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  1. Good stuff! I don't know who says that you can't get sideways in RWD on tarmac but it is obviously possible. I think Mike Dee also posted a demonstration of how it's done with the Mustang in Spain. I'm no 'no-assists fanatic', everyone should use whatever works for them, but maybe too much TCS prevents the rear end of their car to step out. You don't even need high powered cars either, so I'd always double-check what people claim on the internet.
  2. Yeah that'd be pretty cool but Kylotonn will maintain the license until Codies' deal starts in 2023, so I think there's no chance we'll see any current WRCar in DR3, but there's a good chance they could include them in their WRC game, I hope they'll include different classes from different eras as well.
  3. At some point Codies will have to implement the upcoming hybrid era in their WRC games. Are they going to start with the 'normal' cars first?
  4. The Hyundai looks mint indeed, but I like the Fiesta more. This is the 2020 car and I think the 2021 one doesn't look too different. Look at this thing, absolute weapon.
  5. Totally agree with Pj. Get a wheel as soon as you can, it's a completely different experience and you'll not regret it.
  6. Yeah, the BMW sounds like raw power and it has indeed more power than the other cars. What I like about the Porsche is that it's very agile due to its shorter wheel base. Rotation and traction out of slow corners are insane in this car, very well recreated in this game in my view. Also, I do like a bit of a flat-six sound myself ^^
  7. Great job, man. You've mastered the Newhouse Bridge stage and all of its variations for sure. Going to give this a try. I never drive the Lancia. When I see a car dominate the leaderboards I lose interest in driving it, not exactly sure why. I should drive it more often. I have a soft spot for the Porsche but all cars are great in that class, one of my favourites for sure. Now I understand what was going on with Holjes. I remember one danish guy who beat everyone there in dailies, esports or league racers by at least 10 seconds, every time. Must have had huge lawnmower sessions that guy
  8. It looks so weird, as if there's no interaction between surface, tyre and suspension and the car's just hovering over the stage. It really isn't my cup of tea. DiRT Rally 2.0 undoubtedly offers the best rally experience by far in my view.
  9. I don't know, if you have played DR2.0 it's really hard to like WRC8, especially if you're on a wheel. It feels horrible and the handling and physics are far from being somewhat believable, contrary to what many people were claiming.
  10. Finally got to try Kylotonn's WRC8 after it was for free on Games with Gold on Xbox. The stages are their strength, no doubt. That's about it, though. There's not much to say, really. No. Competition. Not even close. I can't believe that some people were seriously mentioning DR2.0 and WRC8 in the same sentence.
  11. A Volvo, Mazda RX3 and an AE86. Are you kidding me? This is epic
  12. We'll have to wait and see how the WRC license will materialize. Of all the questions that arise from the news I think there's one that can already be answered. It seems very unlikely to me that Codies will have 2 rally games. That means, either DiRT Rally and WRC franchise will merge, some kind of WRC by DiRT Rally with all the goodies from both worlds such as Phil Mills as a co-driver or the quality sounds and modern 1.6L World Rally cars, or DiRT Rally will be frozen until the end of the license and we'll see a completely new game. Let's not forget, the WRC license will require long s
  13. First of all, I think current F1 cars do sound quite impressive. Just go buy some tickets and listen these cars fly by. That should change your mind. The cars are faster now than they've ever been, and more fuel efficient. V12s and V10s are heavy and they're thirsty making it difficult to set cars up and find a good balance. The WRC MGU power is expected to be 100kW and the cars will keep the 380HP ICE. Now, does that mean that whenever it's going to be allowed to be used power output will be around 500HP?
  14. So, track limits? Edit: Honestly, what were they doing? It's hard to find wider bigger lines than those at Yas Marina after the first hairpin.
  15. Calling a software for visual effects 'Houdini' is hilarious ^^
  16. ACC has been praised a lot for its sounds but I think they're overdone and overrated. Engine, chassis, suspension, everything. A notch less would've been much more. If you drive over a kerb it sounds like you have a bag full of tools and screws in the back of your car. Again, I think the goal should be more realism, so the reference here is reality, real life. Kunos coded exhaust sounds into the cockpit. Exhaust pipes ending in the cockpit are deadly, not what you want in a real car. An Aston Martin V12 GT3 sounds amazing when it drives by, inside the cockpit it doesn't sound as spectacu
  17. Absolute weapon. I should definitely drive it more, but man, the turbo lag is astronomical! You really need to mess around too much with gearing to minimize that.
  18. Well, I just told you all I know. Just saw it on Twitter, yesterday was his last day at Codies. Sounds are spectacular in DR2.0 and as far as I can tell fairly good across many games. I don't know in which game(s) he was involved but it's always sad to see talent leave.
  19. So it seems a sound designer just left Codies. Not good. NOT good!
  20. Yeah I agree. I don't know why arcades have such a bad reputation. Arcades are great! ^^
  21. As long as we don't have a definition of 'arcade' and 'sim' everyone agrees on, it's difficult to discuss because people are not on the same page. What you're saying could broadly be described as 'simulating' something but in the end it's just an object that has been modeled to play a certain role in a virtual world. Calling it simulation is a bit far fetched and too generalising in my view. So what do you mean by 'arcade'? Is Forza arcade? I don't think so. There's a certain level of real world physics that are clearly coded into the game, like aerodynamics or changing grip levels based
  22. Is that the criterion? So we have parts of the sim racing universe that say it's only a sim if it's hard to drive, and then apparently there's people who say as long as it has physics it's a sim. I think that's remarkable.
  23. I really don't know how you come to this conclusion. Surely there's a difference between simulating diff mechanics or suspension geometry or not.
  24. With technology advancing exponentially I'm pretty sure there's some exciting stuff to come. Whatever is on the horizon, I can't wait to see what Codies will come up with. I've said this before and I've literally run out of superlatives but I just want to say, thank you Codies for your hard work and for improving the game continiously. 🙏 It's been a blast (and still is), so much fun throwing my cars at the scenery. Maybe the most fun I've had the past few years. Kudos to you! 👏
  25. Yup, the lightning is quite a strong hint in my view. The problem with that is, though, that hybrid is coming to WRC, so they won't be in DiRT Rally. I haven't read anything about hybrid coming to R5/Rally2, at least not in 2022.
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