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  1. Not sure to what extent there has been some kind of evolution in the series, but WRC 6 was free to download on Xbox and it was clear after just a few moments: No competition. Not even close.
  2. Yes, I'm using the headphone setting but it's still too loud atm. Will have to drive it in hood cam for now, but thanks for the advice 👍 Edit: Just gave it another go and it seems to be fine now. I didn't change anything in my settings, just tried again and I can now hear my co-driver. 🙂
  3. I didn't know sound balancing would be part of the coming patch. I'm on console btw.
  4. I don't know if someone already mentioned this, but I find the Fabia is so incredibly loud, I can barely hear Mr. Mills. I'm using a headset and I already turned engine sound to the minimum. Hood cam is fine and it's actually the opposite, volume is too low in my view. Not sure if it's just me. (❓)
  5. I completely misread then. Alright, I'll set saturation to 60 and see how it goes. Thanks!
  6. Is that confirmed? I'm using dash cam, so basically cockpit, and have been wrestling the DS21 and I'm having some serious steering issues that are clearly beyond the natural understeer. I have calibrated my wheel as recommended: Full 900°, soft lock on set to 100. I'm having this issue with all cars I tried so far. I'm curious if bumper cam resolves the issue.
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