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  1. Maybe the leaderboard argument is not the strongest. The reasoning behind it was, if you think there's too much grip and the game generally is too easy because 'simcade', it should be easy for you to be fast on it, but it really takes time to get a clean run, let alone a somewhat decent one, and that's because it's not as easy and forgiving as you claim. Also, the claim that you can attack any jump at pretty much any odd angle and land perfectly, is not true. Damage model is a good point, but I'm not sure if Codies can just do whatever they want. Manufacturers might have a say in that regard.
  2. I think DR 2.0 does a good enough job, the handling and physics feel absolutely natural and believable. 'Hardcore' seems to be a very subjective term. How do you define it? Also, which part is 'simcade' to you and which is realistic? I have the impression that if the tyre sidewalls aren't made of strawberry jam and you don't lose your car mid-corner for no reason some people will call it 'too easy'. But that's probably just me ^^ Whenever I watch some onboard video of real rally drivers it reminds me of how pretty darn close DR 2.0 is. Let's not forget that if you want to talk about real
  3. Yeah, that's basically the goal, maximize the time the wheels have contact with the ground, but I figure that applies to bump and rebound. The Porsche SC/RS only has fast bump and fast rebound as options, which obviously are different.
  4. Great run! So, it's C4 dominance again, with a Skoda in P15 and P18, some Focus '07 in the mix and a very lonely Focus '01, all within roughly 5 secs. I wonder if it'd be possible to place one of these cars on the top of the leaderboard or is the C4 just that much superior? Btw, I tried one of Technical's setups yesterday for the first time (Group B Porsche) and - at least that particular one - it's not for me I must say. Suspension is way too stiff in my view, but his setup showed me that my approach for dampers was wrong. When I was setting up my cars for Finland e.g. I was using softe
  5. Absolutely. Audio in general in this game is... Well I've run out of superlatives to describe the outstanding work of the DiRT Rally team's sound department. They must keep the quality in the future 🙏
  6. The RWD classes are the most fun to drive by far in my view. Not only because it is so well done, but also because of the great selection of cars. It's been an absolute blast.
  7. Difficult ≠ realistic, even Kunos say that. If Codies can improve on the already amazing physics, it's going to be superb. Btw, It'd be easier if all ideas were gathered in the existing thread.
  8. Yeah, if you really want to fool people you have to do it like VW did with their 'Voltswagen' announcement just a few days before April 1st.
  9. Apparently, with enough boost pressure and RPM the boxer engine loses its typical 'boxer sound'. If I close my eyes and just listen to the sound, I wouldn't say it'a a boxer.
  10. Do you know which ones by any chance, apart from the BMW?
  11. Not sure if this has been asked before, is that little graphic for drive train and engine layout always accurate? I just noticed recently that for the BMW M1 it says it's front-engined, but I'm pretty sure it's mid-engined. @PJTierney
  12. Someone has to make an 'Evergreen' livery for the DS21 ^^
  13. Awesome! That livery is worth at least 10HP. Good luck to Jon and the team.
  14. We have the little sister with 285HP and it's wild. Unimaginable what the R5 Maxi Turbo would be like. Close to undrivable probably.
  15. As it was the first MGS I played I had no comparison. I think I just didn't expect the game to have such an effect on me. During the opening scene at the hospital I was thinking 'ok, this is strange, I give this game half an hour max to get interesting'. I had no idea what the man on fire and the floating muppet would be, I kept playing and then Quiet appeared. I didn't kill her at the ruins and it turned out she was a fascinating character. During the whole game I was wondering what she was humming all the time. The story was like a crescendo that culminated in that song. I was confused, and
  16. I'll definitely get one at some point, but not sure which one. I'll probably start with one of the first games that came out on Xbox One. I think it's safe to say that this series has reached cult status so I'm really curious. I think I'm going to like it. It was the same with the Metal Gear Solid series, never played the games. Then Metal Gear Solid V: PP was free on Xbox and the story sucked me in like a vortex, it was intense. That game hit me like a freight train emotionally, never felt anything like that before with a video game. PJ once posted a FF scene on twitter where the main c
  17. I never got into the Final Fantasy series, but I have a strong feeling that I'm missing out on cool games. It doesn't look like we're getting any news or hints about the new DiRT Rally game today.
  18. Group B rally was absolutely bonkers. I have no idea how the FIA could just be sitting there and watch the madness get worse and worse and not take more measures to protect not only the drivers, but also spectators. What were they thinking?
  19. I'm having an issue with my screenshots on Xbox, maybe @PJTierney or someone else can help me out. Screenshots taken on Xbox used to upload automatically to Gamer DVR or Xboxreplay, but for some reason it's not the case anymore. I thought maybe some setting changed, Xbox gets tons of updates all the time, maybe privacy stuff, but couldn't find anything. Any idea?
  20. The Stratos won the championship 3 years in a row, the Delta scored 6 consecutive wins from '87 to '92. These cars in particular are true rally legends and the game clearly reflects that and it's fine, that's how it should be. As it was said before, most people prefer historic accuracy over artificially balanced classes. The problem is, when these cars are created it's not immediately clear how dominant they would be compared to the other cars in the class. Once it starts showing on the leaderboards, they can't just roll out a patch and nerf them as they'd have to clear the leaderboards a
  21. I'd say most people are in the first school of thought camp. I agree with most of the above, people just need tools to be able to balance things out for their clubs/championships, be it via air restrictor modification or ballast, if manufacturers would allow this, or just give people a custom car list. It wouldn't solve the leaderboard issue, though. I think better 'class organization' is paramount and essential. Let's take the Stratos e.g. in H2 it not only would be OP, it'd be light years ahead even if it did compete against the Abarth 131, Alpine A110, Opel Kadett and the Ford Escort
  22. Yeah, I remember there was a discussion around the question why the Scooby was so much slower. One possible reason that was mentioned was the power band and people not shifting at the optimum shifting point, but it was clear pretty quickly that it had no chance against the Mitsubishi regardless. The Scooby is heavier and has less horses.
  23. I think PJ would love to tell us more just as much as we'd love to know where things stand with the next DiRT Rally game. Btw, if you like the Dakar Rally, a Dakar Rally game does exist.
  24. Talking of Michele Mouton, we need either the Quattro A2 or the S1, or both (besides at least one Volvo ). She was tough and gave Röhrl a hard time back then. Knowing that a new DiRT Rally game might be on the horizon makes me really excited and thirsty for at least some teasers and hints etc.
  25. Admittedly, the S9 and the S12b are the best looking Scoobies (besides the S4 S5, which is the king of scoobies ofc), but how about not getting rid of any Impreza or any cars at all and instead add more Scoobies? ^^ Even the 'french boat' has its place, even if you need lots of energy drinks at hand when you drive it. Heck I even would love to see a 2CV. The current roster is pretty damn good, but there's an infinite number of awesome rally cars out there and huge potential to have the best car list in a rally game ever! But then, after staring at the wall for some time daydreaming, you
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