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  1. I am really struggling with Sweden, can't seem to find a good setup for my drivetrain/suspsension. Just was wondering if you had a spare few moments @2Technical if you could give me some pointers on tuning my Peugeot 208 T16 for Sweden or maybe a screenshot of what you have for your car (if applicable). Anyone else down to help me feel free. I am in the first leg of my rally here in the "elite" category or w/e it is, AI is stomping me out having finished 23rd on Lysvik. It's weird, I like the stage, I feel fast but my times are awful. I've not tuned my car for the snow/ice before and am quite
  2. You have probably planned on doing this but I am looking forward to seeing some setups for Sweden preferably for my favorite Peugeot 208 T16 hehe Just me though xD Anyways, hope you are doing good. This thread is a godsend truly and we as the community are really fortunate to have you doing these vids for us. While I haven't been able to use your setups fully (probably because I race with a pad) you gave me the ground work to build my own setups with being able to see and understand the changes you make to the car with your setups. Keep up the good works. Can't wait to see what you drop next.
  3. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your setups and that I hope you continue making videos like this. There is so little information out there for this stuff and it's great to find someone like yourself who's willing to take the time to make these for us to use. I've only recently started tuning for DiRT Rally 2.0 and haven't taken a game serious in that regards since Gran Turismo 5 lol I am using an xbox controller on PC though which hinders me greatly and I am poor so will not likely be able to afford a wheel setup anytime soon. Applying your Peugeot R5 208 T16 setup for Catamarca is hi
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