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  1. It's absurd the number of times I have battled to not only come from behind my opponent to gain the lead, but to have that unassailable lead lost by an AI taking the final corner at somewhere between 3kmh, stationary or going slightly backwards, resulting in the demolition of my vehicle. The other ridiculous situation is a grid where you quickly find yourself in 2nd and your opponent in 12th, but on some tracks you can't risk taking first, so you stay safe while watching 12th become 3rd and your 8 second lead is half a second. It's almost a "no win" situation. Try it at Monaco or other narrow
  2. I've been playing this since V1 and it just doesn't seem to improve. I used to be active on this forum because Codemasters would actually respond personally to our suggestions. But it was always "we're working on that in upcoming updates" and it never happened. The worst thing about how it has evolved is the lack of enjoyment you get when you hope to have a fair race. I don't know why it's even permissible that the game they created with deliberate intent allows a driver to push you into a wall in the first 5 seconds of a grid or sprint start. How hard would it be to make that behaviour result
  3. I seem to have gotten it out of the infinite loop cycle. Logged out of Game Center, deleted the game and downloaded again. Back to normal. The advantage is every lap I do is a new record! Yay!!
  4. It may just be paranoia or self inflicted head trauma from smashing my ipad against my head thanks to this game, but am I the only person who ever feels that the game delivers a series of repetitive cycles of game play? This month I had reached 8500 points quite easily thanks to a variety of qualifying, sprint and grid starts. I am now down to 7100 thanks to nothing but grid starts and always starting in second place. From 8500 with the time I have free I may have reached 9999, but now I don't think I'll make it, especially if some algorithm has kicked in to throttle my progress. Does anyone e
  5. Please feel free to lodge a complaint. I'm sick of this place and everybody associated with it. It's a **** game and all anybody does is moan about it.

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      If you're sick of this place, you maybe should stop being here?

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