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  1. That really makes me want to do some RX again. Never tried the MP, I always assumed the carnage and mayhem would be too much, given that RX explicitly is a contact motorsport and many people don't even behave in classical circuit racing, which explicitly is NOT a contact motorsport.
  2. Toyota now testing their 2022 Rally1 car too.
  3. Great job with that livery @SRD_SimVansevenant Looks fantastic!
  4. Now I understand what's behind Ford's mysterious hesitancy to announce what model their new Rally1 car is going to be based on. They're working on a secret exhaust system!
  5. That car The van would definitely comply with the new aero rules
  6. Interesting. All the different statements are a bit confusing. We'll have to wait and see which car it's going to be based on.
  7. I don't think it's going to be based on the Puma. According to an article M-Sport already said in a press release that they're working on a Fiesta Rally1 for 2022.
  8. A hybrid WRCar has been spotted in the wild. Looking forward to more footage.
  9. You should make it a one-make championship and ban the Mitsubishi ^^
  10. They did it! Fantastic drive. Well done Jon&Phil + DiRT Rally Team. 👏
  11. I knew there was something going on at NE! GG 👏
  12. Yeah, the reason why potato lines aren't allowed in championships is the same reason why I refuse to do major cuts. Time trial is anarchy, many people don't care so you have to do the same if you want to have a chance for a top 10, I get it. The problem is that people like the guy in the video with a lot of followers are basically teaching them the wrong things.
  13. I'd like to know what people think about lines like in Henrik's video at the 3:29 mark, certainly worth a second or two. There's a similar line to take at Hämelahti. I can't take these lines but I'm most likely just limiting myself in refusing to do the same.
  14. Of course I was talking about circuit racing. I think it's fair to say that the sound quality and accuracy of the DiRT Rally team are hands-down the best in the racing games industry.
  15. I mean those echo chambers where outdated dogmas (difficult=realistic; grip is very rare in racing) still persist and where a small minority of 'seasoned' self-proclaimed hardcore sim racers dictate what's realistic/sim/arcade, regardless of depth of simulation. I mentioned Automobilista 2 because it showed the stubbornness of parts of the sim racing community. People don't like to admit they were wrong all the time, it costs a lot of energy to change your mind and group pressure is high. So, instead of recognising that a renowned studio like Reiza chose the Madness Engine because it is not 'a
  16. I read what dgeesi0 said, I was referring to Eagleizer, who - as you say - got 'all worked up' and had to beat his time. It comes across a bit aggressive tbh, I just find that it's a shame that it has to be like this.
  17. Congratulations to Mr. Eagleizer. Still not sure why all the beef. I'd be more impressed if he would've done it in the Ascona tbf I don't know if Mike really tried, but he's pretty fast too and it seems he couldn't beat the time. So PJ's time is still decent and I just don't know why he shouldn't be proud of it, especially because he hasn't been playing on a wheel for ages like many of the faster guys. Someone sets a WR and shares it with the community, other people join the party and beat their time. It looks to me like business as usual, so why is this different now? I don't get it.
  18. Where does PJ promote his own videos? I can't find anything on the Codies blog. The DiRT Rally School section contains Jon's videos only and I can't find PJ's videos on the DiRT Rally 2.0 website either. He has got his own channel, I don't know why he shouldn't do his thing and try to grow it. And why does anyone get all worked up? About what exactly?
  19. True, I hadn't thought about that. Both achievements unlocked yesterday after I sold all cars and bought them again.
  20. It didn't unlock unfortunately. I'll try to sell all cars and buy them again. The same with the 'watch the DELTA' achievement. It's strange because the progression bar says 50%, but how can I own 50% of 5 cars? When you need to own 5 cars the progression should be 20, 40, 60% etc. I'll sell all Group A cars as well and buy them again and see if it works. Edit: Regarding a potential new game, release should be definitely this year, otherwise the schedule would be really tight with support for DiRT Rally, plus development of the WRC title. So I think we can expect an announcement 's
  21. @PJTierney Regarding the 'living the dream' achievement: Do I have to buy the Audi twice maybe, because it was already in my garage? I remember some people couldn't unlock it but can't remember if there was a workaround or if it was fixed.
  22. I'm not aware of any predictions regarding the next DiRT Rally. I'm not on Discord, so I might have missed some action there maybe. I have no idea what the 'voice on the street' says, and quite frankly, I couldn't care less. I guess many people are concerned because of the EA deal. Maybe that's the source of some pessimism. I think if you're a rally fan and have a passion for motorsport, why wouldn't you be the kind of person Codies would want to sell their game to? Let's not forget that they clearly created two different DiRT branches, a more pick-up-and-play style of game and the more seriou
  23. I honestly don't know what to reply. I just think, if RBR is your favourite rally game, then you should keep playing it. The question is not what you like but what's realistic, the reference is always real life racing. Progress in engineering and development of materials has been pretty steep for the last 30 years. Even for road legal cars tyres have become so good that the Porsche GT2 RS can do 0-60 (0-100) times of 2.7 seconds without the TCS even intervening a tiny bit, RWD! But here we are, on the internet, wondering if stability and grip are actually something Jules Verne wrote abou
  24. Talking of Walter Röhrl, there was a controversy back in the 80's when Audi introduced the quattro technology. He was sitting in his Ascona giving a short interview and said that with 4WD even a monkey could win a rally. He was frustrated and felt humiliated because he got beaten by a woman. He fought back and managed to win rallies and championships. Later people accused him of calling Michele Mouton a monkey, but he never said that. What he wanted to say was that the 4WD was a game changer, it was so efficient on gravel that it became a lot easier to drive fast, despite the understeer and th
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