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    Welcome to the new GRID

    Codies have got lots of experience since that time so I would trust them. Yet they said that the driving model is going to be the balance between simulation and arcade (if I am not wrong).
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    Welcome to the new GRID

    Hi guys. Not so long time ago (actually, it is obvious) I got to know that new 'GRID' comes out (called just 'GRID', nothing else). It is really cool and I cannot wait when I will get it. In my opinion, both 'GRID 2' and 'GRID Autosport' were not as great as 'Racedriver GRID' so I hope the new game will be at least as great as 'Racedriver GRID'. If we start discussion about the upcoming game, I would like to share with my little proposition. What about adding spotter from 'GRID 1' (if possible)? I think that everyone who played 'GRID 1' will know who I mean (actually I didn't find his name so that also is why I ask). I also hope that Codies will not forget about the iconic car (At least in my opinion. And what do you think about it? You can share with your thoughts.), which is Ford Mustang Boss 302. There was no such Ford in 'GRID Autosport'. It would be really cool if they did menu like this one from 'GRID 1' or 'GRID 2'. Not such a minimalism like it is in 'GRID Autosport'. Personally, I didn't like the idea of putting a car on black background. This was a loss of racing climate. Much too stark. I would like to see good-looking damage model. Probably the best damage model was in G1. And one more thing, probably the most important. Let they make brand new circuits. Just think, would 'GRID' be good if they copied tracks from previous games like it is in 'GRID Autosport'? The quality is more important than the number of tracks (what doesn't mean that the game shouldn't have got satysfying number of tracks/locations). The same about DLC. Something completely new (you remember 'DiRT Rally 2.0' Season 1 so you know what I mean). We know that they plan to release 3 Seasons (!). I am interested in how big these Seasons will be. We will see. Your opinion and comments are desirable. Thank you for being interested in what I wrote and published here on this forum. It might motivate me to be more active here. 🙂 Wishes!