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  1. Ollof

    Overtake Usage Question

    You can achieve a higher top speed with overtake use when you're flat out. Doesn't matter if you're at max revs the mgu is giving you additional horsepower, that's why drivers use their overtake deployment to defend on the straights. I'm sure in some way there are more efficient ways of using the energy depending on the circuit, but in race situations you use it accordingly to react to drivers around you.
  2. Ollof

    Bug race strategy

    I've had this a couple of times, Jeff just tells me to come in with no option to confirm or keep current. I just ignore it, in the words of Kimi Raikkonen "I know what i'm doing". I'm on season 3 of Myteam though and I think I screw up the system when I run longer on tyres than is allegedly possible, like to lap 40 at China on mediums waiting for incoming rain, or to 45 on mediums at Canada for an M/S one stop while the AI do three.
  3. Ollof

    Question on managing engine components in race

    I use lean mode more than I use rich as I only turn it up when I have to & my mgu-h hardly wears so it's probably the other way around. I only have the first mgu-h durability upgrade & all of the mgu-k upgrades which wears much faster. Control electronics is also supposed to be worn more by kerb use & going off track. You'll also need the energy store durability upgrades to go with ERS engine upgrades as you end up harvesting more than you're allowed to deploy, more battery charge = more wear. As far as I know parts can't just fail on you either, they just break at 100%.
  4. Ollof

    Remove 3 tracks and add your own 3 .

    Gone: Australia Vietnam Spain Add: Sepang Imola Istanbul
  5. Ollof

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    Exactly the same issue for me, with every edition of the game. Both of them are nightmares to drive. The likes of Singapore & Monaco you are either good at it, or you aren't. Using 90 as a base I need to lower those two or I've no chance. On the other hand China, Canada, Austria, Italy & Mexico I can lap upto to the top 3/4, or at Mexico the entire field. Everything else isn't far off for me except Bahrain which is one I need to not lower. I think it also depends on race distance as the AI strategies screw the balance up by doing silly amounts of pitstops on 100% like 4 at Mexico, or anything other than a one stop at Hungary (they'll do 3, with some doing 2) and this is with chassis upgrades in career or myteam.
  6. Ollof

    AI behavior in qualifying

    The AI are more or less broken in quali it's not just the fast forward or not going out. They are far too aggressive on out and inlaps and on rails, the drivers irl take a long time on the outlaps and make gaps for themselves whereas the AI in this game don't. I go as easy as possible out and in as I'm using tyres that I will either start the race on, or potentially use on race day. I just had Verstappen try to overtake me in the pit entry at Russia, he turned in late, ran alongside me and hit the wall head on, terminal damage. Then there is the issue of them slowing and running alongside when you're trying to let them pass. I end up blocking them as it's too much hassle, I've no idea if they are on a flying lap or not as they are going nearly flat out regardless.
  7. Ollof

    Race starts are too easy?

    Try short shifting to second gear as soon as reasonably possible, that should reduce wheel spin. Although I play with TC off so have no experience on it on medium.
  8. Ollof

    Have patches improved ai ?

    They're loads better it's just the strategies that need sorting, they will do whatever was pre-set and not react to traffic or impending rain. Last race I did was Austria and all of the AI went in for fresh softs laps 20-23 at which point it was already raining, lap 25 they are all in for inters (the softs will do 30 laps & you can one stop with S/M).
  9. Ollof

    Singapore AI

    No, they just don't think about where they will leave the pits whereas a human player will extend a stint. Top 10 on softs will pit and get stuck behind the slower cars on mediums, the same happened last time I raced Monaco.
  10. Ollof

    Upgrades for Williams/Haas/Alfa

    I'm at Austria S2 of MyTeam and Ferrari have now dropped to 8th in the performance charts. Although they can still occasionally make Q3 and get the odd points finish as Leclerc and Vettel are so highly rated.
  11. The Williams can be towards the end of races on the shorter circuits but the leaders shouldn't be lapping points places, potentially a couple isn't so much an issue as half of the field.
  12. Ollof

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    There's something not quite right with what I've seen in MyTeam. I've currently got third place in the performance charts, with next to no investment in reliability. I can beat Hamilton most weekends but Bottas is on another level. Ferrari on the other hand have nosedived to seventh, the ferrari engine was third best pre-season with renault and mercedes the only two on 100 power, yet Leclerc and Vettel are consistently around 6th-8th.
  13. It's unlikely that the leader will have lapped anyone in a 50% race anyway. If the SC is ever fixed maybe they should make it virtual only on 25% and 50%, a compromise but would people be fussed about the full SC on a shorter distance? It definitely needs to be fixed for 100%, it can even come out for just one lap.
  14. Virtually every race in MyTeam the AI go for more stops regardless of any situation. Singapore for one is an easy one stop and track position is king, it's practically Monaco and half the field did 3 stops. Russia the easiest one stop on the calendar and no AI went for the one stop, a few even did 3 stops and lost their top 10 position as a result. Japan when coming towards the end of the first stint, rain was incoming. The AI made stops for fresh softs then had to go to inters 3 laps later, they should extend. USA, again a doable one stop but two does make sense. Not one AI car did a one stop, several did three including my 2nd driver who has three of the tyre wear upgrades on the chassis. I'm the team boss, why do we get no say in our driver's strategies? On two occasions my 2nd driver has been fighting for minor points and finished outside the points by making an entirely pointless third stop. Also the AI always pit on schedule, they never account for where they are coming out of the pits. They also don't react to being stuck in a train of cars despite the fact that Jeff will pick up on it if you're in one and suggests changing strategy. Cars outside the top 10 shouldn't almost always start on the softs In MyTeam you should set second driver strategy before the race starts It would be nice if the AI didn't rigorously stick to the set strategy *Also in MyTeam it is annoying that the second driver can take 10 place engine penalties several times instead of getting a new engine in one go and starting the the back once.
  15. Ollof

    All AI drivers start with soft tyres.

    There's some variance on tracks where the soft tyre doesn't last long enough to be effective, you'll see the faster cars run the mediums in Q2. I agree though that on most tracks there is no variance and more often than not it makes no sense.