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  1. PhoenixL3g3nd

    [Xbox & PC*] COR Looking for drivers for its maiden season

    Hi Kendo! Both in the post and in the rules document i stated that the league is on Sundays at 5pm UK time. If you have further questions, youre welcome to ask them 🙂
  2. Hello everyone! I go by the username PhoenixL3g3nd. I am creating a new league called COR (Chassis Online Racing) for F1 2019, and hopefully beyond. We plan to race on Sundays at 5pm UK time, with short qualifying and a 50% race. We are searching for drivers on both Xbox and PC, however while xbox starts to race a quick season in a few weeks time, the pc part of the league will only start on F1 2020 due to current hosting issues. Fear not though, drivers from both platforms are welcome to join and get a secure seat. We have a full document of rules which we ask you to read before you join. It includes most of the information about the league, aswell as the racing rules that we use. To join, message me on Discord (PhoenixL3g3nd#0686) and tell me wether you have read the rules yet or not, and what platform you wish to race on. We do not require any time trial screenshots at this time. We are also searching for commentators, as we reckognise that a race can be much more fun if its being streamed. To be an eligible streamer, you must have a stable internet connection, and on the pc side you also have to have a computer strong enough to play the game and stream it at the same time. If you find yourself to be eligible, feel free to message me. Thank you for reading, and i hope we race each other soon!
  3. Starting mid January, MCR wishes to become a successful, growing league in the community. We have a few skilled drivers who often get top 100-150 on time trial tracks, but the grid is far from complete. We operate through discord, so if you wish to join, message me there (PhoenixL3g3nd#0686) and i will provide you with full information. The calendar is customized every season, the teams are fine tuned throughout 2 seasons before making new teams, the weather system is set to dynamic, and the time of day in the race is set to official. All assists except for pit assists are allowed, however if we get enough drivers that drive with no assists, we might consider making a full tier for no assists drivers. That will have to come in the future. Race times are Sundays at 7pm UK time, which is 3pm EST for you americans who wish to race. People from all around the globe are welcome as long as their network connection wont be an issue (especially true on people who live in the us or australia and so on, i live in sweden). Feel free to join by messaging me on discord, as stated above. See you on track!