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    Melbourne Event

    So did we get our rewards or not? I didn't see it happen. All I can confirm is an ugly Australian flag livery, but no indication of parts added since I have nothing to upgrade. Seems like such a letdown. Makes me wonder why people bothering to redo laps when there's no difference between 1st and 761st.
  2. Dr Zaius

    Post-Update 4 topics to address

    Melbourne over. Now what? Back to the same old game except with the depressing reminder that some parts need a total of 450 to reach maximum. That's a lot of single lap races when spread over a multiple parts. I mean a real lot. And what do we do with those XP Points again? Has anybody got any idea what they're good for? What am I aiming for in this game? I once had maximum points and that brought no reward? I'm in League 1, there's no higher to go.
  3. Dr Zaius

    Roads too narrow

    I've encountered this a few times where in a DRS zone, despite having the speed to overtake an AI car there isn't room to do so. This occurs almost every time at Spa on the fast uphill straight. You can't go around on the left or right and touching the car in front results in you being slowed. There are other tracks where this is the case. Can you think of any others?
  4. I dont use any brake assists but the dynamic brake racing guidelines have changed dramatically. Sections that I would consider straights have become red braking zones and I would imagine full brake assists would respond to these by slowing you down when there is no need to slow down. It hasn't made life any easier for those of us using no brake assists either. I used to be able to pinpoint when to brake, but now I am guessing most of the time which would actually be fine with me if I could turn off the function completely. But when you're driving into a corner and all you can see is red as you approach it's simply an unnecessary distraction.
  5. Dr Zaius

    Melbourne Event

    Just for posterity until I descend down the ranks.
  6. Dr Zaius

    Melbourne Event

    I bet I won't get that fast again.
  7. Dr Zaius

    Melbourne Event

  8. Dr Zaius

    Melbourne Event

    Keep working. That's the trouble. Fun has become replaced by hard work. Not just Events, but the game as a whole has shifted it's focus from the fun of racing to the task of collecting parts and XP Points. Almost half of the Melbourne track is graded red telling us to slow down. Why did they change that? You can't trust the brake points anymore.
  9. With Melbourne upon us, I have been doing lap after lap in readiness for the imminent Event. I had a 1:15 with an all aero setup and knew the track inside out, so I could do this time consistently. The exact same driving style has the car skidding and fishtailing through the pair of right/left corners which I had worked out to be handled with precision. The break points are all different. Everything is different and after several dismal runs I can only manage 1:18 although on average I was doing 1:20's because the car is almost uncontrollable compared to yesterday. I should add that this behaviour is not limited to Melbourne. My low aero is fatal at Suzuka through the fast curves. It was once my chance to pull away from everybody, now the car has no downforce. So, overall, Codemasters have delivered yet another update that has caused more problems.
  10. I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr Groves for totally ignoring my question. I thought if I put his name in the title I might get his attention. But he is proving himself to be the the Sander Sanders of public relations. I assume we can therefore state with certainty that there is no plan for this game to evolve in the long term.
  11. Dr Zaius

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    AI cars are more stealthy in their endeavours to destroy you. Behaviour is aimed at taking you out from behind spinning you around so you are facing backwards. There is no recovery from this. A quit is the only option. A days play has seen me gain not one single trophy. It seems the days of me climbing back towards my former highest score of 9,999 are gone. I am stuck at 8,500 and seem destined to remain there. In short, update 4 is rated a two out of ten. Such a let down for racers. A triumph for card collectors. This is the official F1 game. Why isn't the focus on racing?
  12. Dr Zaius

    Handling and racing line

    Just did Hungary which previously had only around three or four red zones. Now almost the whole track is red. Many tracks have extremely unreliable breaking zones.
  13. Dr Zaius

    GP Events is BACK in F1® Mobile Racing for Update 4

    I'm finding a new kind of AI aggression where I'm rear ended and end up facing backwards in sprint and grid. Lose so much time turning around its a quit for me. Yet another way for my trophies to diminish.
  14. Dr Zaius

    Add slots for upgrades

    Not until you level up. See the numbers in yellow in the bottom Right Corner? They add up to 16.
  15. Dr Zaius

    New XP System and R&D Boxes

    XP is a waste of Codemasters efforts. Utterly, totally and absolutely. How many hours did they put into this when they could have been working on a racing game and not a card collecting game. This is an insult to those of us who have been playing since the games inception. We have begged for for numerous changes and we are given an XP sytem which, I am pretty certain, nobody asked for.
  16. Dr Zaius

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    Mt first impressions after loading up with the same parts and PI from pre-update is my car is slower. As a result, I can't win a race at the moment. Perhaps the addition of new never-before-seen parts has AI going faster, yet again. Another tactic to get highly ranked players to keep playing to get those new epic parts? XP System? I don't get it. I'm at maximum and what does it do for me? And as stated by Xoloth with impeccable precision..... the qualifying and sprint modes are still uneven. You can be a second behind your opponent by the end of the first straight because he's got a half second head start and he's doing 320kph. Update: 30 minutes play and one win. Required a complete setup change. Power is out and aero is in. Track handling is all different. There goes my hours of Melbourne practice. I'm betting my 1:15 will be a distant memory.
  17. Dr Zaius

    New XP System and R&D Boxes

    I'd never thought to play a grid start in Single mode. It does beg the question "if it's possible for a grid start to run smoothly using one algorithm, why not transfer that code across to the main game?"
  18. Dr Zaius

    New XP System and R&D Boxes

    The youtube video explaining the wow factor of the XP system lacked one thing......the Wow factor. Yet another candy crush way of making you think you're advancing in some way when in fact nothing is happening and there is no reward except to say I have a higher XP than I did before. But does it enhance the driving experience? Not as far as I could tell from the video, which I'd like to point out shows a grid start that is so removed from real life it's fiction. Has anybody ever carefully manoeuvred through the field, yielding to drivers in front so you can then press the throttle and overtake? Have you ever woven past AI cars as they allow you to pass them with care and consideration? Seriously, they must have a different game for promos than the one the public has.
  19. Dr Zaius

    GP Events is BACK in F1® Mobile Racing for Update 4

    New Grid Start Message: "You will not be competing in this race and you have been deducted 30 points. Thank you for playing F1 Mobile."
  20. Dr Zaius

    good car...

    I have no response to this.
  21. Dr Zaius

    New XP System and R&D Boxes

    New XP and R&D. Wooooopeeee. Still doing the same one lap races over and over. Even if all previous issues are resolved with this update, we still have the same monotonous game. You've added nothing except a new reward system. Great for collectors who love earning points and gloat about climbing a ladder, but what's in it for those of us who want to race? You've delivered nothing for those who want a Formula 1 racing game.
  22. Dr Zaius

    Red bull car understeering problem

    Where is it stated "in the game" that purchasing an official car is identical to a standard car? Edit: It's in help under in game currencies. Basically, it's the last place you'd look to find out that spending ten bucks wasn't going to get you a better car.
  23. Dr Zaius

    Thanks Chris Groves for ignoring me

    He must have seen my post since his name was right there in the title, but his blatant, pointed avoidance of the subject matter can lead to only one conclusion; the game we have is the game we are always going to have. There is no plan for it to evolve. No plan for it to become more engaging. It will, at its core, remain three race modes over one lap and one lap only. Longer competitive races will not happen. Career modes are not planned. And it's a pipe dream that we may have pit stops or changing weather. He had his chance to tell us any future vision for the game, but did nothing but reiterate the old Events are going to be even more exciting. Which isn't hard when the game itself is so unexciting.
  24. Dr Zaius

    Red bull car understeering problem

    What do you think is the best car to own?
  25. Dr Zaius

    Australia event

    Not sure why we're even going this fast. Lewis Hamilton last year holds the record at 1:21.