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    You've done it CODEMASTER - I'm leaving

    I won't be far behind you. I've persisted since version 1 and would have thought the game would be so much better by now, but things that plagued it then are not only still a problem, in some cases they've gotten worse. There was no safety rating then and the band aid solution has done nothing and frequently punishes the victim of any incident. I can't get past the first corner in any grid start because I'm rear ended every time. That's assuming I make it to the first corner because my opponent beside me on the grid will always try and push me off track or into a wall. The basic function of the game is out of control.
  2. Dr Zaius

    Paying to retry?

    My inbox today informs me that like in real F1, the pressure is on to achieve the perfect lap during Events, so unlimited retries are simply not realistic and therefore no longer part of the game. So, is it a little hypocritical that if you purchase a season pass, this doesn't apply to you? Give them money and you are permitted to break the rules. Is this part of F1 too? Has Lewis Hamilton's team been paying officials to do unlimited qualifying times when everybody else has gone home? Also to be noted. The introduction of the Season Pass at a point when the season was half finished. Does it not seem more logical to have a season pass at the start of the season? At least offer the Season Pass now for half price.
  3. Dr Zaius

    Setups and settings saga

    Do you have VIP membership? You aren't being charged credits to do retries.
  4. Dr Zaius

    Crashing game during event load

    So much anger at the way the game is being tweaked, yet nobody on this, the official Codemasters forum has anything to say. Chris used to jump in a few times a day to address issues, but now it's like there's a brick wall between the playing community and the developers.
  5. Dr Zaius

    Paying to retry?

    I just paid to retry all three races for 6 credits. Finger on the throttle, release clutch... Car doesn't move. Whole field overtakes me. Now it's 8 credits to retry. And some people here are saying this is a good update. Has Chris Groves established a fake account to spread propaganda? I'm about one more stuff up from deleting this game which is a pity. I've spent money to support it, I've played consistently and fairly and I've been trying to supply feedback to help grow the game since version 1. And this is what it's come to. The one more stuff up occurred. I had good qualifying times, the sort that got me on pole. At the first chicane I had the inside line but ended up pushed off the track. Cut Corner penalty. Valuable seconds gone. Hit "retry" cost? another 10 credits. I put in 9 faultless laps. Safe laps to be honest because I can't afford to keep exponentially spending credits, but I beat my previous time by a significant margin. Yet I remain wallowing in Silver. I'm not complaining that there are faster drivers than myself, it's that my times (as my pole position suggests) in all past events have been Gold standard. Why have they changed the points structuring to push consistent performing players down the rankings?
  6. Dr Zaius

    Update 8 is a step in the wrong direction

    Is it not it enough that every reward comes with an ad? Arent they generating revenue from ad placements without clamping down on paid retries? I'll admit to my embarrassment, long ago I purchased 2 official cars, and early on in the game when I knew no better a few packs of credits because the implication has always been that better parts means more speed and more wins. This is now seen as if not a lie at least misleading. I'm simply getting no fun from it any more. Certainly no excitement. Now my 6 months of Gold race winning performances has been downgraded to Silver. Why? How can I place Gold in every event bar one and be dropped to Silver? This is governmental financial reshuffling to make treasury look good on a blatant scale. If you deny the incentive for 90% of the competitors to compete, soon you will only have 10% of people playing and that will be the end of the game.
  7. Dr Zaius

    Paying to retry?

    Disagree. This is a game and as a game it should strive to allow us to push ourselves to produce the best times we can. This generates excitement and creates a compulsion in the player to keep coming back to do better. Where is the appeal in playing safe to avoid losing credits? Have you never hit the retry button? Or do you miss an apex, get an engine penalty and say, "well, I'll have to just cop it because this is F1?" No, I'm pretty sure you'd think, "I'll try that again and this time remember not to cut the corner" If total realism is what you're after and you haven't already worked out that F1 Mobile has no bearing on the real sport, you mustn't follow F1 because this is nothing like the real thing.
  8. Dr Zaius

    Paying to retry?

    The race starts in an hour. I'm usually excited about this. Not this time because I know I can't push myself to do my best time. One tiny mistake that may cost me a second is something I have to live with because I am not prepared to pay for delivering my best performance. I'm sure we have all in the past stopped a race to begin again because we know we can do better. Shouldn't the race results represent our best times, not the times we settled on because we chose a safe drive to avoid losing credits? In the past I may make thirty or more tries just to get three perfect laps strung together. That's maybe a total of a hundred attempts. Now, what would that cost me in credits? This is a massive fail for what has been to this point in the game the only exciting aspect of racing. I lost interest in one lap duels and now, thanks Codemasters, I have lost interest in Events. Time to get the delete thumb ready.
  9. Dr Zaius

    Paying to retry?

    I managed a 1:13.05 and that awarded me silver. They've really tightened up the Gold tier. As I said earlier all my events have been Gold and until now my ranking was Gold, but now I'm overall Silver. Does it help to demoralise consistent players? Am I supposed to buy a few thousand credits to collect go-fast parts? Nuh uh.... I'm not falling for that.
  10. Dr Zaius

    Paying to retry?

    I just emerged from the Improve offer on old Events. My car is much faster now that it was then and indeed I set new lap records. But although promoted as Unlimited attempts, it's another paY to redo. A retry is 2 credits. If you make a mistake and try again, it's 4 credits, then 6....you get the idea. By the time I had finished qualifying, then three 3 lap races and not wanting to waste more credits I had moved up the ranking by a few hundred points. A total waste of time, but hurray Codemasters, you found another new way to get us to use up credits. I'll repeat myself again and say, paying to redo laps significantly hampers the urge to push yourself to be as fast as you can in favour of driving a safe, no error race, which is boring.
  11. Dr Zaius

    Paying to retry?

    That would be great. Plus how about not having a ghost car in front of you as you approach the braking markers at the first corner?
  12. Dr Zaius

    Paying to retry?

    I'd like to know how it's possible to do Monza in 52 seconds as the first ranked player has done. The lap record at Monza is a 1:19. The 52 second time shouldn't even be possible. This isn't Asphalt 9 where cars defy the laws of physics. And I personally don't think paid retries are an asset to the playing experience. I'm 5 seconds off my personal best because I don't want to push too hard and lose the few credits I have. So if I'm not doing my best, it's not delivering the best gaming experience for me. This is another example of the devs having their focus on revenue increases and nothing else. Each update is about plugging holes where money is leaking and can be retrieved. I achieved my best ever performance last week at Spa because I pushed myself to the limit. But it took countless attempts to achieve 3 perfect laps and when I did it was heart pumping exhilaration. Isn't this what a good game should deliver? I won't be doing anything like that this weekend. Thanks Codemasters. Here's your new company slogan "the fun stops here"
  13. Dr Zaius

    Update 8

    Thanks to points redistribution I have gone from a Gold tier ranking to Silver. Despite having won Gold in every event except Monaco where I got Silver, my overall points have pushed me down the ladder. I can't see any logic in winning Gold in every race bar one and not being in a Gold position globally. This seems like another Codemasters manipulation of the rules to change the game mid season. It's the equivalent of telling Lewis Hamilton a win isn't worth as many points now and you aren't leading the championship any more. Sorry to do this mid season, but I'm sure you'll understand. And in breaking news! The longer Single races? My verdict is as follows. I set up a 15 lap race at Spa to the most difficult setting. Started at the back of the grid. Reached first place before the end of lap 1. Quit race. Summary? Waste of time.
  14. I've hung about the fringes of the game doing just enough to stay where I want to be. I finish Gold in all Events and reached Elite 1. I collected my rewards and today as the game reset, I got a picture of what this game is going to involve for the rest of the year and to describe it as repetitive is an understatement. All the things we put forward as suggestions on this forum have not only not been implemented, they were all ignored and we were given a model that nobody asked for and now the forum, being largely unattended by mods indicates a winding down of development. So for me, the question is do I keep playing snakes and ladders with advancing to Elite 1 to dropping each month for a do over? Do I keep racing the events for almost no reward? I have lost interest in the one lap duels where the goal is never to win, only to beat your opponent and try not to get wiped out by a car that isn't even competing against you. It is now clear this will never be a Formula 1 game and that is disappointing.
  15. Dr Zaius

    Update 8

    Why can't longer Single races be for competition points? This would be a huge leap forward to keeping players in the game and represent something closer to F1 racing, but adding more cards to collect has nothing to do with motor sport. I've never seen Lewis Hamilton jump out of his car after winning and asking "how many epic cards did we get?" Like him, we want to race other drivers and place first and that could be done by making Single races part of the Duel racing format. So why does it sit there as practice laps and nothing more? Pointless. Quite literally pointless.
  16. Dr Zaius

    So now we have a clear idea of the game

    While I'm 99% sure the game will see no changes for the rest of the season, I am hopeful that should there be a 2020 version we might see what is now Single race mode become an integrated aspect of competition with suitable rewards for 1, 3, or 5 lap races and increased prizes for easy, medium or hard levels with extra for 1st, 2nd or 3rd. I would be happy to pay an entry fee with Resource Points to compete. Everything is in place in the coding. The addition of a reward scheme could be done easily (he says knowing nothing of the sort) and would add depth to a game that has stagnated. Honestly, how many of us would drop the one lap Qualifying against ghost cars to race a full field over 5 laps with a chance to finish first and actually use our acquired driving skills and strategy? These are the things that will keep me in the game. Not more Elite levels or hidden parts or glow-in-the-dark helmets!!
  17. Dr Zaius

    Myth or Real about Legendary box

    The game is now officially a card collecting game. Like searching for the rarest of Pokemon, we have left motor racing behind and entered the realm of the absurd where any tenuous link to F1 has been abandoned.
  18. Dr Zaius


    Then why did you ask me a personal question related to the weather and ask if I'd seen a shark? Perhaps I am naive, but I thought you were being sincere. In confrontational situations, my best defence is to diffuse and find common ground, in short to try and become a real person, not a series of anonymous words. You're English (my guess) and my wife is English. I thought we may share some commonalities. My direct observations of possible hacking were reinforced by other people astounded that anybody can fill four slots with Legendary Parts. You do not fall into this category and I never alluded to any cheating or hacking on your part after you posted a screenshot. I am really sorry if I did not address this to your satisfaction. I believe you got to the top through skill and determination. Something I confessed I don't have. Nothing I said was intended to be sarcastic. Quite the opposite, I was self deprecatory and bore the brunt of my own shortcomings. I have been here a long time and after 300 posts, I feel connected to this group. I have settled in and made many friends and while I certainly don't obsess over this game, I would need to reassess my visiting this forum if I felt I was not welcome.
  19. Dr Zaius


    Are you serious? Do you not understand somebody trying to just have a chat with you including a bit of light hearted humour? What is your problem, you are being a total Arse!
  20. Dr Zaius


    I'm sorry I sounded a bit peculiar. I'm probably just frustrated at my own lack of ability. My hand/eye co-ordination can't even keep up with the speed my car has at the moment so I hold little hope of advancing much further. I'm not exactly young and it's a reminder that I'm slowing down. (In my head I'm still Lewis Hamilton) I'm in Australia in the mountains and it's just snowed for two days with temps not rising above freezing and yes, I've not only seen a shark, I caught one in 1988 while beach fishing. I remember the year because I was watching Halley's Comet while reeling in what I thought was record breaking flathead. I don't know what sort of shark it was. As soon as I saw it I ran away and left it to my father-in-law. Solid Luton born R.A.F chap. Always called me a "right poof" I assume your proper title is Colin O.B.E. The Queen's never recognised all of my efforts in the field of procrastination. I should be bloody knighted for that. But not next week. Maybe the week after. Nah, next year. Need to iron a shirt. Gawd! Need to buy a button up shirt. Ahhh, to hell with it.
  21. Dr Zaius


    I have only raced one third as many duels although I have reached 9,999 points. I don't have more spare time to devote to duels. You must have much more free time.
  22. Dr Zaius


    Only by weak sunday players... maybe instead of barking, go and train? I guess I'm a weak Sunday untrained player. The shame I feel is unbearable.
  23. Dr Zaius


    How many hours and how many races do you do each day? What is your win/loss ratio? Do you buy credits? I don't doubt anything you've said, but you must have a different level of commitment to the average player. And another thing I touched on in another thread: apart from personal satisfaction, if you are in the top Gold tier, there is no extra reward for number 1 or 100, so for anybody spending money to creep up a few hundred positions, there is no gain. So, if there is any cheating to be number 1 in the world, it is pointless.
  24. Dr Zaius

    Season pass worth it?

    I know that I'm late to answer this, but no. In fact I'm not sure who would want this. You get a car, which is basically paying $12 or so for one part and some paint. And a helmet. I mean, a helmet? How often have you waited on the grid and thought, "wow! Nice helmet on that guy!" Then we get to the real value of the annual fee. Unlimited re-dos of Events! Which is..... an absolute waste of time and effort!! If you've placed mid field Silver and you can practice and practice Melbourne and pick up a full second in qualifying and then pick up 3 seconds during the race, you're still mid field Silver. Net gain=zero. This offer is baffling.
  25. Dr Zaius

    Safety Rating

    Does anybody have a clue as to how you can raise your SR? I'm stuck down in the red and when you're paired up with people or bots or whoever that ram you into the sky or push you off a corner or don't break going into a corner and you rear end them or any one of a dozen things that are no fault of your own, but you're the one who receives the penalty resulting in a lowering of your already low rating!! How is it possible to win races and avoid contact with anybody? Can you raise your safety rating by slowly driving around a circuit, come last and get into the green? How long would it take and how many points would you lose?