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  1. Yeah, Nicky Grist posted it on Twitter. What a stage. You see that kind of on-board footage all the time from rally drivers, but the precision Colin McRae had was incredible. Had to watch it few times, he certainly was one of the GOAT.
  2. DR3 gameplay has been leaked. Pace notes by Nicky Grist this time 😛
  3. Toyota Yaris Rally1 hybrid testing in France
  4. Awesome, I didn't know that Martin Haven commentates WRX. He certainly is one of the best out there (at least imo). He'll 'get up to speed', no doubt.
  5. @tbtsttThanks, I'll have look. I honestly thought that the inaccuracies were purely related to visuals.
  6. Which ones in your opinion? I remember there was a discussion about this but can't find it.
  7. After reading it again I'm not sure anymore now What I meant is, he wanted to stress that if he were allowed to say anything regardless of whether something is in the works or not, he'd love to do so just as much as we'd love to have some insight of what's going on behind the scenes.
  8. In my opinion ACC engine sounds are completely overrated in terms of accuracy and realism, if you take a closer look. Sure, the Aston V12 sounds spectacular when the sound bounces off the walls on some of the tracks, but that's not something that happens IRL as you do not drive with open windows. There's only a few cockpit sounds that are really good, the rest is off. They do a good job in giving you a feeling of the violence of racing, brake squealing etc. but the accuracy of engine sounds is mostly underwhelming. I haven't played AMS2 but I read that many sounds are still just placehol
  9. That's not what he said, though. He'd love to tell us more about what's going on just as much as we'd love know. That's all. Anyways, if the next DiRT Rally is coming then I hope it materialises without the engine upgrading system in dailies. I love the idea that sometimes people have to use the same car, but then you get to drive cars you never used, it just takes the fun away a bit. I don't see the benefit of letting people drive race cars with stock engines. Of course, just because I don't see the benefit of such a system, it doesn't mean there's none.
  10. Well, that article (definitely missed that one) fuels the hope a bit that we'll see another DiRT Rally game. So, you guys are probably right, a new game could be coming early next year. Of course the EA event would've been a good opportunity to announce something, but in theory they could announce a new game anytime through the usual channels.
  11. Yup, it's similar in circuit racing. SMS for instance circumnavigated licensing issues by changing parts of Suzuka and re-naming it Sakitto. I think they left the hairpin and the chicane out.
  12. Absolutely second that, plus the best engine sounds in the entire racing game genre. The same goes for RX, great variety in terms of tracks and cars.
  13. (No offence) Talking of torque, there's 1100 reasons why people will like it eventually, just like every racing driver who gets out of these beasts after their first test sessions.
  14. I was hoping we'd see a new DiRT Rally title before WRC, and whenever Ryan Champion or whoever posts footage of some 'random' fun sessions in a Porsche rally car of course it fuels that hope, but I must say, I'm leaning more towards 'no new DR title' now. Not exactly sure why, probably because I think the schedule is too tight, and with a raging pandemic and all the implications (travel restrictions e.g) it's a lot harder to make a game like that.
  15. Of course it is limiting, but companies would rather sell as many copies as possible than use the new system to its full potential. GT7 was supposed to be a new gen title, they just announced that it'll be backwards compatible. Releasing a game for new gen consoles only will hurt sales at this point until the semiconductors shortage is sorted.
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