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    Baku Event

    I've just started my first attempt at race 1. I'm on the front row of the grid, perfect start but I'm around 3rd or 4th going into the first corner. Tried all three set-ups, aero, power and balanced. But they are so much faster! I don't recall anything like it from previous events. By turn 4 or 5 I quit since the lead car group are 30 seconds in front and I have no chance to catch up. And being rear ended when braking at the end of the main straight seems cruel. Found a way to grab the lead. Full lightweight. Held off bots until lap 2. LAP 2??? Last week this was a 1 lap race. There is no way I can win against super fast cars over 3 laps. I was ready to give V5 a fairly high score overall, but Events are all I have to enjoy now.... I should say "were" all I enjoyed. I have 9,999 trophies. I have more XP Points than I comprehend. I have nothing left to compete for.
  2. Dr Zaius

    What age group are you?

    Wondering who's playing. I'm not collecting data, nor keeping records of who answers. I'm just curious.
  3. Dr Zaius

    Baku Event

    Well, there I was feeling hugely letdown by my poor lap time and now I see why. Good to see that the cheats are still enjoying the game. Can any mods tell me if these times are considered legitimate and if not, will they be rescinded?
  4. Dr Zaius

    Baku Event

    I'm on attempt 50 to do Q2. Muscle memory has to be over ridden to stop me cutting the corners closely. That's now a penalty. And I'm going into turn 1 blind, since the ghost car blocks my view.
  5. Funniest thing about the icon graphic suggests that Lewis Hamilton should be looking over his shoulder because Daniel Ricciardo is right behind him.
  6. Dr Zaius

    Baku Event

    Okay, now I read that they're promoting this as an exciting new re-run! How is this exciting for those of us who spent a week practicing, then competing and often using credits to improve our times? Plus there's a whole new set of rules on track, going over a ripple strip is corner cutting. I've been doing a few test runs and I'm 10 seconds off last week's pace.
  7. Dr Zaius

    2019 Season Update Announcement!

    I'm a pretty good passenger. I'm always offering the driver helpful advice. Often shouted, often poorly received but always delivered with the intention of keeping the vehicle well below the speed limit, ensuring we arrive late, but alive.
  8. Dr Zaius

    2019 Season Update Announcement!

    I always get the ad which begins "start with five farmers" they are all men. The village grows, adding more and more men. There are men logging and mining. Men everywhere. No women anywhere. I think it's called "Man Land, A Place Where Men Can Be With Other Men Doing Man Stuff"
  9. Dr Zaius

    2019 Season Update Announcement!

    I don't get that ad. I'm switching to playing "Touching Lady Warrior Bits".....and what exactly is she wearing around her hips? She's definitely got something strapped on. I think. Unless that's how lady warriors bring the cucumbers home from market.
  10. Dr Zaius

    2019 Season Update Announcement!

    Also of note is that Chris has read our dissatisfactions with the game for months. He knows what we have asked for, yet nobody has asked for any of the things incorporated into V5. The most loyal and committed members of the community have been traded for a new market with cash and no idea of what F1 Mobile once was. They might as well have just slapped a price of $50 on the game and I suspect that would still be less than a years projected income per player from Codemasters. Anyway, these are all good marketing strategies Chris. I'm sure the bosses will be happy with these initiatives. Shame none of them relate to gameplay or are aimed at your current user base.
  11. Dr Zaius

    2019 Season Update Announcement!

    If this was the game I first downloaded, I would never have downloaded it. That's a confusing sentence, so let me say I am not going to be paying for annual entry fees nor VIP packages, nor will I be accruing 100 credits a week to pay for entry into a single Event. I would have to make playing a full time job. The great thing about this game originally was that you could use skill alone to slowly rise in the ranks. An official car was the only purchasable item. From this version it seems everything has been monetised. I can assure you Chris, I will no longer be a thorn in your side as I will be parting ways with this game. Sad, because originally the racing was really good.
  12. Every lap record I have done has been set with full aero. I can't beat them on any track with maximum power. I won't be using this feature. Not even if they include the Indy 500 Oval. Aero would still be my choice.
  13. Dr Zaius

    Baku event laptime and setup

    More disappointment. 44 parts from Gold win. 150 credits which combined with those accrued allowed me to buy 99 parts. Still not one single upgradeable part. I think this aspect of the game needs attention. So many parts needing as many as 450 points. How can we possibly reach these levels? It should be possible before the 2019 game is obsolete, but I can't see it happening. It is yet another aspect of the games design that leads to player fatigue.
  14. Dr Zaius

    What are these parts?

    Don't hyperventilate. You won't be leaving other cars in your wake when you get them. It doesn't matter what parts or PI you have, you won't go faster than the rest of the field. You might go faster, yes, but they'll still be faster. It's Codemasters "carrot on a string" trick to get you to spend money.
  15. Dr Zaius

    Baku event laptime and setup

    One advantage of being in the land down under (apart from being thankful for gravity) is I get an early start on the race and for a brief few minutes sit in the top 20. It doesn't last long, but I've learnt from experience not to waste credits redoing laps when the rewards are the same for last place Gold as first.
  16. Dr Zaius

    Baku event laptime and setup

    Laugh Extremely Loud?
  17. Dr Zaius

    Baku event laptime and setup

    "that said, that PB is pretty bad" I am sorry, I dishonour this game by competing.
  18. Dr Zaius

    Baku event laptime and setup

    Is this even possible? Has anybody achieved 389kmh?
  19. Dr Zaius

    Baku event laptime and setup

    I'm running full aero, brakes off, but full stability and steering with a total PI of around 1100. I pulled a 1:34.6 out of thin air just now. Not sure how. I'd been practicing and only managed 1:37s. You have to cut the last two left hand corners. The last one has tons of leeway. Don't brake just let go of the throttle for a half second.
  20. Because whatever it was has cost me the 500 trophies I spent all day yesterday accumulating, not to mention taking my SR from green back down to 0.6 in the red. If you're going to 'tinker' with the game, at least let us know what you're doing.
  21. Dr Zaius

    What was the recent local data update?

    I should think that as long as you aren't ramming opponents or pushing AI into barriers you should be able to improve your SR. But as I discovered through a days intensive racing, an important factor in increasing your SR is winning. And winning Qualifying races may result in you losing SR points. Logic plays no part in the process. I went from Red 0.6 to green 3.5 and back again doing exactly the same thing during a 6 hour period.
  22. Dr Zaius

    Safety Rating

    My safety rating is slowly but surely heading towards zero. I race fairly. I do not ram opponents or push them off the track. I cannot however race to win without some accidental contact occurring. I was once a Green 5 rating, yet since recent updates, I cannot improve my rating which is currently 0.6, even with a clean race with no contact with any other car. I have dropped from the highest to the lowest without any change in the way I drive. So how do I achieve a higher rating if even clean racing isn't rewarded? I'm not sure if it even matters, since information about the Safety Rating system is non-existent, but it is discouraging to be judged as a poor driver when you are the same driver that once was given the highest rating. Update: Extended periods of uninterrupted play increases your SR. However you must win races. Safe driving combined with losses lowers your SR. Exactly why only winners are safe is a mystery. New update: This system makes no sense. I lost two grid starts and jumped from 1.2 to 3.6, then won two Qualifying races and dropped to 2.3. Safety Rating is a joke.
  23. Dr Zaius

    Bad server connections recently

    Server connection problems are your own fault. Haven't you read any of the official responses? You have very poor internet. The worst. Now, as far as giving the players what they want? I'm sorry. But your text is breaking up. I'm finding it very difficult to read your message. It must be your extremely poor quality internet service provider. Is there anything else I can help you with? We are always here to help and provide the best gaming experience we can.
  24. Dr Zaius

    Deliberate Ramming

    Just happened to me on the grid. Opponent was P6 I was P7. I was watching the timer and saw as I went from .15 down to even, then to just nudging ahead when he rammed me. He stayed in 6th and I finished last. As of course you would when a race lasts only a little over 60 seconds at some tracks. So why don't we have 3 lap grid starts?? Give us a chance to catch these cheats in a fair race over a fair distance, because as it is your race is over if you're in last place over a single lap. And it would be nice if, should you win a grid start, to receive a bonus.... a rare part or something.
  25. Dr Zaius

    china event

    Peter always finishes very high in the Gold tier. I'm not sure why he's upset. There are no bonus points for 1st or 101st.