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    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    ACC has been praised a lot for its sounds but I think they're overdone and overrated. Engine, chassis, suspension, everything. A notch less would've been much more. If you drive over a kerb it sounds like you have a bag full of tools and screws in the back of your car. Again, I think the goal should be more realism, so the reference here is reality, real life. Kunos coded exhaust sounds into the cockpit. Exhaust pipes ending in the cockpit are deadly, not what you want in a real car. An Aston Martin V12 GT3 sounds amazing when it drives by, inside the cockpit it doesn't sound as spectacular at all. That's just how it is. What you hear most is transmission whine. No exhaust crackles and pops. I think DiRT Rally sounds are exceptionally good. If they keep the quality for the next iteration it'll be as amazing as it is now, leaving nothing to wish for. Glad that it wasn't the main sound guy who left.
  2. richie

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Absolute weapon. I should definitely drive it more, but man, the turbo lag is astronomical! You really need to mess around too much with gearing to minimize that.
  3. richie

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Well, I just told you all I know. Just saw it on Twitter, yesterday was his last day at Codies. Sounds are spectacular in DR2.0 and as far as I can tell fairly good across many games. I don't know in which game(s) he was involved but it's always sad to see talent leave.
  4. richie

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    So it seems a sound designer just left Codies. Not good. NOT good!
  5. richie

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Yeah I agree. I don't know why arcades have such a bad reputation. Arcades are great! ^^
  6. richie

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    As long as we don't have a definition of 'arcade' and 'sim' everyone agrees on, it's difficult to discuss because people are not on the same page. What you're saying could broadly be described as 'simulating' something but in the end it's just an object that has been modeled to play a certain role in a virtual world. Calling it simulation is a bit far fetched and too generalising in my view. So what do you mean by 'arcade'? Is Forza arcade? I don't think so. There's a certain level of real world physics that are clearly coded into the game, like aerodynamics or changing grip levels based on tyre pressures etc. Other things are completely left out, like slipstream e.g. and other things make no sense like the negative impact of an intercooler on your car while the benefits outweigh the disadvantages by far IRL, so it's about depth of simulation, and it looks to me like Forza clearly is not arcade. Trackmania is an arcade title there's no real world physics going on like weight transfer or suspension tuning whatsoever. Maybe gravity is one but that's it. ^^ Btw, the GT86 is really well done in PC2. This guy does autocross in real life and owns a GT86. He says it's really accurate. PC2 vs. real life on the Nordschleife
  7. richie

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Is that the criterion? So we have parts of the sim racing universe that say it's only a sim if it's hard to drive, and then apparently there's people who say as long as it has physics it's a sim. I think that's remarkable.
  8. richie

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    I think it was a smart move from Codies to make a clear distinction between DiRT and DiRT Rally creating two different branches. Judging by the trailer this looks like it could be a lot of fun, and the logo is 👌 10/10. Really like it!
  9. richie

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I really don't know how you come to this conclusion. Surely there's a difference between simulating diff mechanics or suspension geometry or not.
  10. richie

    A Letter to the DiRT Rally 2.0 Community

    With technology advancing exponentially I'm pretty sure there's some exciting stuff to come. Whatever is on the horizon, I can't wait to see what Codies will come up with. I've said this before and I've literally run out of superlatives but I just want to say, thank you Codies for your hard work and for improving the game continiously. 🙏 It's been a blast (and still is), so much fun throwing my cars at the scenery. Maybe the most fun I've had the past few years. Kudos to you! 👏
  11. richie

    A Letter to the DiRT Rally 2.0 Community

    Yup, the lightning is quite a strong hint in my view. The problem with that is, though, that hybrid is coming to WRC, so they won't be in DiRT Rally. I haven't read anything about hybrid coming to R5/Rally2, at least not in 2022.
  12. Now I understand. The number of cars you need to buy has to match the number of cylinders. ^^
  13. I personally don't like those Frankenstein setups where you max out everything. If it works for some guys, fine, to me those settings feel terrible, so it's not the only way to set up a car at all.
  14. There you go, @HoksuHoo I'm looking forward to a bug-free game.
  15. Maybe it's time to apply for the beta testing program then and make everything better! There you go, beta testers, you're useless! And you're fired!
  16. richie

    Fix your servers.

    That is my favourite explanation, by far. A bit unsatisfying but very easy. Love it!
  17. I thought soft lock wasn't working, at least on Xbox. Can any consolero confirm this is fixed?
  18. richie

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Whenever I watch these onboard videos it reminds me how close DR2.0 is to the real thing.
  19. richie

    World RX Esports Invitationals

    It was supposed to be fun so it's not too bad that they had randomized grids in my view. Considering the amount of RL racing drivers, together with awesome commentators like Neil Cole and Andrew Coley and watching the drama unfold in some occasions, this was the kind of event I was hoping for. 👍
  20. Agree, not my favourite location either, but try 'Waldaufstieg'. It's really fun and an amazing stage imo.
  21. I'm not a Ferrari guy myself, but a Group B Ferrari? Oh Mama! 😍
  22. You want to allow more roll in wet conditions so a softer setup might help
  23. I think it's hard to give driving tips so this might not be of great help, idk, but you need to keep an eye on 2nd place between stages. Basically and you need to be at least 6 seconds faster than anyone in the first stage, then you need to beat 2nd place by at least 6 seconds in every stage of the event. Sometimes it's the same guy in 2nd troughout the event but sometimes they swap places, so just keep an eye on event standing and try to beat 2nd place by at least 6 seconds per stage. Only klick 'continue' to the next stage if you're ahead, otherwise it'll be difficult to get to 30 seconds.