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  1. Some times no news is good news. Grid was always a fun game on ps3 good variety of cars and races with different types of motorsport. Togue was fun.
  2. I've tried it and do play it but It just seems more of a fun game to play ,sound and some of the physics just kill it
  3. Be great to see a tight and narrow proper tarmac rally in a game with gravel on the corners
  4. The groups wrc gamers club, sorry for the hype 🤐
  5. Never mind he just put up the source he had wasn't reliable
  6. In a group ,they were reliable with dirt 2
  7. Seen on a Facebook page that dirt 3 will have rally Ypres with 20/30km stages and spa wrx also more common requested cars also, anyone know if there's any truth in this?says he's a source.
  8. More in depth career mode : start from the bottom and try and make it to the top but don't make it easy to buy new cars,eg. Pay for fuel/tyres/entry fee/sponsors ,loose sponsors too if not good enough. Tyre wear: need to improve how they wear and the effect of cold and over heated tyres. Damage model: more realistic damage and more wear to parts and unexpected parts failure. New events: need some more new events ,be happy to loose a few of the current ones for new ones . Tighter stages and open stages, like wrc were you might start open road but then go to tight sections or vic
  9. Stages are wide enough and I play on ps4 ,id honestly like to see tighter stages so there's very little room for error. Just look at monte today some of the roads were just about the width of the car
  10. Be great to see more common rally cars, like evo 8, s2000s, more entry level cars like the vahuaxal nova , civic etc . R5s the older ds3 r5 , upgraded fabia and keep all we have so far. More wrc cars like fiesta, i20 ,cooper (that antilag tho 😍) s12b , ds3, xsara. Be nice to have hyundai and toyota too.
  11. Well for me I think the career mode needs to be harder and longer, its not to hard to jump straight through the ranks and have a top end car in no time. Need to bring in entry level rallys such as a 1 day event in a junior category as most national event do. Being able to modify road cars into rally cars, eg building a evo 8 from road car to rally spec but It taken time to complete. Be nice to have a calendar with events so you can choose to compete in a certain championship or do one of events as test days for an upcoming championship. Rewards should be lower also need to make it hard to get
  12. @PJTierney any rough time when we can expect an announcement on the next content ?
  13. S12b is alot more than just a face lift when you strip away the exterior, one of the best noises from a wrc car in my opinion. Didn't McRae also drive a Talbot sunbeam?
  14. Anyone think we'll get another teaser or reveal date or anything regarding any more dlc after tuesdays dlc drop as it's the last of season 4? Or anyone like to have a guess at what they think will come?
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