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  1. richie

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    It's official.
  2. richie

    DiRTy Gossip

    It's going to look mean for sure. I'm actually waiting for Peugeot to announce its return to the top class ^^ Come on Peugeot, you know you want it too!
  3. richie

    DiRTy Gossip

    The successor of the 208 R2 looks really sharp! 👀
  4. ...and it's actually not the Mk.II either *ducks and runs away*
  5. richie

    Need Help: RX2 Car Setup

    Difficult to say why you're spinning out. I'd say the most important thing is not to turn under braking as you add lateral forces while the rear gets light. Try decreasing ride height for a lower center of gravity.
  6. richie

    STI NR4 not as slow as it seems?

    I'm sure on the PC side of things there are telemetry tools you can use, but it would be huge if Codies implemented live telemetry in the game so that us console peasants could also have a closer look. My guess is that the game already tells you when to shift gears in the Subie. Basically the shifting point is when the instrument cluster turns red. In the Subie that point is rather early in the RPM range and if we had a live telemetry it wouldn't surprise me if that's the peak HP. You want to shift at max. HP, maybe a tiny little bit later. In the end no matter if you shift at max. HP and use its power band to the fullest, the Subie still can't compete with the Evo X. Telemetry would be sooo cool to have in the game. Please Codies, make it happen! 🙏
  7. You just hurt yourself by holding back. It's an absolute blast!
  8. I'm not trolling but Mr. @HoksuHoo is really begging me to come here comment. I don't mind him taking a screenshot every single time he spots some haze/mist/whatever and post it on the forums. I'll just keep wondering why 3 or 5 mentions are not enough. What was the weather description saying in the daily btw?
  9. Beautiful. It just adds to the atmosphere. Now go and like and agree, you know who you are ^^
  10. RX is definitely a contact motorsport, paint swapping and driving with your elbows out is not considered as dirty driving so when investigating an incident the outcome has to be crucial for the stewards' judgement. That's why Hansen's 'move' didn't have any consequences. It would've been 100% a penalty if Bakkerud had lost his position and Hansen had flown past, but it was almost game over for him. He was so lucky to win in the end. Can't wait to try the new RX track ^^
  11. It's getting better and better. The guy who attacked another guy for telling him that the mist is fine and adds to the atmosphere and also dismissed his opinion as not even being a proper opinion now tells me I'm dictating people what to post. Ironic. Btw that's not even true. I understand that you want to defend now but this is just ridiculous. Anyway, I don't want this thread to be closed, so I'm out. @Murikka Btw good that you got that out of your chest now but I'm not sure what this has to do with this issue. I'm not downplaying anything here (just as I didn't want to downplay your issue with the Escort at Sweden, I honestly thought it was setup related). I've not denied the mist although it is no issue for me. My point was something different.
  12. I'm not denying the evidence, the mist is there but it's not everywhere. I don't think it's tragic and I don't think it's extremely unrealistic.
  13. Fact is that a video with @EvansR5 driving the garbage out of that car was published along with the shiny promotional pics. So, it's not like Codies have applied some shady tactics promoting Potemkin villages as you're insinuating all the time. The graphics were the same as those we have now. Not sure why you're surprised. Oh, and the one who's whining all the time about an 'issue' that I didn't even notice, is you. Weather options is another story, there you actually would have a point but instead you drive that exaggerated drama train.