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  1. This is how a restrictor looks like. Making it smaller means reducing its diameter which results is less air flow, less air means less power.
  2. A 60/40 Asphalt/gravel balance is what most tracks have. I thought they'd go for the usual clockwise route you have at Nürburgring GP, but yeah, maybe it's better this way. It doesn't look like an exciting layout tbf, at least this is my first impression.
  3. The guy who has been spamming the forum with the same thing for months doesn't like spam. Ironic.
  4. People like to quote famous people but just because they are/were champs it doesn't mean their words make always sense. Often quotes are not even accurate or the meaning gets 'hijacked' and the original real quote gets lost. Most used and misunderstood quote has to be the famous Senna quote 'If you no longer go for a gap that exists you're no longer a racing driver'. For many people this is the legitimation to basically divebomb everywhere, but Senna admitted 1 year after that interview with Jackie Stewart for some spiritual reasons that he lied. He took Prost out on purpose to secure his cham
  5. Chester is honouring McRae's '95 title: https://www.wrc.com/en/news/season-2020/wrc/chester-honouring-colin-mcraes-1995-wrc-title/
  6. Rally Sweden: SS17 cancelled due to warm weather. Spa:
  7. Btw guys, are you taking into consideration that 2020 is leap year? ^^
  8. This is going to be fun. Can't wait ^^
  9. That onboard is even better than the famous video with Samir!
  10. Btw, how did the Legacy RS not make it into the video?
  11. I hope there's plenty of fog! ^^
  12. Great stuff! Though, somehow this announcement makes me a bit sad as it comes across like a 'goodbye pack'. I'm not sure if a year 2 program can be ruled out at this point but I think many people were speculating on something like that, and I think if there was such thing this would've been the perfect moment to announce it. Nonetheless, this is still awesome news, and the fact that it's for FREE for season owners makes it even sweeter. No need to thank us, Codies. We thank you for the amazing rally experience that Dirt Rally 2.0 has been so far! ^^
  13. That was a scary crash indeed from Tänak. I'm glad they're both ok.
  14. That's a classical straw man argument. If you read back you will notice that nobody's denying the 'foggy' atmosphere. Codies have spoken, in order to maintain a certain performance across all platforms they had to make compromises, so it looks like by bringing this topic up again and again you're not going to change the situation, and the nonsense and hyperbole aren't adding anything to the discussion. They're only making it worse for us players for future communication. Please explain again why I should stop arguing now because I'm not getting it. Not sure if you noticed (appa
  15. I don't think so. I'm on console and PJ confirmed that Finland seems to be toned down for everyone, and still I have seen plenty of replays showing clear skies and roads without fog. What deserves more attention is twisting things and misrepresentation of 'facts'.
  16. Reality? I posted a picture that shows you what's also reality in the game. The guy above asked for daytime/clear as seen in the RL picture, of course insinuating there's no such thing in the Finland rally DLC. I posted a picture that shows you how daytime/clear can look like at Finland. I had taken more pictures of that run, not sure if I still have them. No fog, beautiful clear weather, no tricks, no photoshop. That is also part of reality.
  17. There's no crest, right behind the car there's a left hander leading to a hairpin. You can see the forest far back in the distance, no fog. The sky's clear, sun is shining, weather is sweet 🎶 ^^
  18. Finland, daytime/clear. Looks pretty realistic to me. Fog/smoke/mist/whateveryouwannacallit is not everywhere. This was clarified ages ago, still some people insinuate there's fog everywhere, all the time. smh
  19. I wasn't referring to PJ as he obviously is one of the most active people on the forums, but there's almost no communication or interaction with devs, which in my view has very much to do with the toxic and unreasonable way to deal with issues that people well may have with the game. I think that's a fair point, nothing was suggesting that the foggy graphics would be the only option we'd have. Wouldn't you have bought it nonetheless because the video was fine and it actually seemed to be a lot of fun? Are the foggy graphics really a reason to shelve it? I don't think so. I'm not Codies'
  20. Ok so you want to ignore the video and keep repeating they lied to you. They omitted the fog, you had no idea how Finland was going to look like. Fine. With that kind of attitude it's no wonder communication with devs and other Codies staff is at a minimum and you guys are actually ruining it for everyone here. Congratulations.
  21. Sure, just screw all of the other guys who aren't lucky enough to own a One X or a PS4 Pro. Who cares, right? Ironic that you want to talk about 'integrity'. The fact that Codies released a video with the exact same graphics we have still hasn't changed since the last heated 'discussion' here, so there was no lie. Repeating the same nonsense again and again doesn't make it suddenly true. Would I prefer having the same clear weather without the mist? Absolutely. Is it UNPLAYABLE (!!!!!!!)? Absolutely not, on the contrary. It's still very enjoyable, nonetheless, and an absolute blast.
  22. The Lamborghini PR discussion has nothing to do with conspiracy theories, though.
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