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    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    So I have an idea of what I would like to see in 2019, which I'd like to assume has already been tossed around before, but just in case here it is.  Manager/Driver mode. Inspired by Dirt. An 11th team. With the options to do the following:  Choose a budget - a sandbox mode with a super high top tier team budget; a 'Sheik' mode where the team is owned by a rich dude with quite a bit of money; Entrepreneur mode with a good amount of cash, but not as much.  Result expectations and penalties ensue depending on which mode is chosen. (Can't make it too easy!!) Chose a team - on Dirt there was the option to hire and fire team members. Engineers, media relations, driver physiotherapists etc could be hired depending on funds and reputation. And these could be made up people or real people. Also add to this the option of choosing the drivers; be it poached from an existing team (meaning the team they can from has to hire another driver) or maybe have a mixture of real and made up drivers from lower formulas to choose from. Could you imagine being able to promote #billywhizz?? Of course keep the option to create a driver that way not only can you manage the team but can also drive the races as yourself. Also maybe have the option to chose which driver you race as at each race. For example - your second driver qualified higher that your first driver and you believe as a team you have a chance of a better result with him (or her!) Even maybe chose a reserve driver and factor in injuries after crashes.  Option not to drive - although it is a driving game I have to admit that some tracks I just can't get my head around. Maybe factor in the option to be on the pit wall firing out strategies for both your drivers, radio communications etc. This idea might not go anywhere as it's more like Championship Manager - and this isn't football.  Design the car - So the main thing to choose would be the paint design and colours (again like on Dirt). But to also be able to define the shape of the car could be interesting. For example - the front wing of a Ferrari, side pods of a Sauber, nose cone of a Mercedes, monkey seat from a Red Bull. Plus the designers could make their own and have a catalogue or part shapes and designs, obviously not venturing too far away from what the teams have already. Add to this (again like Dirt) the option to choose sponsors and the design of the car and team begins to take shape. Money starts pouring in... unless you suck and sponsors dump you :-/ A realistic mode - Bring in the unknown and create an algorithm that randomly decides if a part of a car should fail. The % wear was a great idea but it makes it too predictable. Of course having an engine totally blow up when you're on the last lap could be infuriating, so maybe (secretly) make it so that failures only happened in the first half of a race so the player could restart. Collisions effect the car more such as a broken radiator could cause the engine to overheat, or broken fuel lines etc. In the latter half maybe the failures aren't quite as catastrophic, but do hinder the performance of the car meaning car management is increased. And award skill points for keeping the car going. Don't make it so the car has a problem every race though, that would get old very quickly!  Helmet design - not a massive idea really but while I'm here: create the ability to create more detailed helmet designs. Probably best to have a PC or Mac download to do this as on Xbox and PlayStation it could be a bit clunky, but don't rule it out. There could be some brilliant helmet designs made in the future if people were able to use photoshop and such to create their perfect helmet.  Long shot, but facial upload - so EA managed a while ago to make it that your face could be on your star player in FIFA. Could this be achieved in F1 2019? Choose an engine manufacturer - car won't go anywhere without one!  In addition to being the 11th team, there could be the option of an online co-op. Your team against your friends team, as well as the current other teams currently in F1. 12 teams in total. Or even fill the field entirely by making it up to 14 teams, 4 friends battling against Hamilton and Vettel! Awesome!