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  1. You can open it with any spreadsheet editor, if you have problems take a look at https://github.com/soong-construction/dirt-rally-time-recorder#troubleshooting. In the screenshot above I created a pivot table with LibreOffice to get a track/best time matrix.
  2. To my knowledge PS4 does not put out UDP telemetry for either DiRT Rally 2.0 or the original DiRT Rally. If there was some way to enable it, I don't see why it shouldn't work with dirt-rally-time-recorder.
  3. Now that DiRT Rally 2.0 is basically complete, I wanted to note that dirt-rally-time-recorder supports all the seasons up to the Flat Out Pack. The new v2.7.0 gives the tool a more user friendly feel with cleaner output, provides more options and is more stable. It includes optional heuristics that solve some of the remaining car ambiguities. Anyone interested can check out the changelog and downloads here: https://github.com/soong-construction/dirt-rally-time-recorder/releases Feedback is still very welcome!
  4. At the very least the menu description should match the cars ingame, otherwise what's the purpose? Can you give a source for the Impreza gearbox versions? I'd like to read up on it mysel.
  5. I noticed the same, what you call "lost side bite". I'm running the Monthly AI Challenge (8 days left as I write) with The Escort MK II, and the behavior seemed to change when I started the second event in Poland. The grip was much lower than I was used to from the first event in NZ, even given that it was raining.
  6. ... and today I added support for Season 3, feel free to try it out: https://github.com/soong-construction/dirt-rally-time-recorder/releases/tag/V2.3.0 And again, drop me any feedback you might have!
  7. Thanks for your feedback! Just the other day I released version 2.1.0 which supports tracks and cars up to Season 2 - check out my post above for instructions or directly go to https://github.com/soong-construction/dirt-rally-time-recorder#first-time-set-up I'll gladly respond to any feedback, either here, via PM, or on GitHub!
  8. I recently released version 2.0.0 of dirt-rally-time-recorder - now with support for DiRT Rally 2.0! You can - let it track all of your stage times, saving you manual bookkeeping - browse or export your stage times (e.g. to Excel) by a mouse-click - download and unzip it as a ready-to-use .exe, no installation required Feel free to try it out, and also comment on whether you find it useful: https://github.com/soong-construction/dirt-rally-time-recorder#goal Please make sure to follow the setup instructions: https://github.com/soong-construction/dirt-rally-time-recorder#first-time-set-up I'm currently working on support for the Season contents, which is to be released soon.
  9. It's always been bugging me that I can only see my personal best times after completing a stage, and only for the current class and track. dirt-rally-time-recorder is based on Slocan's work from the Early Access phase, which has since been outdated due to Codemasters' updates to DiRT Rally. Kudos to his efforts which allowed me to continue and include the new cars and tracks released since 2015. This tool automatically tracks your stage times in the background, without need to copy them manually from the stage results in-game. It's based on the telemetry DR puts out via UDP while in an event. Visit https://github.com/soong-construction/dirt-rally-time-recorder for set up and usage instruction, and for the complete source code. All data resides on your machine, no uploads. This is open source, ready for contribution. Please try it out, and share your thoughts and ideas. I'll gladly help with any problems. Some shortcomings of this tool are listed on GitHub. The following screenshots are based on the CSV output of dirt-rally-time-recorder and might inspire your own evaluations.