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  1. Mildoze

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    Social Media Manager at @Codemasters finally someone acknowledged our pleas... sadly the crew is such that they can't resolve this today. Awesome! there goes my day of rallying... Too bad we can't at least have someone tell us they're gonna recover the lost careers of all these hundreds of dirt enthusiast who inadvertently may have screwed ourselves just picking the wrong day to enjoy our hobby. I cant seem to get this bad taste out of my mouth. this is been ongoing since launch. racenet needs attention or needs to die. the alternative is driving off all your loyal fanbase for these titles. its niche but its not like CM is the only Dev making and publishing quality racing titles.
  2. Mildoze

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    also same here. Massive thread forming on steam discussions too with well over 50 reporting there. This is beyond acceptable. What even possessed someone to code the career mode to sync with racenet and then to code in this "erasure" routine if they dont match? Why would that ever be ok to program into a sim racing career mode, much less any game with a massive time investment into progressing single player ONLY mode?
  3. Honestly OP that is annoy AF, but the complaints about paying for more seasonal content just because you paid an extra 30 dollars at launch? So, have you played other major video game released with dlc seasons? Deluxe is usually only the game with trimmings. This game came with 2 full massive content roll outs. Im sorry, but this whole complaining about CM charging for their new season is uncalled for. Time people spent less on video-games and maybe invested a little into education on successful business practices. I for one have no extra funds to play any bonus content beyond base and im as happy as a kitten on a warm laptop. 6 locations,massively larger stages for most. Detailed road surface and degradation. Graphics render got an upgrade... **** they could have sold us dirt rally 1 re packed without making any improvements andId pay that happily. DR`1 was light on content and its nice to see post-launch support getting serious content pushed. Pay up for the quality or go play something else.