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  1. 14 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

    I can't decide. It sounds like you can hearĀ compressor surge on both acceleration and off throttle, which I don't recall happening with such frequency on the Legacy. Based on the engine note though, it sounds like Group A or early WRCar. The frequency of the compressor surge sound makes me think - or rather I want to think - it is the holy grail...


    Doesnt sound like the wrc car more of the group A which is very similar to the legacy

  2. On 11/27/2019 at 2:19 PM, AlexSpartan316 said:

    I will pay way moreĀ for a well doneĀ new rally location...no problem. Something fun and super technical like idk rally Corsica...something with really tight hairpins and roads barely larger than your car (and with tight I mean turns where you have to really rotate the car and be precise,unless you want to get stuck )

    You mean an Irish rally then šŸ˜‰hedges higher than the car ,grass on the middle of the road and muck and stones pulled out over the road from the the 1st few cars to make it extra slippy, if anyone wants to see any videos of irish events just look at flyinn Finn motorsport on YouTube. Corsica is iconic too

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  3. If there's goingĀ  to a tarmac dlc (probaly wont) it has to be an Irish tarmac rally tight lanes and big hedges with gravel and mud on corners and shiny tar when it rainsšŸ˜‚(ino it's been said that Ireland won't be a dlc)

  4. 3 hours ago, HoksuHoo said:

    Lancer Evo IX is one particularly cool car that has been absent from rally games for a while. R4 class could maybe use one more car

    The antilag is unreal on them too

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  5. 32 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    I've no problem with people requesting things that would make the game perfect for them, so long as it's done in a constructive manner šŸ™‚Ā 

    @PJTierneyĀ shouldn't of said that ive a list of content lol, but the games great!! P.s Ireland;)

  6. I can see a colin McRae car pack coming out or Subaru pack, also seen in another forum talking about season 3 and 4 and docs, someone saying there will be a collection added that they work on the liverys but they won't let slip what it is

  7. It is smart from coodies using 2000s for dlc and the likes of wales and Germany and some other classic cars, here's to hoping we'll see a few new 2000s cars and historics or popular cars in local rallys.

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  8. Irish rallying has lost a true legend of the sport yesterday Manus Kelly, he was a 3 time winner of the Donegal international rally and was trying to defend his title when he had an off in his i20, RIP Manus Kelly and hoping his co driver DonalĀ Ā Barrett makes a full recovery. Thinking off his family at this sad time.

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  9. Bit off topic , but anyone else think ai tyres are just selected to the weather? E.g 1st stage wet 2nd stage dry, weve to choose either a wet or dry tyre and effects 1 stage quite abit but ai are still setting fast times on both ?

  10. Donā€™t get why people are complaining about season 2 ,was fairly obvious it was going to be more rx based and people are still surprised , I enjoy rallying more but have tried playing rx and itā€™s good a lot more exciting than f1 too;) itā€™s good marketing by codies letting some of the cars that didnā€™t make it in to season 2 slip out on social media etc legacy,focus,2 Imprezas. I canā€™t wait to see what comes next, would like the recent wrcs 2010s and older wrcs too and.p grass root cars but hats off to codies for making a great game with so much in it, think people need to remember Ā how little of a choice there was when it came to rally games and how bad the physics were compared to now

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  11. I understand cars being recycled in the game due to copyright and legal stuff but new locations should be a priority to stop the game from feeling like a dirt rally with 2 new rally events and a few extra cars

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  12. 1 hour ago, SkyRex said:

    So I might have some Gossip, maybe,

    I mentioned before, that I think the Country flags in the game are not randomly picked. At least on the Rally locations I have never seen any flag, that doesn't have a location ingame OR is a location from DiRT Rally 1.

    Now I'm doing the Fia WRX and have noticed something. But first, also something that might compromise the find, these two flagrows in Hell and Hƶljes:


    They both have pretty much the same flags, but some of them violate my assumption that all Flags will eventually be locations ingame. Finland and germany are probably coming, but there are also these on the Pole-Rows: Lithuania, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Czechia, Netherlands, Denmark, Slovakia...

    But also, those Flag-Rows are real life recreations, these are there on the real track. So MAYBE they are out of the equation, since every "wild" flag follows my assumption (In fans, on wall, lone flag in crowd, etc.) All of those wild flags are representing locations in the game, plus also Germany, Wales, Greece and Finland, which are very likely DLC candidates already.

    But in Silverstone RX I just now found a wild flag that doesn't align:


    From the right you see Belgium (Mettet RX, ingame) and left of it there is a Flag of Mexico.

    If you realize which major other places are completely absent (Italy, Japan, China), seeing something like Mexico (which is a WRC location) caught my attention.

    Maybe a hint for Rally location Nr. 13 or 14 ? Or maybe it's really just a random Mexico flag.



    Jon confirmed on Instagram few weeks back that Ireland wouldn't be a dlcšŸ˜Ŗhopefully he's just playing it down but doesn't seem likely

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