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  1. stephen31416


    So I started a new MyTeam career, not because of rain but because I wanted to up the difficulty and impose some resource point generation constraints. After almost an entire season...wait for it...no big gripes about the frequency of rain. Hasn't been bad at all, maybe a bit more rain than I'd prefer but nothing unrealistic. I've been answering Claire's interview questions as noted in the quote above. Is that the reason for less rain? Is it the new career mode? (seems like safety car appearances vary wildly from one career mode to the next) Am I just on a lucky streak?
  2. Interesting, will give it a try. I play with flashbacks off, I've had a safety car or two but they've been pretty few and far between.
  3. stephen31416


    I'm on a pleasant string of 7 consecutive dry races, and rain in only one qualifying session. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I've been answering any Claire interview question regarding the weather by staying away from the rain friendly answers, ie, never say that the rain 'certainly didn't dampen my spirits.' We know that how you answer interview questions can have an impact on things other than acclaim (ie, which is your strongest department gives you department upgrades). Maybe just a coincidence, but worth a try.
  4. stephen31416


    I just finished up a qualifier where Q2 started dry for the first couple of minutes, rained for 10 minutes, and then finished dry. The weather is too often too dynamic.
  5. stephen31416


    I think it goes back to at least F1 2019. I recall in the past being annoyed at how often it rained, but this year (and last year) it seems to have gotten even worse. I'm on a string of 5 rain races out of the last 7 right now. I wondered if possibly answers to interview questions could have any effect (ie answering 'wet weather sucks' rather than 'rain doesn't dampen my spirits'), but I that doesn't look to be the case.
  6. stephen31416


    Yeah I think that's an important component of the critique / suggestion as well -- the dynamic weather is so dynamic that it's gimmick-y. Of the 8 rainy races I listed above, not a single one had rain from start to finish. They were all dry-to-wet, or wet-to-dry, or dry-to-wet-to-dry, etc.... Come to think of it, I haven't had a 100% wet race in 2 and half seasons of MyTeam, notwithstanding the fact that I've had rain in either qualy or the race in well over half of the race weekends. I wouldn't mind at all an occasional race weekend where qualifying was in full wet conditions and
  7. stephen31416


    Update on rain frequency in MyTeam career mode-- I just finished up Monaco in season 3, my last several races in season 2 and first several in season 3: S2 Hungary -- rain during race S2 Spa -- dry weekend S2 Monza -- rain during race S2 Singapore -- rain during qualy and race S2 Russia -- rain during race S2 USA -- rain during race S2 Mexico -- rain during race S2 Brazil -- rain during race S2 Abu Dhabi -- dry weekend S3 Australia -- rain during race S3 Bahrain -- dry weekend S3 Vietnam -- rain during qualy S
  8. Man it's been a long time....I set up the Advanced Paddles for F1 2019 and never had to mess with it for 2020. Do your top paddles work? I recall that I had to fiddle with settings to F1 2019 to recognize those and after that everything worked.
  9. stephen31416


    14 of 22 races in first season of My Team had rain in qualy and / or race. That's insane. Half of that amount would be too much. I'm trying to recall races with rain IRL over the last few seasons: Austria 2020 -- wet qualifying, Hamilton on pole; Hockenheim 2019 -- crazy fun race to watch, Hamilton and Bottas both DNF'd Yas Marina 2018 -- threat of rain, which never came, added a bit of interest Maybe I'm missing a few, seems like there was some doubt as to whether to start on slicks or inters at China (maybe it was Malaysia) a few years ago. Whatever the
  10. stephen31416


    I'm co-signing this one. Dynamic weather is a great feature but it's overdone in the career modes. Rain affecting qualifying or the race 2 or 3 or 4 times a year is great, rain affecting every other race weekend is an unrealistic beating that takes away the fun of virtually driving F1 cars.
  11. I really appreciate the effort put into this in the OP and elsewhere. This was certainly a subject of interest to me in the 2019 game where I thought the AI was quite slow on some circuits compared to others. That said....after making it half way through my first season I'm leaning to the side of 'it's not the AI that's inconsistent from track to track, it's the human' for the 2020 game. Even Austria..... I found my 'base' level by spending plenty of time practicing at Spain and also tweaking setups so that I'm dialed in, and then setting up a grand prix weekend and finding the AI le
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