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  1. How long was the stage though?
    Percentage-wise, it was probably about right in D4.
    Percentage of competitors too; starting at the back in a national event (in the UK) you can have 100 cars starting in front of you. I thought it was right in D4, rare enough that it still surprised you. Crucially, it reflected the actual standings.
    Even the entry list was only 2 or 3 car classes, did like to be able to compare like r2 to r5

  2. I think an Irish rally event is going to be a dlc as Paul coleman said it was one of his favourite or top 3(could be wrong on the description but was mentioned) and also jon Armstrong will probaly push for this as well. Only thing is it could be forestry or tarmac stages. Could be a replacement for Wales as the forests are very similar, would prefer tarmac do.

  3. Would like to see s11,s12,s14. Vauxhall nova(Good chance of this because it was jons first car)ds3 r3 +r5, Peugeot 208 r2+r5 with the real engine unlike dirt 4.Tania,fiesta,207 s2000(interested to see the time difference between the r5 versions)Honda civic 98, fiesta wrc, mini wrc, 05 focous, ds3wrc. Toyota twincam, proper evo 8 grp N and imprezza group N also 

  4. Irish tarmac stages would be great even loeb said it was the hardest rally hes done. The running order and track deterioration would work  great here with tight corners cars cutting corners dragging muck/gravel on to to the tarmac making it much harder for each passing car , if it rains on irish tar its extremely slippy and then factor in the mud/gravel being thrown on the road from cars cutting it would be extremely difficult and would require a cautious approach.watch the video and youll get what i mean. (ino this could be hard for cm)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1bkUG1pM90