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  1. with this statement of yours I can understand that you understand very little about physics. I could post some videos made of people on the streets of Montecarlo. 1): in game the cornering is unreal 2) the winter tires in game (not studded) have more grip than the michelin with studded in the real wrc. in the verglass the distance was from 35 km / h to peaks of 60/80 km / h, while in the game the winter tires seem to have studded 6 cm to gain grip. asphalt is all to be reviewed, even the tires.
  2. differences between Dirt rally 2.0 and WRC8: DR2 better for: sound cars, 60fps console, rally cars list (wrc plus no license cause,ok), physics gravel,not tarmac WRC8 better for: PURE RALLY, looks special stage and landscape more real, license official, carrer mode, perk ability team, dynamic wheater, open world for testing car, real damage (no car deformation, intended breaking components that affect driving, DR has fake hardcore damage. in WRC8 after two crashes against a tree you can have real steering problems, stay with a gearbox failure, immediate withdrawal due to engine failure
  3. I suggest you also sell Dirt rally 2.0, and drive only on RBR mod. CZ or World 😎
  4. for me best Escort Cosworth livery after Martini Racing
  5. Renault Alpine A110 RGT class, omologation for 2020
  6. renault 5 turbo is historic, BMW 2002 TI, Subaru legacy Sedan, fiat Ritmo 130 abarth, Alfa Romeo Gtam,CHRYSLER SUMBEAM LOTUS,ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA GTV,FIAT 127 SPORT, Fiat 112 abarth,RENAULT R5 ALPINE,VOLVO 122,FORD SIERRA RS COSWORTH 4wd ect...
  7. yes Lotus and Fiat 124 Abarth in class RGT, agree 1000%
  8. for you soup, for us purists only real rally. live and sim. good day ( my photo. 55° Rally del Friuli 30/31-08-2019( italian championship, historic italian and european championships)
  9. even if it runs in Australia (BMW M2) there is no FIA homologation for rallies, in Italy these gran turismo do not run, only rally cars. perhaps in a year in over 100 rallies only one Camaro has happened. other garbage ever.
  10. WRX is a stupid discipline for drift and car contacts lovers. it is not RALLY
  11. yes, with the utmost respect. Rally is rally. rallycross is another discipline, rally raid, hillclimb still a different discipline. Gt, DTM ect other disciplines. The word Rally identifies purely the Rally
  12. I'm a purist of the rally. call the DiRT Motosport series and less deceptive. DiRT Rally should be a pure rally brand.
  13. it was better to ask FCA for permission to have the Fiat Abarth 124 RGT and not cars like BMW M2 that have nothing to do with rallies.
  14. No, I didn't imagine it. it's a shame to pay over 100 euros to get 70% content all recycled. very bad politics codemasters respect much more famous games that with 90 euros deluxe you have additional contents for 2 years to follow.luckily there is RBR, for fun without pretensions I prefer to spend on WRC8, but I don't pay for recycled stuff (a lot from Dirt Rally 1) .. better to uninstall.the reality is only one: this simcade is not worth all this money, due to recycled material. it's a sacrosanct criticism, I'm sorry.
  15. 90 € Deluxe version edition DR 2.0, now I have to pay on playstation store another 25 € for deluxe package which includes season 3-4? you are crazy. shame on you. I hope it's a joke, one problem in playstation store. No buy for other contents rally recycled.
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