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  1. slayton

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    I don't know how you managed to maintain a connection long enough to reach that stage? Every time I make a few hundred points advance, I lose almost as many with drop outs while waiting for a match, which freezes and thirty points gone with a reboot. Did your XP Points help you along the way?😉
  2. slayton

    XP rating

    Yes, I did read the in-depth explanation upon release and then again, just now, to check that I had perhaps missed something and although it was written in English and the words themselves made sense, I can only conclude that it does nothing for me personally.
  3. slayton

    XP rating

    I have over 300,000 XP Points. What the hell does it mean and what use is it?
  4. slayton

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    Seems less like a game of skill at the moment than a game of chance. You're paired up so that you win one, you lose one. Some races start with your opponent already three or more seconds in front (Hockenheim for me) or you get Singapore where (for me some corners I have no steering) in fact since Update 4 I haven't even completed a full lap. I held out hope things would be better with the last update......now I have no illusions that the next update will achieve anything.
  5. slayton

    Update 4 not good

    Frozen on this screen. And still I hear that this update is good. Note: more points lost in sprints.
  6. slayton

    Update 4 not good

    I repeat, this game since V3 is really crappy..... from maximum points...... To this..... I've been either stable at 8,500 in V3 but lost 500 since V4....
  7. slayton

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    I've been in the lead against my opponent in the last 3 grid starts and each time was pushed off track from behind. Lost so much time I DNF'd. These shunts are so forceful you're spun around so you can't often find your way back to the track. On a side note, I worked up to 300 credits and couldn't resist the temptation of 90 parts!! After all that, not even one part I could upgrade.
  8. slayton

    Update 4 not good

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem but since the update I just can't win a race. I've dropped over 500 points and since last Thursday I haven't even recorded a time at some tracks because I DNF. My cars behaviour is not what it used to be and tracks that were sure things for me are unwinnable. Maybe I'm just not putting the effort into it. I really don't care about getting to 9,999 anymore since I know that the only way to go from there is down. There's no up.
  9. slayton

    Update 4 is LIVE!

    Agree. Based on past experience, even when I score a series of epic parts, I'm still no faster than the opposition. So as a seasoned player as opposed to a newcomer, why would I spend money for credits or resource points? A newbie would because like me they think they'll win more races, but for those of us who have hit the 9,999 trophy ceiling we know that laying out cash is a waste of money and that's where Codemasters are showing no long term vision. And in a short space of time newbies will join us as they leave the game when they too realise they have engaged not with a racing game but a card collecting game with a focus on collecting fast cash from people who don't know what they're doing.
  10. slayton

    Bahrain Event

    I thought I'd take a look in detail at the next event and try a few race condition practice laps. First. Practice laps will cost you in ad viewing time. I didn't like having to watch a 30 second ad every one minute and thirty seconds. So do five lap trials. Second. This is a track I dislike. Not sure if I hate walls or sand more. But putting that aside, the worst problem is the braking point indicators. They stretch for hundreds of metres in the red which means when you really need them they are already red, so you don't know when to brake and this track is maybe the most unforgiving when it comes to poor braking. If you put one wheel in the sand, just quit, because you're not going to recover. Third. Set-ups. No advice at this point. Tried the same as Melbourne and didn't feel right....this is a lot of tight, precise corners so tried an all handling setup which didn't do anything to get me around the tighter corners either. Will try all power next, maybe just hard braking and powering out of corners will work.
  11. slayton

    Post-Update 4 topics to address

    The safety rating system is meaningless. It is solely based on the outcome of the previous two or three races instead of an overview of your career as a driver. As I have mentioned elsewhere I have tested it by sitting on the grid for 20 seconds, then crashing and destroying my front end at the end of the first straight. After doing this three times, I had a 5 star green safety rating. So it seems the algorithm simply identifies me as completing a race with no contact with another driver. I then resumed racing and despite careful, normal driving the usual contacts occurred and within three races was back in the red zone. Being a five star green safe driver, I was not matched up with players who were notably more polite, neither the actual opponent nor the AI. So the safety rating is meaningless and any race in which you compete will not behave differently if you are five or zero point five.
  12. slayton

    Post-Update 4 topics to address

    Also, how can I finish at Melbourne inside the top 100 of over 10,000 participants and I can't even finish a race at Canada since Update 4? I'm outpaced, run off the road, colliding with walls, all DNF. Canada used to be a sure thing for me, now I slide around like it's pouring rain.....which it usually is at Canada. But that's another story.
  13. slayton

    Melbourne Event

    So did we get our rewards or not? I didn't see it happen. All I can confirm is an ugly Australian flag livery, but no indication of parts added since I have nothing to upgrade. Seems like such a letdown. Makes me wonder why people bothering to redo laps when there's no difference between 1st and 761st.
  14. slayton

    Post-Update 4 topics to address

    Melbourne over. Now what? Back to the same old game except with the depressing reminder that some parts need a total of 450 to reach maximum. That's a lot of single lap races when spread over a multiple parts. I mean a real lot. And what do we do with those XP Points again? Has anybody got any idea what they're good for? What am I aiming for in this game? I once had maximum points and that brought no reward? I'm in League 1, there's no higher to go.
  15. slayton

    Roads too narrow

    I've encountered this a few times where in a DRS zone, despite having the speed to overtake an AI car there isn't room to do so. This occurs almost every time at Spa on the fast uphill straight. You can't go around on the left or right and touching the car in front results in you being slowed. There are other tracks where this is the case. Can you think of any others?