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    F1 2019 Anniversary vs Standard

    I'm unaware of an Anniversary edition. Is it a mobile platform title?
  2. Dr Zaius

    Braking assist

    What device are you using to play @Norrin78? I can see why you cannot brake and accelerate if you are steering with your thumbs, so have you considered using the tilt option to steer? It frees up your thumbs for accelerating and braking and I think most people use this option to get the best lap times. Although if you're using a phone, all bets are off and I have no idea how to help. I play on a large iPad Pro and I tried to play once on my phone and lasted about 15 seconds before I ended up in the grandstand. Many virtual spectators died that day.
  3. Dr Zaius

    9000+ points after 2 races?

    I feel sorry for M. So many races for so little points.
  4. Dr Zaius

    Braking assist

    How do you use the brakes? Do you release the throttle and then touch the brake? That's what I used to do. I now have no brakes in my car setup and I don't use brake assist, but I keep my finger on the accelerator and the brakes really bite. You can brake later and you brake faster. Maybe everyone knows this. Tell me if I'm preaching to the converted.
  5. Dr Zaius


    An attempt at cutting In front of my opponent by late braking into a corner (he was 11th, I was 12th) resulted in him pushing me into the grass. By the time I returned to the track he was 10 seconds ahead. Why compete? Hit quit, lose the race and realise what garbage this game is. Am I the only person who has seen F1 cars roll on grass? They have these things called tires. They're round and on a solid surface like grass, they roll. The cars inertia will result in them continuing to roll until momentum has ceased. And considering the high speed they are usually travelling, grass should not slow them down very much. I am sure I have even seen them hit an area of run off comprised of sand and even that does little to slow the cars and many will hit a barrier having traversed a hundred metres of sand without losing much speed resulting in a heavy collision. Perhaps Codemasters should offer some F1 Mobile grass as a safety barrier?
  6. Dr Zaius

    Introducing @CMF1Mobile

    As Dante eloquently put it, this is fuuuuuuuuiiickkkkkked! You've had almost a year to address the deliberate ramming from opponents and it just gets worse and worse. There is nothing fair about this. A grid start or sprint is a smashem up Derby. There are no penalties for aggressive drivers who will do anything to win and often the innocent party is the recipient of the penalty. Frequently I am the faster car on a straight and you have to seriously think about whether or not to overtake because you will be side swiped and pushed into a wall or the grass (quicksand) And again, I beg you to make the races longer!!!! Please!!!! As if it isn't hard enough trying to catch your opponent with five kill bots to contend with to try and win, you have only 60 seconds on most tracks to catch up. Impossible. So what's the point? Where's the enjoyment? I now race very rarely and when I do I am reminded why I don't play more often. Because it doesn't draw me in. It did back when it was new. I bought cars, topped up credits. Now I feel like a fool for doing it, because it gives me no advantage. But I should want to pay. If the game was giving me rewards for my efforts, I'd pay to play, but you've warped the original model and it's lost its attraction and you don't seem to have an idea about how to make it a great game.
  7. Dr Zaius

    Introducing @CMF1Mobile

    Here's some news for @CMF1Mobile.... I've had enough of the garbage programming in Grid Starts and Sprints! There is no enjoyment in always being rammed off course, into a wall or into another vehicle. There is no skill at all involved in as much as completing these races let alone any chance of winning one. I'm going back to Real Racing 3 where at least it is possible to overtake other cars and I can select ten lap races around tracks like Lemans. Half an hour of strategic racing is how this game should work instead of sixty seconds of demolition.
  8. Dr Zaius

    A few suggestions

    Sadly, as you have predicted, all your suggestions will go unheard. Any expectations of fair racing remain unlikely as is the idea that having a more powerful car will make you more competitive. Your $600 will make you faster, but the bots will always be faster than you. I wouldn't advise spending any more money. If you are enjoying the game, then you are getting more out of it than many of us who have largely stopped playing because of its failure to eliminate some elements of its absurd game play and ill defined rules relating to collision penalties.
  9. Dr Zaius

    Setups and settings saga

    My good man Mr Corsare, I seek your advice in general on grid starts. I cannot seem to find a safe place for my vehicle. Outside, inside, in the middle of the pack.....all result in me being rammed off the track or sent into another celestial dimension. What do you do? I cannot out race them, I do not have the speed, so what is the best strategy? Also, what hope does anybody have at Monza when you are placed 6th and immediately are faced with a chicane with cars three across blocking the road?? The last 8.5 update promised fairer racing but it's still a NASCAR smash in every race.
  10. Dr Zaius

    Ideas to improve the game

    Staff could read these comments sometimes.
  11. I had one empty slot and I thought I'll just win one duel and fill it with something. I lost the race to find I had been given one Legendary part just in time to supposedly seduce me into buying credits so I can use it before the weekend Event. of course I can wait two days for it to be available for free, but the event will be finished. I didn't think there were any devious money making tactics left to implement in this game, but there you go. I can call them scum with impunity because nobody from Codemasters reads these any more.
  12. Why are grid starts still lacking any kind of structure? Why is it that I can take the safest possible line and still be rear ended, side wiped and I am the one with the penalty and left in 12th? Okay Codemasters, you negligent money stealing bunch of jerks, you couldn't give a damn about fair play, because you're making money. Screw the users. Well here's the thing and I've been saying it so long I'm sick of saying it. I wouldn't care about the foul play you have embedded in the code if I didn't have approximately 60 seconds to rectify your mistakes which is impossible when the rest of the field now occupy positions 5 - 12. But if a grid start was 5 laps, I'd keep playing because I'd stand a chance of regaining the lead. Why is this not possible? Its a rhetorical question since I know you have no intention of changing anything.
  13. Dr Zaius

    Last update demands qualifying only mode

    I'd like to know why in a Sprint race I just had at Sochi (a track I love and always do well) as the countdown to the race start began and I had no control over the car, I drove straight into the fence with still 2 seconds until race start. By the time I rejoined the race I was 12th with a 9 second gap to opponent in 3rd. Who created this line of coding? Nobody, that's who, because it's a bug and this game has more bugs than my old dorm mattress. (I never had a dorm mattress, but it makes for good stand up comedy) No? Alright forget it. Good night, you're a terrible audience.
  14. Dr Zaius

    You money hungry scum Codemasters

    I'm eating up credits doing retries. It requires full concentration to get one perfect lap together and by the time I'm on lap two and household distractions cause me to touch a wall or cut a corner, my nerves are shattered. I really hate not being able to put in a run of three good laps without spending dozens of credits and knowing that those laps are just safe laps, not fast laps. This strategy by Codemasters has sucked the excitement out of the Events. I used to love the adrenaline surge of pushing the car and myself to the limit. Now I have to be satisfied with just getting around without mistakes. The first half of the season was all Gold for me, now I know I'm going to never get higher than Silver.
  15. Dr Zaius

    Early Christmas Present?

    Is that all you got? I got 1,000 credits and a free VIP Membership. What did everyone else get?
  16. Dr Zaius

    You money hungry scum Codemasters

    Or mega super power braking. Really, does anybody think superior braking is of any use whatever in this game??
  17. Dr Zaius

    New parts!

    I don't know about you but I can barely contain my excitement over the addition of five new cards to collect. I hope to soon collect all the cards so that my Thomas the Tank Engine is the bestest go faster train in the whole wild world! I only wish I could swap cards in the playground with my friends at lunchtime at school. That would be really super fun. Golly gee! I had no idea F1 could be so much fun. Cards! Cards! Cards and more cards. *Note from developer. We try and make this game about giving you a genuine, realistic F1 driving experience. (but remember kids....collect those cards and you'll win bigly!)
  18. Dr Zaius

    New parts!

    I don't even care any more. If the rest of the game was fair and everybody had the same chance of winning if they didn't cheat or drive irresponsibly, then I might be concerned, but this is just another example of the shambolic state of play. As mentioned elsewhere, the staff have abandoned us after the early days of asking for our help making the game better. They decided to go down a path that was better for only one thing - profits. Not one thing about the driving of the cars is more enjoyable from day one. So why is anybody surprised when the game acts like it has a personal hatred for you alone.
  19. Dr Zaius

    Setups and settings saga

    Hello Corsare from Holland! Thanks for the information. I don't really lose as many races as I claimed. I was just having a period of frustrated readjustment to suddenly acquiring new parts that saw me picking up a second a lap on my previous record times while still not being able to overtake cars. Which I must say is a hard thing to attempt on a straight since the track never seems wide enough and cars drive in the middle of the track. The long straight at Suzuka is an example of this. My set-up is aero and handling based and I have brake assist Off, steering Low and Stability High, not Full. I always leave my thumb on the throttle because braking is much more efficient that way. Around tricky corners like the first bends at China I repeatedly tap the brake just enough to maintain optimum speed. I'd love to get your tips on the upcoming Singapore race. Especially how to deal with the left corner at the end of sector 2. I have broken the front right suspension so many times I have lost count. Dr Z From Australia
  20. Dr Zaius

    Setups and settings saga

    I am sure you have a very well set up car, but for those of us who collect an upgrade here and there promising an increase in performance, have you found that in a normal Grid Start Duel that you have a considerable speed advantage over the 20 or so cars in the field? Do you race past every car and finish first all the time or is the allure of “more parts for more speed” simply a fallacy that keeps us aiming for some kind of performance rating that will finally have us beating all competitors? Edit: I ask this because in the last few days I scored a Legendary upgrade and a huge Epic upgrade which sees me easily breaking my old lap record times, but I'm losing so many duels. I mean, a lot! Every opponent is heaps faster than me, so what's the point of getting an upgrade if it doesn't make you more competitive. Is it a marketing ploy? Make you think you're going to win more races if you buy credits and upgrade? Also of note: Is it just me or are there some circuits where you always win, yet other tracks where no matter how perfect your lap is, the other driver is like a slot car, it just sticks to the green line at full speed and never makes a mistake.
  21. Dr Zaius


    Is this your opponent in a duel where this is happening? Or a you referring to the rest of the AI field?
  22. Dr Zaius


    Does this seem to fall into a category I would describe as unethical or even immoral? Users give this company money for cars, helmets, credits, season passes and more. Essentially we pay staff wages. In return we should expect a fair and level playing field at least against our designated opponent, who we are led to believe is an actual representation of another competitor, if not in real time at least as a representation of that person's performance.
  23. Dr Zaius

    You've done it CODEMASTER - I'm leaving

    I played RR3 for years until they started introducing updates and half a dozen new cars every month. Before then I had every car and they were fully updated. I even had a 100% completion rate. Then suddenly the cost of upgrading hypercars became impossible. My math is not the most accurate but I figured that purchasing and upgrading (another) McLaren is close to $1,000. They do seem to issue multiple variants of the same vehicles for completists, for example Porsche GT 1, 2, 3, GT Versace edition..... I sometimes pull up my cloud saved version of RR3 just to do a 10 lap race in LMP1 cars at Lemans. Starting at the rear with 20 cars to overtake is the closest thing to how I'd like this game to work.
  24. I’m still baffled that during duels you are rear ended, rammed off the track and receive a penalty while your opponent races off into 4th place while you are in 12th with no chance of catching up. Next race your SR has taken a hit because you are an unsafe driver! Can’t an algorithm be implemented which can differentiate between contact with the cars rear as opposed to the front? Nobody is going to reverse into you to get an advantage, so it seems like a simple line of code. Hit someone with your front.... your fault. Get hit by someone else’s front....their fault.
  25. Dr Zaius


    I must be extremely naive. I had never thought that perhaps Codemasters had programmed bots to cheat. The idea that they may have deliberately coded bots to rear end you at full speed as you are braking into a turn or pushing you off the track on the grid is really a very disturbing thought. I have always understood that the field of AI cars are not there to make your life easy, but if your opponent is a cheating bot, then this game has even less than the little credibility I gave it.