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  1. richie

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Yeah maybe. Anyways, really looking forward to this one 😃 after watching the video above even more. It looks awesome!
  2. richie

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Was Monte Carlo released for PC first? I'm asking because there was an update on Xbox too but only half a GB and there's no new location in time trials. Edit: Just read on the previous page steam update is 7GB so it might be live later for consoles
  3. richie

    Cars grip after patch?

    Yep, they've fixed it yesterday 😂 Thanks for the laughs, guys.
  4. I haven't started career mode yet as there were uncertainties with racenet, but I'm going to give it a go soon for sure.
  5. richie

    Cars grip after patch?

    Honestly, If you read the OP's posts over the first few pages it's pretty clear to me this guy's trolling a little bit. Only 7 minutes after the 1st post Mr. 'SimFunny' had to register to the forum just for this matter 😂 Let's not forget that there's plenty of trolls and toxic people out there that like to discredit certain games by claiming unfounded nonsense. People are wasting their time replying here, and in my view this thread deserves to disappear in the depths of the forum.
  6. richie

    Stiff competition on the horizon...

    If Kylotonn step up their game it can only be good for the genre and ultimately also for us gamers. Apparently it's still a WIP and it might be an improvement compared to previous games but to me the handling doesn't look convincing, to be fair.
  7. richie

    Cars grip after patch?

    What you're claiming here is far from being fact, but fact is indeed, that most people who replied here can't confirm what you're saying. You haven't even reported the issue in the appropriate thread which tells me you're not really interested in resolving your 'problem', maybe because it's fantasy. Fantasy problems don't need to be fixed 😛 Just speculating here. I'm on a wheel and everything feels exactly the same as before, so I can't judge controller/pad handling.
  8. richie

    Cars grip after patch?

    Did the OP actually report his issue in the appropriate thread? You know, the place where sometimes devs answer questions and take notice of issues people might have in order to address them.
  9. The FFB could be more detailed, yes, but I think if you increase the suspension setting and find a good SAT value it's not that bad. I've been wondering whether the greyed out parts in the FFB settings are for PC only, but I'm sure we'll get some clarity on this subject. Let's see if there will be some changes. At least Christina has said several time they're looking into it, but if the FFB remains like this it won't stop me from playing the game.
  10. Just wanted push this thread up and say that I'm really liking the game so far. I haven't had much issues so far and I'm sure the team is working very hard to address the issues other people are having. A tiny little bit of patience is required. Have some respect for the hard work people are putting into this game and be constructive. Someone else explained it very well already, frustrated people are much more vocal than those who are enjoying the game. That's why you mostly see 'negative' threads the first few pages. People like to exaggerate a lot using words like 'unplayable' or 'game breaking'. I can't confirm neither of that. Nothing game breaking here and even less unplayable. On the contrary. Tons and tons of stuff to do. So here's a very happy customer. Really looking forward to Monte Carlo. It's going to be ace 👌
  11. The poll is wrong on quite a few levels. It's written in a manipulative and suggestive way, so those 90% mean nothing in my view. It seems that 'maximum camera shake' reduces the effect. Try it, even if it's a bit counter-intuitive. Driving on a very bumpy surface is quite a wild ride, so why do you think camera shake is unrealistic? Also, someone already mentioned this not too long ago: Soften your suspension for Argentina and it'll be a bit better.
  12. richie

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 20/03/19

    If you bought the content you own it and can have access any time you want, unlike someone who has to wait for their friends to be firstly online and secondly actually playing DR2.0. That's not exactly the same, is it?
  13. I think coming to the forum and ask for help here is the better solution. You never know under what circumstances your e-mail hasn't been answered. You're surely not the only person in the world e-mailing them so there may be a zillion reasons why communication didn't work. It looks like you're on console as well. I'm on Xbox and I had to go to 'manage game' and download the cars manually. After that they were added to the game.
  14. richie

    Cars grip after patch?

    Consolero here (Xbox) and no difference at all for me in terms of grip or the lack of it. 'Grip' is also not the right term as there's not much grip on gravel.
  15. richie

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 20/03/19

    Not sure what you mean by 'real life SIM'. Now, if I open up the front diff in an AWD car, I get more oversteer. Is that not simulating diff mechanics?