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  1. Let me raise my hand and accept the position of volunteer tester. I have no current full time job and am willing to play from 9am to 1 with a half hour lunch break, then continue testing until 5:30pm. I will provide a written analysis of my findings each Friday evening. 1,000 British Pounds will be my fee. Upon acceptance of the position I will provide my bank details. I look forward to working with Chris and the team.
  2. Dr Zaius

    You know this game is ridiculous when...

    And it's taken you 36 posts for this to become obvious? I realised this at around 33 or 34. 😉
  3. What would those of you who have hit the ceiling like to see? Personally, I am tired off collecting parts. This adds nothing to the game at a high level. In fact if my car went any faster it would be unrealistic and absurd. I don't want a faster car. I don't want helmets or stickers. I don't even want temporary free VIP access to Events. That's a sugar hit that doesn't last and a solid gold car is tasteless even by the design standards of Versace. I'm out of ideas when applying the current game model. So, what do you think could happen for top tier players without reinventing the game in mid-season, which I think we all know is not going to happen.
  4. Dr Zaius

    May 13 Status Update

    Yeah, ticked those boxes. Next idea please?
  5. Dr Zaius

    May 13 Status Update

    Great news! I'm super hyped. Still see no reason to play though. You tell me.... I'm league 1, 25 XP Points, 9,999 trophies. What have I got to aim for? Come on Chris, tell me what I'm playing for??
  6. Dr Zaius


    There is a game on the market that is everything this should be. Monoposto. Being unofficial it doesn't have actual track simulations but the gameplay is real F1. Practice, qualifying and a choice of races of up to 50 laps. Strategy is important with soft tyres wearing fast, needing frequent pitstops. A choice of harder tyres will let you stay out longer, but you'll lose your lead in a few laps. So you need to make calculated choices under pressure. Downforce is adjustable as is weather. Tracks are wider allowing proper overtaking. It's not perfect, but it's so much more like F1 than this game. Codemasters should buy this from the developer and overlay cars and circuits.
  7. Dr Zaius

    May 13 Status Update

    Yaaaayyyyyy!!! Isn't this great news!! Let's give Codemasters three cheers! Hip Hip..... Ummmmm...... Hip hip? anybody? Seems kind of quiet.
  8. Dr Zaius


    It's quite telling that Chris has addressed us personally to spruik the great novel, engaging and exciting new additions to the game and nobody has even bothered to respond. I did write a lengthy piece outlining the issues above, but deleted it in favour of a response as bland as the recognition with which his announcement was received.
  9. Dr Zaius


    I've expressed my thoughts elsewhere and more than once and clearly Codemasters are not thinking long term strategies. They want to attract new players who will spend big to climb Jacobs Ladder in a futile attempt to be as fast as AI competition. Those of us from V1 know this is a fallacy. Like me many players have reached peak status. There isn't a new tier to conquer. Repeating single lap duels for pointless common parts is actually demoralising. I'd rather not risk my good SR and 9,999 points to lose a race or win and still remain on 9,999 but gain a brake pad. You have asked us many times what we the players want and every suggestion has been ignored. No doubt you have had many fruitful meetings resulting in high fives all around as you implement new revenue building components like Season passes and VIP Packages, but look back over what the players want.... nobody asked for this. We want the "Official F1 Game" to mirror as closely as is feasibly possible an F1 Season. So, what are we, the loyal base, many of whom, including myself have spent money on cars and credits supposed to do now? What compels us to play daily? We've hit the ceiling. Have you even given any thought to what we can do to remain engaged with the game or are we necessary collateral damage?
  10. Dr Zaius

    May 13 Status Update

    Remarkable!! 135 people have read this and nobody has anything to say. Do you feel your audience is feeling disengaged from the game?
  11. Might as well get a heads up on this total nutcracker of a circuit. I don't know if drivers in the actual race feel like I do, but it's like that old footage of astronauts in a centrifuge. Modern cars are just not suited to this tight circuit. It's historic and it's picturesque, but it leaves no room for overtaking without one or both cars self destructing. It must have been lovely in the 1960's with a dazzling top speed of 100mph as Jack Brabham whizzed by the hotel balconies, but my head is totally spinning doing three laps. I do not anticipate placing high in the rankings. Thank you for your time. We will now resume normal transmission.
  12. Dr Zaius

    Spain Grand Prix

    Did anybody get a look at a video of these extremely fast times? I can't help thinking there must be a loophole allowing a shortcut somewhere. I've been running the same setup as Farroww and on an iPad Pro, no brake assists, low steering, medium stability, driving a Mercedes and using the whole track, sliding the tail out I'm getting 1:12's. I'm sure there's a secret corner that is giving people that 6 or 7 seconds, because it's not going to happen keeping inside the ripple strips. Doesn't matter now and it's not a case of "bad loser"... it's Codemasters tweaking the game to screw with us. I've been a top 300 Gold finish in every event....here I'm low silver, almost bronze. I don't know how the new coding has made me a poor driver all of a sudden.... and on a track I am actually very capable of navigating.
  13. Dr Zaius

    Spain Grand Prix

    But it's impossible to get a good grid position while they still place you according to the invalid 50 second times. I'm down in 8th, then quickly in 11th, when I shouldn't be in this position. I can't fight my way through 10 cars to get a win.....and only a win is going to get me a good time. I can't finish mid field and expect a gold tier spot. Yet, as I explained, driving carefully only results in penalties anyway. It's a lose/lose situation.
  14. Dr Zaius

    Spain Grand Prix

    This is really utter garbage. There is not one thing in the driver's favour in the race. You touch another car, penalty, another car touches you penalty, another car goes off the road, they spring back without losing a place, you go off road, a penalty. Perfect start off the grid, lose 3 places because you're too slow. Not content with making daily gameplay a misery, now events have become a source of so much frustration, I can't be bothered even trying to complete three laps.
  15. Dr Zaius

    Spain Grand Prix

    I wish they'd hurry up and remove those 53 second lap times. Surely Codemasters must see this. The longer it stays up as the top rank the more the rest of us feel that cheats or game glitches are legitimate. Take them down! Let us see where our actual positions are. For heavens sake this game is a shambles and you just perpetuate our disillusionment with your inability to control the gameplay by allowing this to happen.