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  1. SteelCosmonaut

    New ffb impressions

    Hard to say about germany since France RX has smooth and rough tarmac with basically no difference in feel. At least with my wheel. Rally is racing btw, and while your not wrong about the feedback, your also not exactly right. Circuit racing cars are designed around smooth tarmac, rally racing cars are designed around every surface, so while a circuit car may be more detailed with feedback on tarmac, a rally car needs to also navigate at any given time sometimes 2-3, maybe more different combinations of racing surface, with the fact that circuits are maintained regularly and rally is on public roads being a big factor towards feedback.
  2. SteelCosmonaut

    New ffb impressions

    Monte Carlo for example as it is always the Season opener for the WRC season.
  3. SteelCosmonaut

    FFB fixed? No, we need VIBRATIONS!!

    Much simpler and has already been proven that they should allow the modding community fix it like they did for the first title.
  4. SteelCosmonaut

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Yea vanilla RBR absolutely i agree. NGP 6 however i prefer over DR2.0 anyday if only from how predictable the handling is. Ends up being a much more positive experience overall for me personally which is the ultimate goal for myself. The rally school is imo the best tutorial of any racing title across the sub genres I've ever seen.
  5. SteelCosmonaut

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    The good alternative for alot of ppl has been RBR and still is. Its just alot of effort needed to get running properly.
  6. SteelCosmonaut

    Suggested Dirt Rally2.0 Improvements

    i had this or something similiar happen to me on PC and it ended up being more than one input binded to my handbrake at the same time. Never happened since.
  7. SteelCosmonaut

    Dashboard Cam Not Usable

    you might be able to solve this issue in some cars at least if you use the other cockpit view, adjust your seat position foward and change the FoV.