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  1. I am going to mark the occasion with the following: This is by far the worst, most unplayable release so far. And that, I thought would be hard to beat since I can attest to the fact that version 1 was a really fun and fair game while still being a challenge to master. It had some faults but back when this "official Codemasters Forum" actually had participation from staff like Chris Groves, we felt we were helping make this a better game. For us and the developers. But oddly, it got worse. Even stranger it kept getting worse and nobody replied to our questions. The forum just became somewhere to vent our disappointment with the downward trajectory of the game. Nobody listened, nobody cared. And this shambolic mess that is supposedly representative of the Official F1 Mobile racing platform is a disgrace to the name F1. If this is how cars and drivers performed on the track by seasons end everyone would be dead. Including low flying planes. I left this game and this forum, where I had met some great people and had a few laughs because it was simply not worth the effort. And I'm afraid it's come to that again. So in parting follow this important advice. Do not take your frustration out on your phone or ipad or tablet. It'll void your warranty for sure.

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  2. I just had a view of the earth from space from my opponents car. I think I saw my house and inside I saw myself holding my ipad. Behind me was a guy with a knife. If anything happens, I'll let you.............  .... . call......9......1......

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  3. It's absurd the number of times I have battled to not only come from behind my opponent to gain the lead, but to have that unassailable lead lost by an AI taking the final corner at somewhere between 3kmh, stationary or going slightly backwards, resulting in the demolition of my vehicle. The other ridiculous situation is a grid where you quickly find yourself in 2nd and your opponent in 12th, but on some tracks you can't risk taking first, so you stay safe while watching 12th become 3rd and your 8 second lead is half a second. It's almost a "no win" situation. Try it at Monaco or other narrow Street circuits.

  4. I've been playing this since V1 and it just doesn't seem to improve. I used to be active on this forum because Codemasters would actually respond personally to our suggestions. But it was always "we're working on that in upcoming updates" and it never happened. The worst thing about how it has evolved is the lack of enjoyment you get when you hope to have a fair race. I don't know why it's even permissible that the game they created with deliberate intent allows a driver to push you into a wall in the first 5 seconds of a grid or sprint start. How hard would it be to make that behaviour result in a penalty only for the aggressor? Why must fair racers lose the race, lower their safety rating and lose points? They can't be blind to this! It's coded into the game. Why? Why is cheating and bad sportsmanship rewarded? This game no longer meets the criteria of a relaxing pastime. It just makes me angry.

  5. It may just be paranoia or self inflicted head trauma from smashing my ipad against my head thanks to this game, but am I the only person who ever feels that the game delivers a series of repetitive cycles of game play? This month I had reached 8500 points quite easily thanks to a variety of qualifying, sprint and grid starts. I am now down to 7100 thanks to nothing but grid starts and always starting in second place. From 8500 with the time I have free I may have reached 9999, but now I don't think I'll make it, especially if some algorithm has kicked in to throttle my progress. Does anyone else ever feel that game play is like slot machines with a run of wins offset by a run of losses to keep the win/lose ratio at a set rate?

  6. Why can't they program cars to stay on line, unable to be pushed off the track? Attempts to do this should slow you down, making it a losing strategy as it would in actual racing. Same on corners. If you point your car into the apex, your opponent would be simply wasting his opportunity to outmaneuvre you. Make the need to race strategically and with skill the only way to win. The programming of this game shouldn't even include the option "car A is enabled to push car B off the track and car B will receive a penalty" This isn't mere lack of oversight, it's deliberate. Why? I suspect the answer is that Codemasters want us to think that if we buy more parts packs we will go faster than the other guys. But in my experience, every time my car gets more speed, so does my competition.

  7. Is it really asking too much to expect that people playing a racing game might actually want to race???? I am fed up with sprint starts where the opposing car has no interest in beating you to the first corner. Their strategy is to just push you into the wall. You lose time that is impossible to make up and for some insane reason, you bear the cost of the penalty. Why don't people want to race their cars? Where is the satisfaction in this? I repeatedly report these drivers, but for what purpose? It keeps happening. This game has ceased being a pleasurable distraction. It is simply infuriating.

  8. I am not new but I feel like this place is unknown to me. The F1 section once had a subsection for F1 Mobile players. I had it bookmarked and used it for years. Now it returns an error saying permission denied. Does anybody know why it has been removed? Or if not removed where is it now?

  9. The track map shows DRS zones. I don't get to activate them. Is anyone else finding this is the case? I can't see how you can get a P1 without DRS. Like RosAlfonz, I'm just not making the times.

  10. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of laps just to qualify. Going anywhere near the ripple strips is a corner cut penalty. Zandvoort was a breeze next to this. I just can't make a picture of the track in my head. 

  11. The previous version of this game was the most enjoyable by far. This has like so many other versions removed the enjoyment from playing. Grid and Sprints are smash up Derbies again. Why? When we had the chance to race against "the opponent" and win and win fairly and using skill and timing and braking. Now it has reverted to AI cars being mobile obstacles, just getting in the way with no way around without crashing or being penalised. And the physics of the cars on some tracks is insane. In America, there are a few corners where the brakes simply don't work. Some tracks give new pb's indicating that nothing has been altered, so why change others when there was no need?

  12. Anyone else finding the new position of the DRS button causing unintended braking? It's now much further to the left. Apart from that, I'm not unhappy with the update. AI in Grid and sprint are less passive than before. It's a risk to overtake them even when it seems safe.

  13. A new tactic for me at least, from opponents in Grid and Sprints is that if you are close behind them following the same line on a straight, they will suddenly brake. You cop the penalty and it's game over and a loss of safety rating. I'm also terrified of trying to overtake "anybody" at any time. I mean, we're supposed to be racing! So if I get a perfect start and I'm ahead of my opponent by 4 or 5 places, I want to extend my lead, but the AI discourage any attempt to overtake them because they are so erratic. Often the same tactic of braking to a crawl in a corner. So you hold your position watching your opponent picking up places as you tip toe around.

  14. Nice to come back having deleted the game months ago. Looks like things haven't changed a bit. Trust Codies to take one of the few functional and operational features and turn it into a disaster. I don't miss playing this at all. I'm still enjoying F1 on RR3 and it's not costing me a cent. 

  15. You've been playing a while. You've done a lot of racing and completed a lot of laps and only now you are questioning the purpose of continuing to play? Time to go cold turkey. Kick the habit. Codemasters want new gullible players with money to spend. They have nothing to offer you in rewards because you are not contributing financially. So the game is at a standstill for you. That won't change.

  16. I've been playing all year. My enthusiasm has dwindled to zero because the game is fundamentally flawed. Broken. Ill conceived. It's focus is on how to make money now. There is no plan for future development. Every aspect of game play that the community of users has suggested has been ignored. There is no enjoyment in endless cycles of one lap races against opponents who do not follow rules. There is no enjoyment in receiving penalties for the erratic behaviour of AI cars.

    If there is to be an F1 Mobile 2020 it must be a significant format change and our existing cars and accrued points must follow us into the new year. If not, the game is dead. 

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