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  1. kombajnkoszoncy

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Definitely agree with you. That is why I turned him off. I cannot stand it. I thought that if ChrisGroves likes my idea, they will try to bring G1 pit chief to make my wish true. I don't know why it was so difficult and unfortunately I don't think they will ever replace him. With pit chief from classic GRID, the game would be perfectly perfect.
  2. kombajnkoszoncy

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hmm. I would say that I really would like to hear pit Chief from 'GRID 1'. Ten current one is rubbish. I simply turned him off.
  3. kombajnkoszoncy

    On 'GRID'

    Ravenwest Motorsport are class act. Just do your best kid. You can't do more! I don't know why I decided to start being so interested in GRID games. Is it because these are also racing games like DiRT/DiRT Rally? Or maybe it is because they are also Codemasters' masterpieces? Anyway, I really enjoyed it so far. Here is why. OK kid. San Francisco is top track to start your career on but if you want your rookie licence, you need to finish the race. But this time we don't start in San Francisco but in Zhejiang. And not in Ravenwest's Dodge Viper but in Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Later on, we take part in 2 more races. After finishing them, we can continue our Career or choose our race in Freeplay, search for some online races but first of all, we are about to create our profile. And here is what happened to me. Good looking interior camera. First time for 12 years. (!) As I didn't really want to start the Career in this moment, I wanted to quit the race quickly. But it came out that I cannot do it and I will not even create my profile with autosave if I don't finish these 3 invitational races. Nevermind. Finally I did it. Has anybody got surprised by this like me? The game leads us to... and here is the question. What is that? In my opinion it looked like some abandoned car park. But there is some background at least. It is not like in 'GRID Autosport', where there was nothing but black background with some car in the middle. Little work, good result. Pretty smart. Ford Mustang Mach 1. Obviously. So I chose some race to look at this game more carefully. I picked random track and my favourite vehicle, Ford Mustang Mach 1. I missed that car while playing GAS. The only game in these series, where there is no such Mustang. Before I start about racing, few words about locations. Here we can see that Codemasters are lazy a bit. Only 4 locations out of 13 are new. The rest is taken from previous titles. Such Brands Hatch appears third time in a row since 2013. Lack of ideas, licence? What is the reason of copying old locations? At least we can set different time of day, different weather on any track so for example we can experience Brands Hatch during sunset, what was impossible so far. One more option available in Freeplay section is choosing number of laps. And here is some interesting fact because you can set from 1 to 99 laps. When it comes to time of day and weather options, we can race in rain for instance, what is new because GRID games hadn't got such feature. 'GRID' is the first game from these series to have got rain. It looks really interestingly. But it is only about the appearance. There is no difference between driving on dry and wet surface. However, adding more time of day and weather options is a good idea. So we have got day, afternoon, rain, overcast, and so on. Rain. For the first time in GRID games. Previous titles were dry as the Sahara desert. This driver is in second place on the standings. Don't let him take you this race. When it comes to competing in the race, it has been done really good. Mainly it is about the AI drivers, who are more human-like. Obviously, you can make your rival Nemesis. Then you will have got to be careful as he (or she!) becomes more aggresive and such competetor will do everything to eliminate you. Every AI driver has got some skills, makes some mistakes, what adds some realism to the game. Besides, this is Motorsport! Ooops! Keep up the great driving. I tried different car classes and there is really different experience as Chris [Smith] said. Just think about it, can you imagine car to car racing in GT class? Such things happen rather while you drive in Stock class. GT racing is more polite, more true motorsport feeling. Was it so necessary? Fortunately, you can turn this off. (FINAL LAP) There are some details, which annoy me a bit. One of them are commentators. They could be a bit quiter, talk more like somewhere in the background. Another details are just bugs. Maybe there are wind effects, leaves fall from time to time but on the trees they don't move like they were glued to them. One more thing, which make me anxious is number of race modes. There is only Race (really?) and Time Attack. And what about drifting, Demolition Derby? Where is that? Is it planned to be added in the future? Cannot I find it? It is funny because I can see Jupiter Eagleray for Derby but I cannot see this mode. Maybe you could help me find this or what? What are you doing? You're going wrong way. If you thought that you can drive the other way and rush to hit the other cars at speed, you will be disappointed. Such behaviours on the track are not allowed. You will be simply disqualified for that. Don't just sit there. Race! The same is about staying and doing nothing. What did you go to the race for? To stay in your car and watching other drivers trying to reach the glory by crossing the finish line first? You MUST move your four wheels and drive. Simple, is it? That's the way you overtake the competition. So this is how 'GRID' looks like. Question is, what will be next. Current GRID game is called simply 'GRID', what often refers to the first 'GRID'. We have already got 'GRID 2' so the next sequel cannot be named like that. Is this the end of the series? I would say that not necessarily. One candidate would be 'GRID Autosport 2'. However, it would mean going back to simulation because this is what characterise GAS. So far we have got 4 GRID games, which are brilliant in their own way. Keep it up. You're leading the race. Some other interesting facts about 'GRID' 1. There is no 'hold' next to 'purchase', only next to 'sell'. In fact, both of these options work the same way. 2. You can hear some quote from 'GRID Autosport'. 3. During the replay you can set a camera on other drivers. 4. In Freeplay you can choose the number of AI drivers. You can even race without them! 5. Tracks are always chosen randomly. However, weather option doesn't randomise. It also could be random. 6. Not every AI driver becomes your Nemesis so easily. 7. You can even cause that your teammate will be your Nemesis. 8. On some tracks you can find Armor All advertisement, which had appeared to 'GRID Autosport'. 9. When you hit the crash barrier, where spectators stand close to it, they move. On the replay we cannot see that. 10. Mini Miglia can reach the speed of 201 KPH.
  4. kombajnkoszoncy

    Welcome to the new GRID

  5. kombajnkoszoncy

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Oh. Hi Chris. And what about our wishes? Will every wish be introduced in the game, for example mine? (ha, what an example. But I am interested in whether my wish was difficult, possible to make it true)
  6. kombajnkoszoncy

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Could you tell me any more details about Freeplay?
  7. kombajnkoszoncy

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Hi guys. I would like to ask those, who have already got this game. How freeplay looks like? As I can see here, Gersal2012 mentioned that he (or she? Whatever.) can't play career mode or FAST GAME. I am interested in what fast game means in this game, whether it is some part of Freeplay mode or whether it refers to Online mode. I would also like to know whether Codemasters made my wish true (remember this topic 'If you had one wish...'?). Unfortunately, when it comes to me, I have got some complications with the order (it was supposed to arrive today but it didn't so I will have got to wait few more days.). It would be appreciated if I got to know something from you.
  8. kombajnkoszoncy

    Welcome to the new GRID

    So, will we do the final countdown? 🙂
  9. kombajnkoszoncy

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    I don't disagree but it would be better if they included an option to choose races randomly, not only weather, like it is in latest releases ('GRID 2', 'GRID Autosport') so that is a little nonsense.
  10. kombajnkoszoncy

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I can see such comprehensive answers rarely. This is really interesting and I hope it will be helpful and everyone, who have read that, will think it over. 'GRID' CANNOT be infected by cheaters or/and trolls. It would actually kill this game and hurt honest players. 🙂👍
  11. kombajnkoszoncy

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Oh, yes. You are right. I forgot about that.
  12. kombajnkoszoncy

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Haha, I am afraid that there is no Codies time machine.
  13. kombajnkoszoncy

    Your Favourite Grid Game So Far?

    Definitely 'GRID Autosport'. Lots of tracks to choose, possibility to race on more than 1 track and randomising them. And even if most of tracks were copied from previous games ('Racedriver GRID', 'GRID 2'), racing on them was fantastic because the handling was fantastic. Graphics is also amazing.
  14. kombajnkoszoncy

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Yeah, that is a good question. I also would like to know, whether my wish will be possible to introduce in the game or (unfortunately) not.