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  1. A detailed description of the issue. - In career mode short qualifying, AI's qualifying record is not constant. For example, if I record 1:10.xxx in the first run of Q, the AI makes a similar record, and when I record 1:08.xxx in the second run, the AI suddenly records a time that is 0.5 seconds faster than me. In short qualifying, if I set a record first, the AI will usually make it faster. I am very hard to beating my team mate Verstappen. So I always make my time just before the end of the qualifying time. so that AI can't recreate
  2. I totally agree. I playing career mode season 3 now. i can’t catch my team mate Max Verstappen. Others are too slow to lower difficulty. In GP mode with same difficulty, I won the grand prix from p20 and Fastest lap with 0.7sec to my team mate. I think team mate getting stronger with developing R&D performance.
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