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  1. 8 minutes ago, Rygar86 said:

    Now seeing what Monte looks like and drives like really makes me hope even more than before that season 2 is Wales, Greece and Finland! Those are my favourite for sure. But if Im honest Monte and Germany are almost as good and all those wonderful DR 1 stages are brilliant and deserve to be in the game... except you Sweden, F○○k you.

    So say in the future you have 12 locations available in DR 2.0, will you be able to make a 12 country custom championship to play either against AI or on line @ChristinaMc and will it be the same for career mode? This would be something special and really feel like a proper championship!

    Be nice to see some new rallys do as well to change it up, new tarmac location with tight twisty lanes that has mud pulled on to the road would be amazing, hope we do get another forestry rally too would like to see a change from Wales even another rally in UK so stages are new, monte is amazing and agree with ya on Sweden lol

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  2. 14 hours ago, tbtstt said:

    During play last night I am 99% certain I saw an Irish Tarmac clip used in the introduction video for the Modern Classics Historic Championships? I can draw only one conclusion from this (possible) sighting: IRISH TARMAC DLC CONFIRMED

    Was it gameplay or just old footage?

  3. Anybody else hear the wrc cars in the background at service can hear the focous and s14 clearly, also spotted the Fabia wrc crashed off the stage a few tomes too, can't wait to compare times with r5s vs wrc on the new and dirt 1 stages ,brilliant game well done coodies!!

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  4. Maybe they meet scrap f2 for r3 with the ds3 and Renault Clio ?
    gk9147 said:

    Chewy21398  you talk about the rally car  category  and where you find this information for DS3 and renault clio ? this ccar is on dirt with same categoy ? 
    No, they won't add those. Outdated cars replaced by the R2s that are in game.
    Yeah but most of the cars in the game are outdated but still used in every rally so kind of does make sense if there brought in if f2s are gone away with. The more variant of cars the better really looking forward to the game and hoping for a few surprise cars there hiding from us

  5. Irish tarmac events are really challenging because it’s so narrow and if you want to be the fastest you’ve to be prepared to risk it all because there’s no room for error and the roads are lanes which become so slippy when it rains and cutting corners drags the muck out increasing how slippy it is, epynt looks more of a track than a stage from what I’ve seen of it and I’ve watched lots of videos and on boards ,not hatting on it just giving my opinion,gbs for gravel stages is great and that’s what it’s known for

  6. RRC and R5 aren't/weren't convertible. WRC and RRC were, but that rule (that one must be created with a homologated WRC) no longer exists. Did you know there was an RRC version of the 2013 Polo WRC, which was never available for customers but existed to fulfill the rules?
    Never knew that never seen a polo wrc on a regional rally which is a shame 

  7. Any news on the career mode either? Would like to see something like dirt but more involved like dirt 4 but also be invited maybe to do safety cars(00) or just more involved in the career, like paying an entry fee into each event and paying for parts like dirt 4