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    Canada Race

    I snuck in to Codemasters HQ and got this shot of their server.
  2. Dr Zaius

    Canada Race

    Did you have a cloud backup? Do you login using Game Center?
  3. Dr Zaius

    Tool for calculating setups.

    I still remain doubtful of the efficacy of anything that resembles an "ideal setup".... with the benefit of months of gameplay trying different configurations, any differences are indiscernible. Now that we can run three different set ups and I have my three in the most opposing forms.... Power, Handling and Aero... all indications are that Aero is always going to yield the best results. I have never found a track where sheer, brute power is an advantage.
  4. Dr Zaius

    June 6 patch notes

    Always one to live in naive hopefulness, I launched the game and got a Singapore grid start. Waited for opponent. No surprises there. Waited a bit longer. A bit longer. After five minutes, I was thinking of the Rocky Horror Song "Time Warp"....it's just a step to the front, then two steps to the back" Well, after an hours play, I've racked up 10 straight losses. So, have you done anything to improve my experience? That's a no from me. I'll be stopping play again, until something occurs to make this enjoyable. In fact after a long lay-off I downloaded my old favourite RR3 and doing 10 laps of Lemans in an LMP1 car, weaving through back markers, choosing your overtaking points and knowing the your opponents weren't going to ram you off the track was an absolute delight compared to this underdeveloped game. Also to note. Why am I only ever racing number 22 Bots? Is it my time zone? I know the rest of the world is asleep, so why should I never compete against real players? And bots never make mistakes. I've never been behind one and it cuts a corner.
  5. Dr Zaius

    Lack of interest

    There seems to be a sizeable drop off in the number and frequency of users visiting this forum. I wonder if it is indicative of players removing themselves actively from the game or is it a case of "posting complaints here is pointless" so why bother?
  6. Dr Zaius

    Latest patch status

    I feel for you Chris. You're the Sarah Sanders of Codemasters. Putting a positive spin on everything must be challenging, so take it easy, it's just a game after all.
  7. Please feel free to lodge a complaint. I'm sick of this place and everybody associated with it. It's a **** game and all anybody does is moan about it.

    1. UP100


      If you're sick of this place, you maybe should stop being here?

  8. You are applying logic to the operational aspects of this game. This approach will return erroneous assumptions that do not apply to any and or all specific outcomes based on the algorithms outlined in the contract as per the schedule of events when calculated to be equal or greater than the lesser amassed amount of points per event per competitor and as such any actual results are null and void. I thought everyone knew that.
  9. Dr Zaius

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    My 1:07 got me 14th on the grid.
  10. Dr Zaius

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    Yep, I don't know much about this game. I'm so stupid I actually enjoy playing it and like to buy helmets and Season Passes. I've got VIP Memberships paid up until 2028 and I own every official car.
  11. Dr Zaius

    Tool for calculating setups.

    Your concept is admirable but I think you overestimate the actual impact various parts have on performance. Many of us here have tried set-ups that are extreme. Ranging from all power to all aero to lightweight to even some who run with a PI of zero and the differences do not impact lap times. I would not advise you to spend your time on this.
  12. Dr Zaius

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    I'm around the same place, in bronze rank.... I've NEVER been bronze!! I'm currently wearing a paper bag on my head in shame. But I am hopeful that I'll be passing a lot of cars as I make my way up to first. I'm laughing, but you can't see it because of the paper bag.
  13. Dr Zaius

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    Current best times are in the 58 second marks. My predictions were close. Luckily I'm not one of those "I told you so" people.
  14. Dr Zaius

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    The Facebook group has posted a League 1 fastest time of 60 seconds. My guess is this will fall further. Now do you understand what I was saying? A 1:09 is not going to get you on the front row and the only chance you have at Monaco is being on the front row. There isn't the slightest hope of getting 3 good lap times from the middle of the pack. You will be hitting other cars, other cars will be hitting you and walls and barriers will be like magnets.
  15. Dr Zaius

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    I will take mostly spot on as a compliment. I would be most obliged if somebody could post the fastest qualifying lap times. I don't intend competing this weekend. I get nauseous running around this rat maze of a so called circuit.
  16. Dr Zaius

    May 21 Update

    What did this do? What did it change or hopefully fix? I just did a dozen races and they seemed to be exactly the same as before. Any explanatory notes in point form will suffice.
  17. So it boils down to the verdict that all the game is good for is killing time. There are no reasons to win, just as there are no reasons to reach the top with its XP Points, 9,999 trophies, bonus liveries and Safety Ratings.
  18. Dr Zaius

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    But I am referring to cheats (or times that have a missing sector) who push the legitimate players who post realistic times during qualifying down the grid. And once in the middle of the grid at a track where overtaking is near impossible, you're screwed. My qualifying time in Spain placed me 8th on the grid due to extremely fast times at the top. When I had the chance to do the event again, the "false times" we're removed and my similar time got me pole. Codemasters do not remove impossible times quickly enough and we all lose grid positions.
  19. Dr Zaius


    I hadn't played for weeks after the V5 update but picked up yesterday to find I was in a steeplechase. Cars were jumping over invisible barriers. Is there a "jump" button somewhere now?
  20. Dr Zaius

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    I doubt a 1:09 will suffice. Have you entered events before to find unrealistic times at the top of the leader board? Because for me it's been a flaw in every single event since inception. Your faith in this game offering fair play to all is admirable though.
  21. Dr Zaius

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    An optimist is in our ranks! This has to be a first surely. The rest of us have been complaining needlessly. I look forward to congratulating PGIII on first place on Sunday.
  22. Dr Zaius

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    It's almost upon us now. The most feared race of the season. And if you're not scared, then you must know something I don't because unless you are posting qualifying times in the 50 second region (ie cheating to get a P1 on the grid) then you will be in the middle of the pack for the race. And there is no way anybody is going to be overtaking 8 or 9 cars on this track. Nor can I see myself doing 3 laps without hitting something or flying over the bay where the view is very good. As many have said, I'll probably just sit this out. My best time is a 1:05 and if I'm any kind of yardstick, which I seem to be, that's not going to be a fast time.
  23. It sometimes feel that we, the players from version 1 were the Guinea pigs. We did the testing while they worked out the most efficient way to generate income. If I downloaded this game now as a new player, I'd be stoked. I'd buy a car, VIP passes and a pile of credits, sure in the knowledge that soon I'd be out of League 8 and on my way to the top. And golly gee and wow! I wonder what happens when I have all those epic parts in League 1?? Well, sorry kid. Nothing happens. You're never a winner. There is no first place, nor a prize at the end. You get nothing for reaching League 1. You just stall on 9,999 trophies and keep doing 1 lap Qualifying duels. Over and over. And keep repeating it.
  24. Dr Zaius

    Final Straw

    My camels back has been broken by so many last straws I have lost count. But yes, I agree, all my usual braking points have changed and a dozen test duels have left me wondering if I need to learn how to negotiate each track all over. My first race was at Spielberg and I can take the first right bend with just a very quick tap on the brake. This time I skidded off the track. Also Singapore. Brake, turn, throttle....but I've hit the wall. DNF.
  25. Dr Zaius

    Goodbye Niki Lauda

    You will be missed.