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  1. I had a 50% league race where it worked fine until the final 5 laps, and then It didn't used to shift up properly. Droped from 1st to 2nd due to it. But the common issue is the double upshift. Yeah, I'm running it on advanced mode, also it stands on PS3 switch instead of PS4 (since the orientation is to do that on PC). I'm also running it on inverted pedals (like GT style) if it may happen to make a diference. I've tried DX11 and Dx12, doesn't seem to make a diference, but when I changed to Dx11 it worked fine for a while, then it started the double shifts again. Again, my standard T300RS wheel works perfectly. The F1 rim is like new, nothing is broken and it works fine in other games like F1 2019 so I have no idea whats going on. Did try diferent USB ports also, 2.0 and 3.0... no diference. I hope for a solution soon, I've been looking everywhere without luck.
  2. Hi, greetings! I'm having problems on my Thrustmaster F1 Rim (my standard T300 RS wheel is working fine) just on F1 2020. It happens to double shift or don't shift a lot of times. Searching over the web, I just saw the wheel compatibility list and I noticed the Thrustmaster F1 Rim is not on PC wheel compatibilities, but it's on PS4 and Xbox One. How come that happens? I've tested the same wheel on F1 2019 and it works fine. The rim have just a few months, so it's not that something may be broken (as I told, it works on F1 2019). Anyone else having the same problems? Devs can clarify if there's compatibility or not? Or if it can be added? Thanks in advance.