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  1. • PC, Steam user. • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 1809, Intel Core i5-4570 3.20 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 2GB. • Deluxe edition user. • Graphics set to Medium • Fanatec CSL Elite PS4. Bug: I'm unable to change the FOV or the cockpit driver and wheel preferences. It used to work before (1.5?). I'm unable to tell what changed since. Reproduce: Start a time trial (stage rally) Go to Game settings -> Preferences. Change Camera Field of View. Apply and Continue No change in graphics Same with Cockpit Driver & Wheel. The Resume Countdown settings will change if switched from Off to On, however. See screenshot below. Note that there's no change indicator anywhere, FOV is full at Narrow, Cockpit Driver & Wheel set to On. As apparent in the background, the FOV is still very wide, and there is no wheel or driver arms visible. Caveat: These settings work just fine in rallycross time trial. But not in stage rally time trial. What I tried to fix it: Restore Defaults for Preferences Change graphics resolution, Display Mode, VSync, and Preset Mode Multiple restarts of DR2.0 and PC
  2. soong101

    Dirt 2.0 UDP data out specs

    Just for reference I compared UDP output of a Baumholder/Germany stage from DiRT Rally with DiRT Rally 2.0 (v1.6), the output is fairly similar expect for some difference due to car physics. The track geometry appears to be *identical*, as my time recorder could still recognize the track https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Yxw6iK_GtF4_63I4KzyF-M9t3f_XDMZrCgO7H-0lN0E/edit?usp=sharing
  3. This is backed by https://rallygroupbshrine.org/the-group-b-cars/post-group-b-evolutions/audi-sport-quattro-s1-e2-pikes-peak-1987/#audipp1 "6-speed manual transmission with Saxomat clutch activation on the gear lever" - it appears that there wasn't even a button, but the lever itself operated the clutch.
  4. It's always been bugging me that I can only see my personal best times after completing a stage, and only for the current class and track. dirt-rally-time-recorder is based on Slocan's work from the Early Access phase, which has since been outdated due to Codemasters' updates to DiRT Rally. Kudos to his efforts which allowed me to continue and include the new cars and tracks released since 2015. This tool automatically tracks your stage times in the background, without need to copy them manually from the stage results in-game. It's based on the telemetry DR puts out via UDP while in an event. Visit https://github.com/soong-construction/dirt-rally-time-recorder for set up and usage instruction, and for the complete source code. All data resides on your machine, no uploads. This is open source, ready for contribution. Please try it out, and share your thoughts and ideas. I'll gladly help with any problems. Some shortcomings of this tool are listed on GitHub. The following screenshots are based on the CSV output of dirt-rally-time-recorder and might inspire your own evaluations.