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  1. Actually, what am I doing here? I get the **** out from all this ****. It all makes no sense for me.
  2. The same??? I feel the handling is different from what we have got in 'DiRT Rally 1'. It is easier and less like simulation.
  3. Yes, DR1 is more like simulation handling.
  4. The only thing I want from 'DiRT Rally 3' is the handling, which is more like the one in 'DiRT Rally (1)'. If the handling is again like in 'DiRT Rally 2.0', I will probably not buy the next game. Or at least not at day one.
  5. Scotland will be available in My Team Career mode and Freeplay. Obviously, also in multiplayer.
  6. And what Project Cars 3 has got in common with DiRT if these are completely different series of games? The team responsible for DiRT series is not responsible for PrCars series. As it was said, Codemasters acquired SMS but CM are divided on teams, each responsible for particular series. DiRT, GRID, F1, etc. Last year 'DiRT Rally 2.0' and 'GRID (2019)' were released. One team wouldn't rather be able to make and release both these games in the same year. 'DiRT Rally 3' should be around 2021, 2022.
  7. Yes, natural. Don't you understand the meaning or what? Besides, what are you talking about? What design? How balanced? In your opinion making more intensive and less natural colours is balance? For me it is important to have got as photorealistic graphics as it is possible.
  8. Hmm. i think that this lack of snow is caused because it doesn't stick to the car forever. After some time it falls down from the bodywork by itself. 🤔
  9. Exactly. But I would rather count on the next game than on 'DiRT Rally 2.0'. It is too much work. Look at how Wales looks like in 'DiRT Rally' and how it looks in 'DiRT Rally 2.0'. In my opinion, colours in DR1 are more natural than in DR2.0.
  10. I don't care about VR and there are not so many players, who use that. Besides, VR is not a priority for Codemasters while making new game. There are lots of more important things. I agree that they should offer to us more locations from start and add something as DLC.
  11. It is funny because you are the first person, who mentions VR. Don't you really believe that Codemasters will not add VR from the beginning? Especially after what they did with that while making 'DiRT Rally 2.0'? I think they learnt something, didn't they? Fantasy tracks??? What fantasy tracks??? And when it comes to locations, they should add more locations from start, not through DLC.
  12. They will ruin the driving model if they make it like in 'DiRT Rally 2.0'. Yes, I meant 'DiRT Rally 2.0'. My finger must have slipped while typing.
  13. Unfortunately. In Freeplay you can earn some money like in Career mode but it is about 1000-1500 GRID currency or something like that. Every car with the except of GRID edition cars is locked and to unlock it you have got to pay for that. The same with DLC cars. That is why I am against such ideas contrary to minetti.
  14. As I mentioned it more than once, reproduce the handling in such a way that it feels familiar when you pick up any new car. So such a handling, which feels more in line with the original DiRT Rally. More in line with the simulation. That would revive the original DiRT Rally spirit. This is what I want probably the most.
  15. When it comes to cars, it would be great if in 'DiRT Rally 3' there were Colin McRae cars, which haven't been to previous DiRT Rally games (actually DR1 and DR2.0) such as Citroen Xsara, Subaru Impreza from Xgames, etc. I had already mentioned it in my project, which I created more than half a year ago.
  16. And have you thought of players, who haven't got time to master the game or just want to play for fun and want to relax? Then how could they play with only 2-3 tracks and 4-5 cars for example because the rest is locked? It is not a fun.
  17. So you prefer up to 3 cars and maybe even one location at the beginning and you have got to unlock almost all the content to be able to check it?
  18. It would be even better if all the content in the game was available in Freeplay like it used to be in previous GRID games.
  19. Hmm. Isn't it this Subaru, which will be added with FlatOut Pack on 24th of March?
  20. Stages in Kenya haven't got to be long. There was no problem with adding Kenya in 'Colin McRae Rally 2.0' and later on in 'DiRT 3'. Besides, not even one stage is reproduced 1:1. Stages would be too long then. And when it comes to damage, yeah, it should be done better. I think of adding Kenya to well done game, not some ****.
  21. I hope that they will add Kenya. It is one of missing locations for 10 years. 'Rally around the globe' as it was said in 'DiRT Rally 2.0' is a lie. We haven't got rally locations in the whole 2 continents, Africa (Kenya) and Asia (Japan, China maybe?). When was the last time we competed in Japan rally? 14 years ago in 'Colin McRae DiRT'? I think so. Wish these countries were back.
  22. Ok, so you still don't understand me and you think like 'everything or nothing'. Such features like big jumps, water splashes, etc. could be put in 2-3 stages and not necessarily all in one. Do you think that Colin McRae was called 'Flying Scott' because he used to fly with his plane through Scotland? No, it is because he used to accelerate before jump and he was literally flying with his car. That is what we could experience in games from 'Colin McRae Rally' series and what is missing nowadays. The same is about water splashes and similar elements of the stage.
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