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  1. No dramas - just rock up and race. No silly extra curricular activities. Racing at its simplest and purest form. You race... we do the rest. Live streams. Discord channel. Sick Website with zero sign up or complicated forums. Easy choice really. DO IT! Very competitive F1 league - seats available F1// TUESDAYS 815PM GMT F2// TUESDAYS 7PM GMT F3// MONDAYS 8PM GMT go check out the website and sign up today! No time wasters SEE YOU THERE... https://www.cwcracing.com/f1registration
  2. // About CWC https://www.cwcracing.com/ Register here^^^^^^ We do have a seat or 2 available in all leagues - we also accept drivers onto our waiting list // RACE DAYS T1 // TUESDAYS @ 8.15PM GMT T2 // TUESDAYS @ 7PM GMT T3 // MONDAYS @8PM GMT //Respect The F1 online experience is exhilarating. Amusing. Engaging. Exhausting. Frustrating. And sometimes f*!king unfair. But we all share the same experience. CWC is not a place for drivers who see only themselves. CWC is a racing community that aims to bring drivers together who share these emotions and are appreciative of the experience through the good races - bad ones - and absolute **** shows. No one is above any one. // A Typical CWC Race Week Turn up // Race // Banter about how well you did // Laugh off how badly John 'DiveBomb' Smith ruined your ****show race // wait for media and league standings updates // Follow all the channels for some LIT footage and updates // Envy the pace of drivers who use no assists whilst you sit there with your cute little safety blankets of Med TC and ABS // Question even doing this at all // Repeat. No one is above anyone. #RespectEachOther THANKS VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO APPLY https://www.cwcracing.com/f1registration CWC
  3. Sign ups open! a couple of seats available across the tiers - waiting list open. Sign up today! https://www.cwcracing.com/f1registration
  4. Check thread - seats are available!! visit https://www.cwcracing.com/f1registration to apply today! Or message Booje89 on PSN
  5. Check thread - seats are available!! visit https://www.cwcracing.com/f1registration to apply today!
  6. https://www.cwcracing.com/registration Check out the website & get your registration filled out!
  7. 1 or 2 seats available - but still taking on drivers to add to our waiting list! head on over to the website to fill out the registration! https://www.cwcracing.com/registration
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    I looking for ps4 League

    Head on over to https://www.cwcracing.com/ and go to the registration page - Season 2 starting in a couple of weeks. 3 tiers. Monday and Tuesday night racing.
  9. https://www.cwcracing.com/registration Head on over to book your seat!
  10. It was copied and pasted from our site - apologies. @Faya
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    CWC leagues have spots available in the F3 league - Season 2 is starting in a few weeks - Great place to gain experience. Head on over to https://www.cwcracing.com/ for more information and sign up forms