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    Do you have any suspicions about the top ranked players globally? They hold such massive leads in terms of points and times that unless they've hacked into free credits to Max out their cars or some other way of cutting lap times to a level that seems impossible, it seems to defy the physics of the game I am playing. And take a look at the top ranks in the Elite field. Guys who have already completed 1,000 races and have 9,999 points? This is a new system only recently implemented so how can anybody accrue so many points? I don't believe anybody plays 24 hours a day and wins every race.
  2. Dr Zaius

    Wrong scoring in Hockenheim

    I don't think Chris is as heavily involved in F1 Mobile anymore. He seems to have been transferred to the Grid department. If he was still the face of F1 Mobile would we have heard from him announcing the last update? As far as I know it was just released with no fanfare. Maybe they do most of their PR on Facebook?
  3. My point is that Chris Groves' personal involvement in this forum has diminished to a point where I'm not sure he's real anymore. Like Leprechauns, Unicorns or Daniel Ricciardos leaving Red Bull being a good idea. And since you mentioned incentives..... the rewards at the end of each event. Such a Ho hum moment when you collect your parts and not one is upgradeable. A livery that's just ugly. A helmet I don't like and a sticker. Seems like a lot of effort to attain Gold for little reward. Well, no reward to be honest since I'm in the same position as I was yesterday. I don't know what goes on in staff meetings, but I suspect it's focus is on locking in players, incentivising them to pay for extras. I don't think much time is devoted to making the racing more realistic or enjoyable. The new Elite system with its new parts is proof that expansion of the current model is the priority, not a ground up re-think.
  4. I think "Attention Chris Groves: Please fix the game" is akin to "Attention Donald Trump: Please fix gun crime"
  5. Qualifying races against cars driven by someone called Player with the number 22. They are on rails. They never make mistakes. I just raced one around Monaco. Impossible to keep up as it never touches a wall or guardrail. I'm in Australia and while I play the world sleeps. Is this why I am never matched with real drivers? Do European and American players get the same treatment? I could write a book about all the things I hate about this game. Chapter One: Everything. Chapter Two: Everything I missed in Chapter one.
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    You can take the last corner as you approach the straight without braking.
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    All aero here. Tried the extra handling.....did nothing. I usually run low stability/steering with brakes off, but got much better times with stability full and steering high. Especially noticeable at the end of sector 2 where you can take the bends flat out.
  8. Dr Zaius

    Update 7

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the essence of this update addresses the issue of the 9,999 point, League 1 ceiling. Added more parts to collect as well, but other than that it's the same game, right? To use a sports analogy, we complained that a 100 yard run would result in a touchdown. So they have changed it to being a two mile run is needed for a touchdown. And hopefully we have the stamina to pursue this. But I suspect they will offer some in app purchases to help us get there. Even though "there" is the same as the 9,999 point, League 1 goal, all the while distracting us from the things we'd like to see. Longer races, pit stops, tyre strategies, weather conditions and intelligent artificial intelligent cars devoid of psychopathological murderous instincts. A bit more investigation reveals a strategy from Codemasters that will penalise casual players. Even if you play occasionally and win, you will slide back down the ranks. You may be Elite now, but unless you put the time into playing duels, you'll be back to the Leagues. Anybody see Black Mirrors "15 Million Merits?" I'm starting to get that vibe. Play! Do not be distracted by work, study, friends.....life! Just play. PLAY!!
  9. Dr Zaius

    Update 7

    More levels and parts to keep you locked into the game until the year 2250. First glance at the new structure is that they have addressed user complaints that League 1 was the ceiling. But the solution is poorly implemented. They created Elite Leagues!! They might as well have just called it Super League 1, then moving up to Super Duper League 1 for all the difference it has made. And now a new kind of part which by the same logic could be called a Super Duper Epic part!! They are just nailing bits onto the existing framework. I'm all in favour of an Elite League, but that should grant the player access to a new level of competition. Ten lap races for example. What we didn't want is an extended way of playing 1 lap Qualifying races for eternity.
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    Here we go again...

    Incredible isn't it! I've spent days bringing my lap time at Hungary down by 4 seconds. Who knows how the handling or the circuit will be after their maintenance. Any info about what they're doing might be considered a courtesy, but generally, communication has ceased after an energetic start here.
  11. Dr Zaius

    CM did not respond

    If they aren't making enough money from ad placement they need to find new ways to place more ads. Perhaps in the middle of a race? Or while you're waiting for the lights at a grid start!
  12. Dr Zaius

    German GP Car

    It's a bug. It doesn't work for me either. If you're relatively new here you'll come across those two words frequently. "Doesn't work" Practice saying it. It can almost always be incorporated into any question on this forum.
  13. I've never viewed the safety ratings as anything other than arbitrary. When you're in the red it's like trying to dig yourself out of a hole. I was at 0.6 for weeks despite wins and losses. Then suddenly shot up into the green. Next race a simple qualifying which I won, no corner cutting or going off track and it dropped immediately to red again. I can't even comprehend how anybody can hang onto a green rating. Who can race with any regularity and not make any contact or be hit by anyone and win? Maybe those guys at the top of the Ranks for Events whose cars must have every upgrade available. Or they cheat? Nah. That couldn't be it. They are simply 10 seconds a lap faster than me. 20 if it's Spa.
  14. For the first time in a while I played a few grid start duels and the issue of the penalty system was on my mind. I tried to race as safely as possible and still I was hit with penalties and I now see the problem. It is the behaviour of the AI cars. They don't behave like real race cars. They are totally irrational and if they were in a real F1 race they would all be black flagged. This is why "we"....the real drivers don't stand a chance. Because we're against cars that take hairpins three abreast. Cars that cut inside you without braking as you reach the apex of a corner at a responsible speed. Cars that box you in and leave you with no options to go anywhere and again it is you that is penalised. Have any of the developers watched an actual race? If so they'd know that after the first corner cars fall into a single line. Why doesn't that happen here? If a race consisted of overtaking single cars one at a time and using real world tactics like late braking or slipstreaming or the DRS zones we could eliminate the penalty system for all but the most blatant cheating. But as others have pointed out, we have F1 cars racing NASCAR style.
  15. Dr Zaius

    This is back!!

    I thought this issue had been fixed back at version 2 but here it is again. Loading 99% and stopping.
  16. Dr Zaius

    Shame on you !!!!!

    The forum is dying from neglect. I've been here since the games inception and it was once a thriving place to share information and of course air our grievances, which unsurprisingly we're almost identical. Now those same regulars don't bother making suggestions or commenting because nobody listens. The developers have their own agenda and rarely even make the most cursory attempt to address a specific issue. Like politicians, we get the same standard carbon copy answers to everything. "Our team is aware of this problem and is working hard to come up with a fix" Yet in all the time we have been asking for something as simple as "please fix the flying cars?" we get update after update adding new ways to buy premium extras, but no answer to the broken penalty system. Nobody answers anymore because they have nothing to say. Certainly nothing we want to hear.
  17. Dr Zaius

    Patch 6.5 notes

    As always, one step forward one step back. I just had the pleasure of a qualifying duel against a driver floating in mid air without a car. And to add to the confusion, in all sectors he was ahead of me, but I won the race despite having no brakes and losing about ten seconds in the gravel. This game needs to be transferred to a more competent team of developers because it's not showing any sign of significant improvement.
  18. Might as well get a heads up on this total nutcracker of a circuit. I don't know if drivers in the actual race feel like I do, but it's like that old footage of astronauts in a centrifuge. Modern cars are just not suited to this tight circuit. It's historic and it's picturesque, but it leaves no room for overtaking without one or both cars self destructing. It must have been lovely in the 1960's with a dazzling top speed of 100mph as Jack Brabham whizzed by the hotel balconies, but my head is totally spinning doing three laps. I do not anticipate placing high in the rankings. Thank you for your time. We will now resume normal transmission.
  19. Back in my day trawling for salmon off Nova Scotia we'd keel haul the lot of them for insubordination. And no rum for them. Aaaaarrrgghh!
  20. I don't know if anyone tried it, but it didn't give me any advantage. This used to be my favourite track....hitting the apexes (apii?) made for fast flowing laps, but now the speed humps on every corner will send you sideways. And with low steering and stability, hitting the last DRS zone causes wheelspin and you'll fishtail off course into the grass. I can't believe these are 'glitches' in coding. Somebody put them there because they weren't there before, so it's deliberate. But why? Again I wonder why the game doesn't follow F1 style racing. Imagine Lewis Hamilton fishtailing down a long straight because he opened up the rear wing on the DRS zone. It wouldn't happen, so why does it happen to us?
  21. Dr Zaius

    Canada Race

    I wanted to do a few single lap races to fine tune my qualifying time but can't be bothered since after every lap I have to watch an ad.
  22. Dr Zaius

    Update 6 feedback hub

    It does feel like hitting the apex of the corner is a punishable offence.
  23. Dr Zaius

    car setup after U6

    All aero isn't best anymore. I've had to put more emphasis on handling to stop the car becoming airborne when crossing the ripple strips.
  24. Dr Zaius

    Update 6 feedback hub

    Who asked for the bumpy surface? Has this ever been a request? I've been active on this forum since the start and nobody ever asked for a bumpy surface. Isn't this why staff monitor this section? For feedback from the end users? So many issues are raised week after week and with every update they are ignored. So what's the point of this forum? By now F1 Mobile should be near perfect, yet it continues to find new ways to create more annoying problems almost in spite of our observations and recommendations. We keep telling you how the game can be improved, but you treat us with disdain. I feel like a lab rat. Actually Pavlovs dog is more appropriate because I keep thinking that when you ring the bell announcing the next fix, I salivate in anticipation, but there is nothing there. Each time we get nothing.
  25. Dr Zaius

    No grip after update

    So far, no substantial improvement. Bug still in America qualifying. Lead car has a 5 second lead at start. Using high handling setup, car won't stay on the track. Won't brake. Why are we so far along in this game and things that we report here time and time again just don't get fixed? Okay, you've been busy fixing the cars graphics. Yay. How about Spielberg's scenery? It been rubbish from day 1. Just what are the staff spending their days doing?