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    Option to disable co-driver comments...

    Hi everyone, on Co Drivers,, 1) Call outs, I would sometimes like my co driver to be more or less informative,,sometimes he talks to much,so for me an option for more or less informative to go along with co driver calls sooner or later adjustment slider bar. 2) Voices, I would also like the sound of my wife's voice as i have to listen to her or there could be trouble and maybe upload her calls for in game as my voice choice not that many call out words in the pace notes maybe someone i know or with Samir's co driver or English speaking of the following A Frenchman Spaniard South African Chinese Indian or strong ascents like Welsh Scottish Highlands Irish North Yorkshire outback Australian deep south American just not Ozzy or a Glaswegian as even when speaking English i still cant understand them and people say i am broad Scotts however they are cool but i need to be able to somewhat understand them. 3) Chit chat , the level of small talk before and after a stage again slider bar more or less small talk my co driver knows nothing else other than we need to check the tyres or do better or maybe we did alright and puncture ,maybe a joke or weather report or i have a dodgy stomach after a dodgy take away before a stage or stage thoughts or the level of excitement during call outs easy going or absolute panicking funny or serious. I am sure there are Many great ideas out there from you all and would be fun to hear them all, maybe one day we might have something. Well just one of my many ideas touching on its Co Drivers.😉