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  1. kombajnkoszoncy

    Racedriver: GRID remaster

    Good job Sambo. I think that together we are stronger and if we force Codies more, maybe they will listen to us at last. In my opinion, 'Racedriver GRID' Remastered is the only thing, which will make any sense and it will save whole the series. 👍
  2. kombajnkoszoncy

    why not malaysia as well for dirt rally 3.0?

    Love this idea. Keep it up Wishbone. Any ideas of brand new locations very welcome. I will tell you what, I wish 'DiRT Rally 3' had got as many different and brand new (obviously when it comes to 'DiRT Rally' games, not necessarily also 'DiRT' games) locations as it would be possible. By the way, Malaysia was one of my most favourite ones from 'Colin McRae DiRT 2'. Good old times. And this Subaru should also be included.
  3. kombajnkoszoncy

    Patch 1.12

    Hi. Before you release this patch, could you fix some problem, which appears in Freeplay/Custom? I explain. While choosing 'Random Event' or 'Random Championship', rally events are randomised in some specific way. Times of day are in 'logical order' somehow, I mean it is like for example Daytime, Sunset, Night. The next thing, which is actually worse from the previous one, is that some stages are selected twice. I don't know whether it is because of some of the latest patches but it used to work better. I know that it is not so important to everyone but I believe I am not the only one, who spends at least some time playing alone in 'Freeplay/Custom'.
  4. kombajnkoszoncy

    BMW M2 Competition

    Hi everyone. Look, today I saw BMW M2, which looks identically to the one from 'DiRT Rally 2.0', just 1:1. Has anybody seen exactly the same car?
  5. kombajnkoszoncy

    dirt rally 3.0 ps5/xbox series x?

    Yes but supposing that 'DiRT Rally 2.0' was released about 3 years after 'DiRT Rally 1' and was in the development since the beginning of 2018 (if I am not wrong but definitely they have already announced this game then), we might expect an announcement and the beginning of the development of 'DiRT Rally 3' sooner than some players think. As I said last year, I would prefer they started making next sequel, from the very beginning than endlessly stretching DR2.0 loading it by newer and newer content. Or copied from DR1! Even now the game is ridiculously huge and extremely expensive. I cannot see any chance of adding more DLCs, especially because it seems that it is easier for them to add Rallycross content than Rally content and much more players are interested in Rally content. I suppose that even not everyone bought full 4 Seasons.
  6. kombajnkoszoncy

    why not bring back indonesia? it's been a LONG TIME!!!

    Indonesia? Well, why not? Any brand new*country very welcome. 👍 *Obviously, I mean DiRT Rally series, not also Colin McRae series.
  7. kombajnkoszoncy

    GRID 2019 - Live League Setup

    Sambo, I would recommend actually not only to you but to all of us, meaning our GRID community, to make some kind of petition to Codemasters, which would tell them that they should make 'Racedriver GRID' remastered. My theory is that if we all start showing that we are not interested in 'GRID (2019)' anymore and we want new GRID [again], Codies will stop working on the current game after 3 Seasons, which are about to be released and this will increase the chance of developing new GRID game (remaster of 'GR1D' strictly recommended). At least I hope so. Some players have already posted topics, in which they wrote about remastering '1'.
  8. kombajnkoszoncy

    How do you repair cars in Grid 2019? Remove scratches?

    Definitely agree with all your comments guys. Probably some of you remember the 'wash car' option from 'Racedriver GRID', which allowed us to wash (or rather repaint) our car. 🙂
  9. kombajnkoszoncy

    How do you repair cars in Grid 2019? Remove scratches?

    Exactly. I drive by Ford Mustang Mach 1 most often, my most favourite one, and it is scratched ALL THE TIME. No way to repaint it in the game. Such beautiful classic muscle car should have got beautiful painting. Look at this. How does it look like???
  10. kombajnkoszoncy

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hi. Unfortunately, I have got to say that after the update, there is some problem I noticed during playing in Freeplay mode (yes, yes, for some players it is not so important like for example Multiplayer, by the way, finally we received cusotm public lobbies from you. Good job. 👍). However it sounds like, GRID remembers the configuration of the first round after completing the event (not necessarily consisting of only 1 race, even more) and even after closing the game. As a result, we cannot get random first round. This is what I selected then. Later on, it couldn't have been changed automatically. Please improve Freeplay mode to make it more comfortable to play. The one in 'GRID Autosport' was made really cool. And one more thing is Ford Mustang Mach 1 livery, which is always scratched. Also please finish the painting of that car.
  11. kombajnkoszoncy

    Free Play improvements (Grid 2019)

    Really love your idea. Personally I would say that it could also look like in 'DiRT Rally 2.0', so you have got 12 slots to set your event and set them as championship. Also you can choose random event and then random vehicle class chooses as well and you can choose random championship so 3-6 random events choose randomly with the same rules as random event. That would be perfect. Unfortunately, Codemasters seem not to listen to us and improve that game in the way we, the community, want to and they do what they want to do with this game.
  12. kombajnkoszoncy

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Maybe next time I will wish Merry Cosworth to everyone. 😉
  13. kombajnkoszoncy

    Wonderful decade of Codemasters

    Hi all, To celebrate the end of another wonderful decade and going into the next one, I would like to take you on a journey back in time through (almost) all 'DiRT' and 'GRID' games released in the present one. Yet. 😊 This is the time when we can bring back our memories related to these games and feel nostalgia. Next games will not be from 2010s but 2020s. New games from new decade mates. Feel comfortable here and discuss about these games and the future of Codies with your friends. I wish everyone, also Codemasters employees, happy New Year and happy new decade. Your long-time fan, Filip DiRT 3 2010 GRID 2 2013 GRID Autosport 2014 DiRT Rally 2015-2016 DiRT 4 2017 DiRT Rally 2.0 2019 GRID 2019
  14. kombajnkoszoncy

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I have got a little suggestion. Could you allow us remove this at least when all the HUD is off? Obviously, it would be better if we could turn this off separately as not everyone plays without HUD. It is annoying and unnecessary. 'Racedriver GRID' hadn't got something like this and there was no problem.
  15. kombajnkoszoncy

    GRID Season 1 launching December 4 - Hot Hatch Showdown

    Guys!!! I have got DLC content. It came out that I didn't add both of these CD-keys. Haha, sometimes I have got total amnesia. 😆