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  1. You can achieve a higher top speed with overtake use when you're flat out. Doesn't matter if you're at max revs the mgu is giving you additional horsepower, that's why drivers use their overtake deployment to defend on the straights. I'm sure in some way there are more efficient ways of using the energy depending on the circuit, but in race situations you use it accordingly to react to drivers around you.
  2. Exactly the same issue for me, with every edition of the game. Both of them are nightmares to drive. The likes of Singapore & Monaco you are either good at it, or you aren't. Using 90 as a base I need to lower those two or I've no chance. On the other hand China, Canada, Austria, Italy & Mexico I can lap upto to the top 3/4, or at Mexico the entire field. Everything else isn't far off for me except Bahrain which is one I need to not lower. I think it also depends on race distance as the AI strategies screw the balance up by doing silly amounts of pitstops on 100% like 4
  3. The Williams can be towards the end of races on the shorter circuits but the leaders shouldn't be lapping points places, potentially a couple isn't so much an issue as half of the field.
  4. There's something not quite right with what I've seen in MyTeam. I've currently got third place in the performance charts, with next to no investment in reliability. I can beat Hamilton most weekends but Bottas is on another level. Ferrari on the other hand have nosedived to seventh, the ferrari engine was third best pre-season with renault and mercedes the only two on 100 power, yet Leclerc and Vettel are consistently around 6th-8th.
  5. It's unlikely that the leader will have lapped anyone in a 50% race anyway. If the SC is ever fixed maybe they should make it virtual only on 25% and 50%, a compromise but would people be fussed about the full SC on a shorter distance? It definitely needs to be fixed for 100%, it can even come out for just one lap.
  6. I've recently picked the game up in a sale, and having not bought last years game either I was really disappointed to see the same problems two years down the line. This is a game breaking bug. I was running P6 at Spain with 10 laps remaining, the safety car was deployed when I was at the penultimate corner so I went in for fresh softs. Hamilton was P5 some 40s ahead of me, Albon & Sainz were being kept at bay 1.5-2s behind me and Ocon was 30s behind me in P9. I'm on well used hards doing a one stop, Albon & Sainz were two stopping on fresher hards & mediums. It's a no brainer to c
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