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  1. Dr Zaius


    Then why did you ask me a personal question related to the weather and ask if I'd seen a shark? Perhaps I am naive, but I thought you were being sincere. In confrontational situations, my best defence is to diffuse and find common ground, in short to try and become a real person, not a series of anonymous words. You're English (my guess) and my wife is English. I thought we may share some commonalities. My direct observations of possible hacking were reinforced by other people astounded that anybody can fill four slots with Legendary Parts. You do not fall into this category and I never alluded to any cheating or hacking on your part after you posted a screenshot. I am really sorry if I did not address this to your satisfaction. I believe you got to the top through skill and determination. Something I confessed I don't have. Nothing I said was intended to be sarcastic. Quite the opposite, I was self deprecatory and bore the brunt of my own shortcomings. I have been here a long time and after 300 posts, I feel connected to this group. I have settled in and made many friends and while I certainly don't obsess over this game, I would need to reassess my visiting this forum if I felt I was not welcome.
  2. Dr Zaius


    Are you serious? Do you not understand somebody trying to just have a chat with you including a bit of light hearted humour? What is your problem, you are being a total Arse!
  3. Dr Zaius


    I'm sorry I sounded a bit peculiar. I'm probably just frustrated at my own lack of ability. My hand/eye co-ordination can't even keep up with the speed my car has at the moment so I hold little hope of advancing much further. I'm not exactly young and it's a reminder that I'm slowing down. (In my head I'm still Lewis Hamilton) I'm in Australia in the mountains and it's just snowed for two days with temps not rising above freezing and yes, I've not only seen a shark, I caught one in 1988 while beach fishing. I remember the year because I was watching Halley's Comet while reeling in what I thought was record breaking flathead. I don't know what sort of shark it was. As soon as I saw it I ran away and left it to my father-in-law. Solid Luton born R.A.F chap. Always called me a "right poof" I assume your proper title is Colin O.B.E. The Queen's never recognised all of my efforts in the field of procrastination. I should be bloody knighted for that. But not next week. Maybe the week after. Nah, next year. Need to iron a shirt. Gawd! Need to buy a button up shirt. Ahhh, to hell with it.
  4. Dr Zaius


    I have only raced one third as many duels although I have reached 9,999 points. I don't have more spare time to devote to duels. You must have much more free time.
  5. Dr Zaius


    Only by weak sunday players... maybe instead of barking, go and train? I guess I'm a weak Sunday untrained player. The shame I feel is unbearable.
  6. Dr Zaius


    How many hours and how many races do you do each day? What is your win/loss ratio? Do you buy credits? I don't doubt anything you've said, but you must have a different level of commitment to the average player. And another thing I touched on in another thread: apart from personal satisfaction, if you are in the top Gold tier, there is no extra reward for number 1 or 100, so for anybody spending money to creep up a few hundred positions, there is no gain. So, if there is any cheating to be number 1 in the world, it is pointless.
  7. Dr Zaius

    Season pass worth it?

    I know that I'm late to answer this, but no. In fact I'm not sure who would want this. You get a car, which is basically paying $12 or so for one part and some paint. And a helmet. I mean, a helmet? How often have you waited on the grid and thought, "wow! Nice helmet on that guy!" Then we get to the real value of the annual fee. Unlimited re-dos of Events! Which is..... an absolute waste of time and effort!! If you've placed mid field Silver and you can practice and practice Melbourne and pick up a full second in qualifying and then pick up 3 seconds during the race, you're still mid field Silver. Net gain=zero. This offer is baffling.
  8. Dr Zaius


    Do you have any suspicions about the top ranked players globally? They hold such massive leads in terms of points and times that unless they've hacked into free credits to Max out their cars or some other way of cutting lap times to a level that seems impossible, it seems to defy the physics of the game I am playing. And take a look at the top ranks in the Elite field. Guys who have already completed 1,000 races and have 9,999 points? This is a new system only recently implemented so how can anybody accrue so many points? I don't believe anybody plays 24 hours a day and wins every race.
  9. Dr Zaius

    Safety Rating

    Does anybody have a clue as to how you can raise your SR? I'm stuck down in the red and when you're paired up with people or bots or whoever that ram you into the sky or push you off a corner or don't break going into a corner and you rear end them or any one of a dozen things that are no fault of your own, but you're the one who receives the penalty resulting in a lowering of your already low rating!! How is it possible to win races and avoid contact with anybody? Can you raise your safety rating by slowly driving around a circuit, come last and get into the green? How long would it take and how many points would you lose?
  10. Dr Zaius

    Wrong scoring in Hockenheim

    I don't think Chris is as heavily involved in F1 Mobile anymore. He seems to have been transferred to the Grid department. If he was still the face of F1 Mobile would we have heard from him announcing the last update? As far as I know it was just released with no fanfare. Maybe they do most of their PR on Facebook?
  11. My point is that Chris Groves' personal involvement in this forum has diminished to a point where I'm not sure he's real anymore. Like Leprechauns, Unicorns or Daniel Ricciardos leaving Red Bull being a good idea. And since you mentioned incentives..... the rewards at the end of each event. Such a Ho hum moment when you collect your parts and not one is upgradeable. A livery that's just ugly. A helmet I don't like and a sticker. Seems like a lot of effort to attain Gold for little reward. Well, no reward to be honest since I'm in the same position as I was yesterday. I don't know what goes on in staff meetings, but I suspect it's focus is on locking in players, incentivising them to pay for extras. I don't think much time is devoted to making the racing more realistic or enjoyable. The new Elite system with its new parts is proof that expansion of the current model is the priority, not a ground up re-think.
  12. I think "Attention Chris Groves: Please fix the game" is akin to "Attention Donald Trump: Please fix gun crime"
  13. Dr Zaius


    You can take the last corner as you approach the straight without braking.
  14. Dr Zaius


    All aero here. Tried the extra handling.....did nothing. I usually run low stability/steering with brakes off, but got much better times with stability full and steering high. Especially noticeable at the end of sector 2 where you can take the bends flat out.
  15. Dr Zaius

    Update 7

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the essence of this update addresses the issue of the 9,999 point, League 1 ceiling. Added more parts to collect as well, but other than that it's the same game, right? To use a sports analogy, we complained that a 100 yard run would result in a touchdown. So they have changed it to being a two mile run is needed for a touchdown. And hopefully we have the stamina to pursue this. But I suspect they will offer some in app purchases to help us get there. Even though "there" is the same as the 9,999 point, League 1 goal, all the while distracting us from the things we'd like to see. Longer races, pit stops, tyre strategies, weather conditions and intelligent artificial intelligent cars devoid of psychopathological murderous instincts. A bit more investigation reveals a strategy from Codemasters that will penalise casual players. Even if you play occasionally and win, you will slide back down the ranks. You may be Elite now, but unless you put the time into playing duels, you'll be back to the Leagues. Anybody see Black Mirrors "15 Million Merits?" I'm starting to get that vibe. Play! Do not be distracted by work, study, friends.....life! Just play. PLAY!!