 said:

    So codemasters, if you're reading this, to sum up, your devs were right on track to creating something really special as far as ffb is concerned. For the first time in a rally sim there was a real sense of cars driving on soft deformable surfaces with a really pronounced feel for the tyres digging into the surfaces. You even hired a real rally driver, who no doubt contributed massively to those ffb qualities the game shipped with. 

    And what do you do? You consign all of that to the trash by covering up all of those wonderful effects with a useless canned vibration, and because a few loudmouths want their wheel to vibrate like dildos.

    when are you going to stop listening to loudmouths and start trusting your devs and the real life driver consultants more? 

    Don't worry, the crying kids from Steam is a minority. They can cry, they can stay on DR1.0, the life goes on.