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  1. That is a place where you can easily overshoot the corner and lose tons of time. The guy might've braked too early but generally you need to brake early there and make sure you get a good exit out of that 3 left. I'm not disagreeing that some calls need extra info, but this particular case is fine in my view.
  2. richie

    DiRTy Gossip

    Yeah, I'm going to give 360° a try. The reason why I've hesitated so far is that basically I feel comfortable with 540° and the time lost due to not being able to shift when I'd like to is not too much, maybe a few tenths, but it's still a shame to just throw away some time in those situations.
  3. richie

    DiRTy Gossip

    I'm running 540° and it happens here and there that I'm struggling to shift mid-corner, especially when exiting hairpins. I was thinking about switching to 360° but I'm not sure if it'd be too twitchy.
  4. ? I think the call in this case is totally fine. The car hasn't even reached the part where the turn tightens when Phil calls the 3 left. Plenty of time to prepare for that turn imo.
  5. richie

    DiRTy Gossip

    Very nice rig, although there would've been cheaper options. The living room is a 10/10, really cool stuff! 👌
  6. richie

    world championship player numbers

    We're being off-topic anyways but generally you can't judge the entire physics and handling model by measuring the distance a car slides. I myself slide too far off too many times, so no idea what you're talking about ^^ To me all what you're saying isn't visible or obvious at all. I only see the same kind of 'arguments' and 'opinions' time and time again, which tells me that people are stuck in their echo chamber and only repeat what other people are saying. Cars drive much better IRL than in any simulation game. In the meantime, GT academy winners became real racing drivers and actually also kicked some §&%$. Why? Because if you have talent and passion you don't need a racing background, you just need some practice, and these cars help you a lot, they drive just awesome. I agree maybe the damage model should be a bit stricter, a bit more hardcore.
  7. richie

    world championship player numbers

    'Simcade', 'Arcade' and 'Sim' are just empty words. Everyone fills in the content they want, so these words have become meaningless. There's a very strange stubbornness going on in parts of the sim racing community, but reality is, many people have never followed WRC or any series in GT racing because if they did they would've realized how stable race cars are, be it rally or circuit racing, and how much traction/grip these pieces of modern engineering have. These cars are packed with modern tech. Active diffs were banned from WRC 13 (!) years ago because they were able to squeeze every single tiny bit of traction by reducing torque where it detected slip and sending the exact torque necessary to the wheels with most grip, transferring torque laterally and from front to rear. There has been some progress since then. I understand many people enjoyed RBR, they might have lots of awesome memories and it might've been the best available rally game back then, but tech moves on. If i watch some gameplay the handling and the physics really look outdated. People still talk about this game that was released a zillion moons ago. Race cars are stable, they have to be because lives are at stake, but the notion seems to be, if it doesn't kill you at the first corner it must be arcade/simcade. It couldn't be more wrong. By simulating things properly the result should be stability and drivability, not the opposite.
  8. richie

    world championship player numbers

    Where in the DR2.0 World Series rules does it say that?
  9. richie

    world championship player numbers

    Those who are serious about the tournament are probably practicing and will set a time just before the first round ends, so numbers will go up around the 15th/16th
  10. I completely agree! Edit: Of course I agree that the above is a lot of blah blah blah!
  11. I don't know where you're reading that I told you your opinion doesn't matter. Very unlikely you'll ever be reading something like that from me. What I was trying to say is that you can't expect Codies to set up an exclusive, elite hardcore WC. They have to give the whole player base a chance to give this qualification and maybe the tournament a try. I know what your main point was and I actually addressed the setup argument. The rest is also just assumptions from your side. Anyways, I came into this thread to disagree with the line 'fixed setups are unfair'. They aren't unfair to anyone.
  12. It is admittedly an unnecessary sentence, but Is that my argument? I don't think so, but it's convenient to assume it is and just ignore the actual points I made.
  13. With all the respect but I really don't understand what your problem is. At some point you just have to accept that Codies set the championship up they want. It looks like the championship you have in mind is an exclusive hardcore WC. Why shouldn't they let everyone take part and give it a try? No game pads, no keyboards, no exterior cams. Really? You can't be serious. I think it's more interesting to see how the best drivers fare when they're a bit out of their comfort zone and I think the best will adapt and they'll get through to the finals. What about the daily-esque 'only one shot' rule? That'll mix things up more than having to drive with stock setups. Tuning is a skill that requires lots of knowledge, that's true, but how do you make sure everyone uses his own setup? Teams often have at least one setup guy who makes the setups for his teammates so I think that is not a valid argument.
  14. That's true, and that's why it'll be allowed from the quarter finals on. I think it's not the worst idea to let everyone have a fair shot at qualification and let decide pure driving skill.
  15. Hm, ok. I thought I kept it tight enough. It seems I need to practice more ^^ Just rewatched your Twitch video and, yeah, it looks like I triggered the reset zone by just a little.