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  1. 1. I just had the same problem happen to me. Completely black screen after the podium scene at the end of a F1 race at Albert Park set to 100% distance šŸ˜­ 2. PC (Windows 10) - Steam 3. 1.06 4. Career Mode (not my team) 5. Only happened to me once and I'm loath to spend another 90 minutes trying to replicate it but I thought I might post here as it seems to happen to others too. 6. Alt-tabbed out and back in to no avail, tried disconnecting and reconnecting from my WiFi network and finally closed the process, losing my race result. The windows task manager never said that the game was 'Not Responding', and simply right clicking and selecting "close window" on the F1 game icon on the task bar was enough to close the program. FWIW, I was running the game at 1920x1080 at 120Hz in fullscreen mode on a 4k TV. For reference, I had my desktop resolution on this TV screen set to 3840x2160 at 60Hz 7. Xbox One controller All my game files successfully validated and my dxdiag text file is attached. DxDiagSealClubb3r.txt