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  1. I agree with the question that the groupings must be reviewed. they must be modified regardless of the difference in traction, be it 4wd, fwd, rwd, you need to set up groupings based on the actual ones. Historic cars group: • 1st Grouping, periods E / F / G1, Gr. 1, 2, 3, 4 Displacement> 2000 cc • 2nd Grouping, periods G2 / H1, Gr. 1, 2, 3, 4 Displacement> 2000 cc • 3rd Grouping, periods H2 / I, Gr. 1, 2, 3, 4 Displacement> 2000 cc • 4th Grouping, period J1, Group N, A Displacement> 2000 cc., Group B Displacement> 1600 cc • Category J2 (1986-1990), Gr. N / A Displacement> 2000 cc, Gr. B (all)
  2. ale81udine

    improve rotation event online

    improve online event rotation, we have more rallies, it's not always possible to find 97% Australia, Poland or New Zealand!!! thanks
  3. ale81udine

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    ok PS4. go top left, select "add filter", select "last 7 days" .. appear Rally Germany
  4. ale81udine

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Rally Japan gravel, not version tarmac.. nice
  5. ale81udine

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    PS4 daily event.. only JAPAN! lol
  6. ale81udine

    Season 1 Germany

    in Italy not Germany in Playstationstore
  7. ale81udine

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I suggest to the Dirt team to provide to create very uneven asphalts, with holes, ruined tar. the roads in the game look like toll motorways, too perfect and smooth
  8. I write in English. when I send the PC it translates automatically. I changed the setting on the PC. translates me into Italian automatically,sorry
  9. 1) ADD the option in the menu: sequential + gearbox H + clutch 2) improve heavy rain in the night phase 3) ADD CLUB with the web page to create customized championships, joypad / steering wheel with separate wheels, ON assist / OFF assist ect 4) ADD Car Kit Class F2! (Peugeot 306 maxi, Reanault Maxi Megane, Nissan Sunny / Almera KIt, Seat Ibiza etc) 5) 3 season passes ADD Rally Finland and Rally Greece 6) 4 seasons ADD Rally Sanremo (Italy) and Barum (Rep CZ) 7) new A7 2000cc FWD class (Renault Clio Williams, Opel Astra GSI, Golf GTI, peugeot 306 S16 / Rallye) 8 ) real puncture penalty 1'30" not only 30"! 9) improve real damage! steering break in collisions
  10. ale81udine

    feedback upgrade game

    1) ADD the option in the menu: sequential + gearbox H + clutch 2) improve heavy rain in the night phase 3)ADD CLUBS with web page to create customized championships, separate rakings joypad / steering wheel , ON assist / OFF assist ect 4) ADD Kit car F2 Class! ( Peugeot 306 maxi, Reanault Megane maxi, Nissan Sunny/ Almera KIt, Seat Ibiza ecc) 5) 3 season pass ADD Rally Finland and Rally Greece 6) improve hardcore damage ...Breakage of the steering, suspension 7) real penalty puncture 1'30" not only 30"!!
  11. ale81udine

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Porsche 911 SC RS gruppo B - Rally del Friuli 2018 (campionato storico italiano ed europeo)
  12. ale81udine

    DLC Car Proposal

    I hope for that. the K11 kit-car class is an icon of the 90s like the A8 group, it was not a sensible choice to leave it out. with this addition codemasters remedies a big mistake.
  13. ale81udine

    DLC Car Proposal

    season 3?? is possible? i hope F2 class, rally greece,rally finland, fiat 124 abarth?? it would be the addition of a true RGT
  14. ale81udine

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    for Season 3 i hope: Rally Greece, Rally Finland, kit car class ( Seat Ibiza-peugeot 306-Nissan Sunny-Renault megane??? and old wrc Subaru - Ford focus 2001 add setting: sequential + H gearbox + clutch and Clubs
  15. tua madre capricciosa. tu su rbr neanche 100 metri in strada fa. quello che faccio nella vita son cazzi miei bimbomichia. 1 errore di traduzione? e il resto delle note? campanatura negativa. tiravo giu note di guida nella reltà che tu coglione dovevi ancora nascere. ora torna a ciucciare latte da tua madre. che neanche su una macchina da gara sei mai salito te.