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  1. Maybe it's time to apply for the beta testing program then and make everything better! There you go, beta testers, you're useless! And you're fired!
  2. Whenever I watch these onboard videos it reminds me how close DR2.0 is to the real thing.
  3. It was supposed to be fun so it's not too bad that they had randomized grids in my view. Considering the amount of RL racing drivers, together with awesome commentators like Neil Cole and Andrew Coley and watching the drama unfold in some occasions, this was the kind of event I was hoping for. 👍
  4. I'm not a Ferrari guy myself, but a Group B Ferrari? Oh Mama! 😍
  5. I'm wondering what the criteria would be for a game developer to drop a class. Popularity could be one. Generally I think Subaru and Mitsubishi are highly popular car brands, but if the data Codies have suggest that this class is the least driven, that could be indeed one argument to drop a class, together with the high cost of licensing, which I (and surely many others) tend to forget. So, yeah, it seems I was wrong, there might be a few plausible arguments ^^
  6. So, it seems that for some both 'If in Doubt...' and '...Flat Out' unlocked and for others it didn't. Is that correct? The 'In its Element' achievement unlocked for me though, so not all achievements seem to be glitched.
  7. I think there's not a single plausible argument in this version of the universe to just 'let go' of cars that have already been added to the roster.
  8. The reference shouldn't be another game that was made many moons ago, the reference should be real life. Watch rally or motor racing in general, cars drive much better IRL.
  9. I think the idea of adding a H1 RWD is great. Would love to see a Volvo 240 or 142. ^^ Edit: Look at these things
  10. Yep, that's how things go on forums. I just wanted to point out that a claim is no argument. To elaborate on your claim an argument is what's needed to come to a conclusion. For many a claim is enough, that's why the internet is a sad place at times.
  11. That was no argument, it's just a statement. For an argument you'd actually have to elaborate, give evidence or reasons to come to a conclusion.
  12. Wait, why would you want your S5 to look like a 22B?
  13. Pretty sure he has a setup for the S4 as well. I don't get why you focus so much on these tiny little things. Not worth it. The car's awesome and any other livery than McRae's is pointless in my view.
  14. Yep, quite some understeer. You need to dial in some oversteer and you'll be fine.
  15. Time to upgrade to a wheel then. I've said this before, it'll be a game changer. Thrustmaster is discounting their stuff, Logitech is a good wheel too and not too expensive. You will not regret it, I promise.
  16. All good, can't blame you for not reading the description.
  17. You wouldn't recommend it, yet you recommend it in the bug thread? Didn't think of set-ups being deleted as well. Oh well. Not that my set-ups were that special or something. DAMN IT! 😂
  18. Yup, same here. Not sure if I understood. Maybe just explain what the next steps would be once you started a scenario on any difficulty lower than 'very hard'.
  19. I don't know why you paid €40 for season 3 + 4. The Deluxe Content Pack 2.0 cost me €26,99 back in September.
  20. Chris Harris isn't just a journalist. He's also an actual real racing driver for Garage59 (I think bronze rated iirc) in the GT World Challenge, former Blancpain GT Series, so it's safe to say you can give this guy your car and be sure he's not going to smash it into the next wall. ^^ He also competed in the Formula Ford, VLN and the Porsche Cup.
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