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  1. richie

    Three Things RBR Still Does Better than DR2.0

    A little hyperbole is no straw man. Anyway, there are some really bizarre notions circulating mostly in echo chambers that do not reflect reality, one of them is, RBR is still the king of rally and 'top of the class' but the 'arguments' to back that claim are based on nothing. I don't know why that pill is so hard to swallow and why people feel provoked every time someone praises DR2.0 as the best rally experience.
  2. richie

    Three Things RBR Still Does Better than DR2.0

    That argument isn't very convincing because the evidence against it is there, you posted it yourself. I watch these videos and I see an outdated game that might've been impressive at the beginning of the century but there's nothing that is still top of the class or state-of-the-art. The game is cult and the fans glorify it, and it might deserve it. That's about it, though. I don't know why that's so hard to accept. Yes, it's easy to criticise a game that's 15 years old with old tech that did not allow large number of polygons or advanced lighting because, you know, it's 15 years old with old tech that did not allow large number of polygons or advanced lighting. You're making a point against your argument.
  3. richie

    Three Things RBR Still Does Better than DR2.0

    It seems to me that people have an emotional connection to this game. They had a great time back then, it was new and it was exciting, and thus start romanticising everything around this game. It looks terrible, it sounds terrible, it's old and the tech is outdated. Pretty similar to what's been happening in the Forza community. They glorify Forza 4 because they had a great time, the racing was great and they made lots of friends. All the epic races and leaderboard battles. It was the last Forza game with what the community would consider essential features like custom public lobbies, clubs and a store front where you could present your own or buy liveries etc. but from an objective perspective it's an old and outdated game on old and outdated tech. It has reached cult status among Forza fans and that's it. So, what does RBR better than DiRT Rally 2.0? It gives you more memories, that's all. Let the damn game finally rest in peace, goddammit
  4. richie

    WRC 9

    It looks so weird, as if there's no interaction between surface, tyre and suspension and the car's just hovering over the stage. It really isn't my cup of tea. DiRT Rally 2.0 undoubtedly offers the best rally experience by far in my view.
  5. richie

    WRC 9

    I don't know, if you have played DR2.0 it's really hard to like WRC8, especially if you're on a wheel. It feels horrible and the handling and physics are far from being somewhat believable, contrary to what many people were claiming.
  6. richie

    WRC 9

    Finally got to try Kylotonn's WRC8 after it was for free on Games with Gold on Xbox. The stages are their strength, no doubt. That's about it, though. There's not much to say, really. No. Competition. Not even close. I can't believe that some people were seriously mentioning DR2.0 and WRC8 in the same sentence.
  7. I think so too. It'll be fun and it'll look gorgeous in 4k 60 FPS, with an amazing weather system, all seasons, 24h cycle, LiveTrack 3.0, with a simplified SETA but sim-like handling. I'd say Forza deluxe with quality instead of quantity (not diminishing Forza here) based on the Madness engine with vastly superior physics. I think I'm going to pick this up. ^^
  8. I think ACC physics, at least the v.1.3.7 version is over-rated. The way they modeled the 2018 Porsche is outrageous, an unstable mess. The handling is vastly improved from AC and they reduced the astronomical understeer but you can't ignore the lack of stability of the cars. Losing grip for no reason is so unrealistic and flawed, I don't know why Kunos can't get this right. It really does some strange things at times. If you drive over a kerb it feels like the car's falling apart. The Bentley is fantastic though, very stable, Lexus seems to be similar. That's how GT race cars drive IRL. I hope they'll update the console version to the same physics as on PC. At the moment the Xbox version is a mess. Frame rates are even worse after the update, more disconnections and game crashes and bugs. They outsourced private servers. Now you have to spend money for private servers on top of the money for your Xbox Live subscription. Great. The company who provides these servers tripled the price after just a few days. GG, well played. xD Night racing is a joke, headlights are too dim. All in all, not looking good on Xbox. I'd love to say more positive things but the game's a mess atm, no other way to describe it.
  9. Yeah, I think the PS5 and the Series X will be as powerful as low, maybe even mid-range gaming PCs
  10. PC2 has quite some issues with the base Xbox One. Sure, not FPS wise but the SETA tyre model is quite processor intensive, adding LiveTrack3.0 to that caused a lot of syncing issues, people weren't experiencing the same track conditions, sometimes between sessions car behaviour would change from normal to suddenly feeling like driving on ice etc. I think with the Series X and PS5 on the horizon this will hopefully be the last time that games can't be enjoyed to the fullest due to the sheer lack of processing power. The One X will get cheaper and soon the base Xbox One will be just a vague memory of the past ^^
  11. Yeah, they had to because their in-house developed engine didn't support dynamic weather, not sure about night racing but I think it wasn't supported either. I've seen a few people say that the UE isn't suited for racing games. I honestly don't know, but it seems triple screen support isn't the best either but Kunos have opted to use it for their new game so they must've felt confident to do so. The console version is developed by 505 Games and d3t design together with Kunos probably.
  12. Yeah now I remember you had mentioned this somewhere, but does that mean Subaru had no say in that instance? They could've asked them to use the number 5 instead.
  13. I think that was here on the forum and tbf it doesn't really seem plausible to me because the road car is called SVX, the S4 was just a variation of it. If both cars had competed in the same sport then there could've been some confusion. I can't see why they should skip the number 4 just because there's a model of a road car with the same specification. I did read somewhere, though, that the number 4 in japanese sounds very similar to the word 'death' and thus it's considered to be negative and/or of bad luck. Now the question is, Prodrive built the cars and were they in the position to decide how their cars are named or did Subaru have a say.
  14. The rating system is some kind of a track and driving guide in the beginning but later it is purely there for the online system, for matchmaking and to promote clean racing. Makes totally sense in circuit racing as you're on track with other cars but it doesn't for rallying in my view. You don't really need a safety rating in RX as it clearly is a contact sport and I don't know if it'd be worth introducing a performance rating for online. Yeah, I've seen that video as well, people say it's a frame pacing issue. It's really bad, very hard judging corner entry speed. Can't say I'm enjoying it tbf. I honestly thought Horizon games are 60FPS, looks really smooth from what I've seen.
  15. Some people said the physics justify 30FPS. They don't. Frame rates are more important than resolution imo, you need smooth gameplay. I get that the basic Xbox One is the weakest link and that the game has to work fine on that console, and I don't know if they had the choice but if they preferred resolution over FPS then that was the worst idea. Frame rates are so bad it truly ruins the experience for me.