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  1. stephen31416

    Codemasters, Safety Car

    I completed F2 2018 and the SC came out several times in reasonable scenarios....very good. Almost through season 2 in career mode and I've had one SC which was brought out because of torrential rain....not good. I can't for the life of me imagine why SC would be fine in F2 and completely lost in career mode. Perhaps codies is having the same problem.
  2. stephen31416

    Has the safety car gone extinct???

    More than half way through season 2 and I've had one safety car. I'm fairly certain that one was brought out because of very heavy rain.
  3. stephen31416

    AI driver performance really needs an update

    Yeah, Weber is like the freak bionic love child of Shumacher and Senna.
  4. stephen31416

    Favorite & least favorite circuits gameplay-wise

    Worst -- Monaco. If my traffic jammed, construction filled commute to and from work were on the F1 calendar then it would be my 2nd most hated and Monaco would still be my most hated. Favorite -- most of the rest, that's why I buy this game every year. Off the top of my head I'd put Bahrain, France, Great Britain and Spa at the top of the heap. Fun mix of technical and fast flowing corners, lots of overtaking chances.
  5. stephen31416

    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    For each track I paid close attention to practice programme difficulty and how I performed v my teammate. Regarding practice programmes I found that for a good AI setting: Tyre wear ought to be very easy, I usually beat the required time by half to a full second; ERS was really close, I rarely beat the required time by more than a couple of tenths; Race strategy times were relatively easy, half a second or so to required time; Quali green scores were tough, and I don't think I had more than one or two purple times all season Abu Dhabi may have been an exception to the above. I struggled with all the practice programmes (even at 97) and nevertheless had a very good race outcome. Baku practice programmes seem to be a bit tougher too, even on a lower setting. The relatively easy bin -- Austria, the AI is very slow out of the 2nd tight right at the top of the hill Spa, it's long been my favorite, maybe I'm a tad sharper there Maybe Great Britain -- I had a good season 1 race and teammate had a busted wing, so I'm not sure whether it belongs in easy bin or average bin Maybe Australia -- a pretty good first race outcome even though I was still getting used to handling and fumbling with controls The tough for me bin -- Baku -- the one track where I"m convinced the AI is OP and it's not just me; Monaco -- take with a grain of salt, I prefer my morning commute to monaco. Plus I race 100% length with flashbacks disabled so I have to make it a little easy to keep me interested. May raise the difficulty in qualifying going forward; Bahrain & France -- a little tough but I don't think the AI is enormously overpowered at these circuits; Canada -- I'm fairly certain it's just because I s**k at Canada. Can't figure out what it is, other than I just can't get my right foot down quickly enough out of a lot of corners; Japan -- it's all about the exit of the chicane. The AI is quick and that bump is nasty; Maybe Germany -- I got slaughtered at Germany, may have been mostly due to rain mid race / changing conditions Maybe Singapore -- longest race of season, walls and no flashbacks are a bad combo Maybe COTA -- or Circuit of the Missed Apex, just too many blind corners, I can't keep the pace and I invariably get dinged with a corner cutting penalty; Anyway, I'm increasingly less certain that the AI balance from track to track is horribly out of whack, it really could be more about driver ability and setup preferences than AI imbalance....except for Baku.
  6. stephen31416

    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    Planned settings for 2nd season: Aus 98 Bah 97 Chi 98 Bak 96 Esp 98 Mon 96 Can 97 Fra 97 Ast 99 GBr 99 Ger 97 Hun 98 Spa 99 Mon 98 Singapore 97 Russia 98 Japan 97 Mexico 98 USA 98 Brazil 98 Abu Dhabi 97 Comments to follow....
  7. stephen31416

    Where is the SAFETY CAR?

    I did the F2 championship series and had a few full and virtual safety cars. Everything seemed fine. I'm almost through season one of my career mode without a single safety car. Maybe a yellow flag here or there but that's it.
  8. stephen31416

    A thread for those who like/love F12019

    The AI in this game is excellent. They stay in their lanes going two wide around a corner, they'll make plausible divebombs, and on occasion they'll lock up when being bombed. If I have an incident with the AI, I watch the instant replay and 9 out of 10 times its because i did something wrong. Good stuff.
  9. CSL Elite wheel base, Clubsport V2 & advanced paddle module. Everything is working...rotary thumb switches, toggles, extra paddles....everything.
  10. stephen31416

    Small Suggestions

    Definitely bring back marking your q2 fastest lap tire. I think there's an element of "to finish first, first you have to finish" missing from the game, especially if you're a back marker or best-of-the-rest type of team. As it stands you can take a new set of power components any time you fail to make it out of Q1 and practically eliminate any power related durability / reliability concerns. Also you're almost invariably better off taking the grid hit once or twice during a season than running with an ICE that's 75% worn and way down on power. IE if I'm going into Russia with worn engine parts, I can take a grid hit and get all new components. If I try to compete with a worn engine I'll get swamped from behind. With all new components at Russia I know I can make up positions on both the front and back straights, so I can live with the pain and minimize the damage. Alternatively.... Extra engine components ought to come at a cost of resource points and the cost ought to be fairly substantial. Don't have the resource points? Tough luck; We need a *reliability* factor in components -- some random chance of partial or complete failure; A *partial* failure would be like an ICE or Turbo that is temporarily down in power, or an MGU-k that isn't harvesting at peak efficiency; Complete failure of an ICE is race over, a failed MGU-k is basically Ricciardo at Monaco last year; Component wear should effect reliability more so than performance, ie <50% wear, very low random chance of partial failure (say, 1-in-50), very very low chance of complete failure; 50-75% wear, some random chance of partial or complete failure; >75% wear, you're skating on thin ice. You might get to the end but if you don't it was your decision to not buy the extra engine components and take the grid hit; The cost for purchasing durability / reliability upgrades ought to be relatively cheap. Durability / reliability upgrades ought to be partially or totally reset at the start of each season. If I'm going into Russia with worn engine parts, it's really going to depend upon where I am in the Championship standings and in the development of my car. If I'm in the hunt, I'm kicking myself for not spending on reliability upgrades and thinking I might be better off purchasing the extra components, starting off down the pack and not risking a 0 point finish. If I'm down the leaderboard quite a ways, I might think it's worth taking a chance of a failure in return for saving a couple of thousand points to spend on other upgrades.
  11. stephen31416

    F1 2019 Next Patch Wishes

    Be nice to get one safety car or vsc in career mode.
  12. stephen31416

    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    I'm just now a 3rd of the way through my first season. I agree that the AI on Baku is way overpowered and haven't raced France, but I'm a 180 on China and Canada from above. China was easy for me to outpace my teammate and comparable cars at 98, at Canada I had to cut the difficulty to 96 to be remotely competitive, albeit slightly slower. I'm tentatively starting to lean towards the idea that the player and not the AI explains quite a bit of the seeming disparity from track to track.
  13. stephen31416

    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    I think it's very likely that I'm just not so great on some tracks. For example, I got the impression that a lot of people thought Canada was pretty easy in 2018, I struggled horribly there. Whether it's me or the AI is something I hope to sort out. I figure if 10 different players rate Baku as overpowered relative to China, then it's probably fair to say that the AI is tougher on Baku than China. If 5 say that Australia is tougher than Britain, and 5 say Britain is tougher than Australia....that's probably a fair indication that it's coming down to driver skill and not AI.
  14. stephen31416

    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    I'm just getting started on my career, Australia and Bahrain so far, both with AI at 98. Bahrain was just a bit tougher than Australia I thought.
  15. stephen31416

    Tracks were the AI is OP

    I think it'd be quite useful to compile different player's AI settings from track to track -- if everyone rates the AI as OP on a given track, then that's a fair indication that the AI is over powered. Alternatively if some say the AI is easy and others fast, that's a fair indication it's the driver that's making the difference and not the AI. I started a thread hoping to capture this info -- link