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  1. 1 or 2 seats available - but still taking on drivers to add to our waiting list! head on over to the website to fill out the registration! https://www.cwcracing.com/registration
  2. BeeJe

    I looking for ps4 League

    Head on over to https://www.cwcracing.com/ and go to the registration page - Season 2 starting in a couple of weeks. 3 tiers. Monday and Tuesday night racing.
  3. https://www.cwcracing.com/registration Head on over to book your seat!
  4. It was copied and pasted from our site - apologies. @Faya
  5. // About CWC https://www.cwcracing.com/ //Respect The F1 online experience is exhilarating. Amusing. Engaging. Exhausting. Frustrating. And sometimes [beep] unfair. But we all share the same experience. CWC is not a place for drivers who see only themselves. CWC is a racing community that aims to bring drivers together who share these emotions and are appreciative of the experience through the good races - bad ones - and absolute **** shows. No one is above any one. // A Typical CWC Race Week Turn up // Race // Banter about how well you did // Laugh off how badly John 'DiveBomb' Smith ruined your [beep]show race // wait for media and league standings updates // Follow all the channels for some LIT footage and updates // Envy Jarnos pace // Question even doing this at all // Repeat. Man up // Own up // Shut up // or Give up. #RespectEachOther // RACE DAYS T1 // TUESDAYS @ 8.15PM GMT T2 // TUESDAYS @ 7PM GMT T3 // MONDAYS @8PM GMT // AVAILABILITY F3 CURRENTLY HAS 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE F1 & F2 - ARE FULL BUT STILL ACCEPTING REGISTRATION FOR OUR WAITING LIST THANKS VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO APPLY CWC
  6. BeeJe


    CWC leagues have spots available in the F3 league - Season 2 is starting in a few weeks - Great place to gain experience. Head on over to https://www.cwcracing.com/ for more information and sign up forms